05-11-2016 Shirley Hayward - The Dutch Obedience Society

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05-11-2016 Shirley Hayward

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Show Report
Show: Nederlands Kampioenschap 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 05-11-2016
Class: Pre-Beginners, Beginners, Class A
Judge: Shirley Hayward

I would like to thank Monique van Urk and the Dutch Obedience Society for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show. I was made very welcome by everyone involved and enjoyed every minute of my time in Holland. I was very well looked after and wanted for nothing. I must also thank all the people behind the scenes, also thanks to Stella Henstridge who asked me if I would like to accompany her on this trip.
My grateful thanks to my stewards who did a grand job and also to the table steward without your help my job would have been much harder.
To begin with I judged Pre-Beginners, unfortunately 2 of the 3 competitors were unable to make the day, so I judged a young lady with her Golden Retriever.

1st - Lianne Linde v.d and Ruby losing 3 1/2. I understand that Lianne and Ruby are just starting out on their obedience journey and I have no doubt it will be a rosy one for them both. Congratulations.

1st - Els Waal de and Xouma Romani, Briard, losing 6 1/2. Congratulations on winning this class, she is lovely and you handled her very well, you will go far I am sure.
2nd - Loes Houmes and Seven de Brunine Buck (Nala), Groenendaeier, losing 8 1/4. Well done on this place. Steady and careful handling.
3rd - Carolin Ellerhausen and Fellowscreek Gingers Red Final (Scarlett), ASD, losing 9 1/2. Well done, a few errors but I am sure these will soon be sorted. Good luck in the future
4th - Brigitta Oevelen v. and Red Red Red of Free Spirit (Spark), ASD, losing 13 1/4. Rather a lot of barking, which I had to mark. Get that sorted and you will go far I am sure. Well done and good luck in the future.
5th - Lianne Linde v.d. and Ruby, Golden Retriever, losing 15 3/4. I was pleased when I saw you in my line up after you and Ruby did well in the Pre-Beginner. Shame she broke her sit stay but I am sure you both have a bright future. Well done.
6th - Gerard Rietjens and Song of Sky you'll be in my heart, Border Collie, losing 28 3/4. Unfortunately you had a tight lead a few times and an upset in the stays. The errors made can all be sorted with the help of your trainers. Well done.

Class A
1st - Karl Bosch v.d. and Ink of Maranns Home, BC, Losing 1 1/4. Congratulations on winning this class. You and your lovely dog worked as a team with very little for me to mark. A very bright future is before you.
2nd - Sabrina Mendlik and Zoe vom Wooly-Lamahof, ASD, losing 3. Very well done on this place, very little to mark. Good luck in the coming season.
3rd - Brenda Botermans and From Dutch Pepper Twisting Timber (Timber), BC, losing 4. Just bits and pieces to mark, be careful of your hand position being too low, well done and good luck.
4th - Christina Rummer and Smale Glenfiddich, Labrador Retriever, losing 23 1/4. A lovely round, again a team. Such a shame about the stays. Well done and good luck for the coming season.
5th - Rineke Smit and Samantha v. Bergentheim, WS, losing 25. Again, a lovely round and then again the stays happened. Put that aside and keep going as you have a lovely dog and a bright future ahead.
6th - Sandra Pierson and Gowah of Wendevick Home, BC, losing 26 1/4. Yet again the stays took their toll after a very nice round. On another day all may have been different. Well done and best of luck.
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