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01-10-2016 Kathy Hood & Shelagh Page

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 01-10-2016
Class: All
Judge: Kathy Hood & Shelagh Page


I would like to thank Monique and the committee of The Dutch Obedience Society for very kindly inviting me to judge. Shelagh Page kindly offered to accompany me and judge some of the classes, thanks I really enjoyed your company. Everybody was very friendly and there was a lovely atmosphere. I would also like to thank Rick and her husband for collecting us from the airport, putting us up and entertaining us all week-end. We had a lovely time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Certainly home from home.

Kathy Hood
Thanks to my excellent scoreboard steward, Jutta van Damme for both B & C classes –                       
and to my caller stewards:-                                                   
Class B – Cees Groen
Class C – Marja v Eck

It was only the second time that my C steward had called a C round and although a little nervous you did a good job. With a little more experience you will make an excellent steward.

Shelagh Page
I would also like to thank my Ring Stewards and Scoreboard Stewards who all did a really great job:
Beginners – Monique Deugd and Birgit Funk
Novice – Annemarie Ibbelings
Class A – Heidi Waelkens and Christina Decuypere

PRE-BEGINNERS – Only 2 competitors and both did training rounds.   Judge – Kathy Hood


1st  93¾ pts.  Gerard Rietjens and his Border Collie SONG OF SKY YOU’LL BE IN MY HEART.  Gerard was delighted with his first place and so he should be.  Sky concentrated throughout the heelwork and was very responsive to Gerard’s commands.  Very well done on your first Beginner win and good luck for future shows.

2nd  93½ pts.  Els d. Waal and her Briard XOUMA ROMANI.  Drawn first and came in and tackled the round very professionally but unfortunately Els corrected a turn and this actually cost them the win.  Have faith in Xouma – he is lovely and capable of winning many classes.

3rd  91¾ pts.  Kirsten Pallentien and her Australian Shepherd PEPSI.  A very excited handler which suited Pepsi and kept her well motivated.  Not done many competition so well done on gaining this place today.

4th  91¼ pts.  Brigitta v. Oevelen and her Australian Shepherd RED RED RED OF FREE SPIRIT.  Spark was a little over-enthusiastic and noisy today in all exercises.  Just needs to settle into his work to get improvement.  Good luck with him Brigitta.

Judge – Shelagh Page


1st  93 pts.  Birgit Funk and her English Springer Spaniel SPORTY SPRINGERS JESTER’S CAP.  Birgit had travelled from Germany and, by the response when she received her first prize, the journey was well worth it.  To also compete in FCI obedience is not easy for the dog but Capper managed very well.  Congratulations to you both – a lovely partnership.

2nd  92½ pts.  Els d. Waal and her Briard XOUMA ROMANI.  Els and Xouma have a great understanding of each other but a lack of concentration in heel free was expensive, but they must have a bright future.  Well done.

3rd  91½ pts.  Christina Decuypere and her Australian Shepherd GAMESOME GEMMACARA.  This was the best I have seen Cara work and I felt that Christina was more positive with her today.  Well done on gaining this place and on winning the run-off from:

4th  91½ pts.  Birgit Funk and her English Springer Spaniel SPORTY SPRINGERS FIREWORX BY LAURIN.  Laurin is also an FCI obedience dog who really enjoys working.  Not quite as tidy as Capper but still worthy of this place.  Congratulations.

5th  91 pts.  Gerda van der Pluijm and her Bernese Mountain Dog QUINCY.  Clear set exercises by Quincy secured this place but a little more detail to heelwork is needed.  He has a lovely character Gerda.  Enjoy him.  Well done.

6th  91 pts.  Martine Verhoeven and her Border Collie SILENT DREAMS NAPAYSHNI.  A beautiful round of heelwork from Nappy and Martine but unfortunately retrieve got a little bit messy.  Well done and good luck.

Judge – Shelagh Page


1st  145 pts.  Ton v. Santen and his Bearded Collie CLAN OF STORK’S JAGUAR.  Drawn first and Ton and Troy set the standard for the rest of the class.  Lovely tight heelwork and excellent set exercises gave them a good lead which held up right to the end.  Many congratulations and good luck for the future in the higher classes.

2nd  141 pts.  Martine Verhoeven and her Border Collie SILENT DREAMS NAPAYSHNI.  As in Novice, really nice heelwork from Nappy and Martine.  Good retrieve but this time faltered on the scent.  A partnership with a good future once these “blips” are sorted.

3rd  132½ pts.  Birgit Funk and her English Springer Spaniel SPORTY SPRINGERS JESTER’S CAP.  Again good heelwork from Capper but he found the other exercises difficult without extra commands.  A little more confidence needed at this level but I am sure that Birgit will be happy to help him gain this.

4th  128½ pts.  Monique Barten and her Border Collie ZENO JOY’S SHADOW VAN LOIL’S BOSSLAG.  Zeno did a lovely round of heelwork but totally blew it on retrieve and needed a lot of help from Monique.  Another dog who should go far when this problem is resolved.  Well done.

5th   Brigitta v. Oevelen and her Australian Shepherd RED RED RED OF FREE SPIRIT.  A lot of help needed for Spark in retrieve and scent but reasonable heelwork helped secure a place in the line-up today.

Judge – Shelagh Page


Most of the dogs did a training round, which in most cases were very worthy and advantageous. Only 3 dogs completed all exercises and the results were:-

1st. Margreet Mijnsbergen with Djinga from the Go-Getters.  Golden Retriever,   This was the first dog to work and have a score on the board. A lovely sharp and well motivated dog. The handler lost more points than the dog. You need to listen to the steward but your dog coped very well and completed the round with an excellent scent. I believe this is your last B win so all the very best in C.

2nd. Ton v. Santen with Clan of Stork's Jaguar. Bearded Collie.   Best heelwork of the class even with a terrible left about which cost you 3 points but let down by a messy retrieve and scent. Again another motivated dog was trying so hard to please with a very smart handler. A win should soon be yours.

3rd. Karin Spanhaak with Neo Lester v Caya's Home. Bouvier des Flandres  
First time I have seen this breed work and I must admire the handler for your dedication in training to this standard. Left turns and slow sits were a problem for this gigantic dog but you completed all exercises and deserved your third place. Well done.

Judge – Kathy Hood

This was the noisiest class I have ever judged. To say the dogs were motivated is an understatement, they were enjoying their work so much they expressed their feelings vocally. Wonderful to see your pets having such fun but unfortunately this is a fault and needed to be marked.

1st Greet Vink with Kyrill v Berlaere BC  Experienced C handler doing many shows in England and your experience showed in your handling. Heelwork was the best in the class, super attention from your dog. Well done.

2nd Cees Groen with Nice of You to Come Bye Keen Kite BC   Excellent retrieve and DC and was the clear leader going into scent - messy scent cost 10 points. A win must be yours soon with such a motivated dog trying so hard to please you.

3rd Rick v. Veeren with Deltamadog Dragon Attack BC   Seen this dog work through the classes and very impressed with his progress. A superb willing and well motivated dog.  A missed stand position on the move was costly today. The release of the retrieve article is getting better but still needs work. Well done.

4th Anda de Baerdemaeker with Fjurdyhoeve Justvivid BC   Heelwork was a little erratic from this over excited dog, obviously enjoying himself but his lack of attention led to 2 missed positions in DC and 1 in heelwork. Better luck next time.

5th Mia Bosschaart with Abfab Yukon WS   Wonderful working dog losing very little on the heelwork except for fast pace for jumping and touching your hands, unfortunately he could not do his positions on the move. Get those sorted and the red rosette will be yours.

6th Monique van Urk with MollynRio's Special Jon T BC   Another good heelwork dog almost clear slow and fast pace, unfortunately he went deaf in the D\C missing 4 out of the 6 positions.

This was the first indoor show of the season and I think this showed in the dogs' work today. I am sure they will settle into the new atmosphere after a few more shows. You are very lucky to have such a fabulous indoor venue.

Judge – Kathy Hood

Thank you all for making our time there so enjoyable and accepting our decisions.

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