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07-04-2018 Bronwyn Bartley & Roy Page

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Show Report
Show: Standdaarbuiten
Date: 07-04-2018
Class: Beginners,Novice, Class A, Class B, Class C
Judge: Bronwyn Bartley & Roy Page

Obedience Wedstrijd held at Standdaarbuiten on Saturday 7th April 2018
Once again we would both like to offer our sincere thanks to the Dutch Obedience Society and Monique van Urk for the invitation to judge at this show and for their hospitality from start to finish.  The Show was held for the first time at a lovely “new” venue at the home of our hosts in Standdaarbuiten.  
The venue was new to everyone and was in a lovely area with two good-sized working rings on short-cut grass plus a stay ring and lots of space to exercise the dogs.  There was plenty of room for additional rings if they had been needed.  A lovely canteen offering very reasonably-priced hot and cold meals completed what appeared to us to be an ideal venue.  There was plenty of space for tents for ringside spectators and it seemed to us that this may become a popular DOS outdoor venue in the future.  On top of this we had wall to wall sunshine – brilliant relief after one of the longest, wettest, most miserable winters that we can remember back in the UK.  We actually got a bit burnt – the last thing we thought we would need was suntan lotion!!!
Our hosts for the weekend were Claudia Leijs and Willem van de Meent. Having stayed with them at their previous home we knew what to expect in the way of hospitality and once again we had a great weekend with them and they did everything possible to ensure that we were well looked after and we were made to feel very much “at home”.  We can’t thank them enough for their kindness.  At the Show our thanks go to everyone involved in any way with the organisation and running of the Show, especially of course our ring stewards, scoreboard stewards and decoys, not forgetting Ed Vink and his team of stay stewards.
Bronwyn Bartley and Roy Page
The results for each of the classes we judged were as follows:
Ring Steward Frans   Scoreboard  Paul
No of entries 3
lst Brigitta v. Oevelen and Red Red Red of Free Spirit (Spark)  -  Australian Shepherd.  Well done Brigitta and Spark.  Heelwork took most of the marks and this needs tidying a little.
2nd Noella Sermant and O’Dazzle van’t Hof van Mira (Dazzle)  - Border Collie.  Quite new to the sport and certainly enjoyed themselves.
Judge: Bronwyn Bartley
Ring Steward Joop   Scoreboard  Paul
Entries 14  No of entries ran 12
1st Bernou ter Voorde – Whitemoorborders Moon (Twinkle) – Border Collie.  Congratulations Bernou – a clear and well-deserved winner.  Well done - onwards and upwards.
2nd Marianne van Haarlem – Breezy Thorn Valley Black Centre (Kirra) - Australian Shepherd
After run off for this place with:
3rd  Ankie Houthuis  -  Nice Of You To Come Bye Lucky Switch (Quando) - Border Collie.  Very little between these two but Kirra just made it in the run-off.
4th  Marianne van Haarlem – Breezy Thorn Valley Blue Line Shot (Brianne) - Australian Shepherd.  Two dogs in the line-up today Marianne.  Well done.
5th  Ankie Houthuis  -  Round Robin Mac Gyver (Maq) - Border Collie.  Another handler with two in the line-up.  Did well.
Judge: Bronwyn Bartley
CLASS A          Ring Steward: Trudy Groenenboom      Scoreboard Steward: Jutta van Damme
13 Entries
Many of the dogs in this class were probably inexperienced at this level and this was almost certainly their first outdoor show of the season.  I’d like to think that these were at least some of the factors affecting overall performances today.
1st  142½ pts.  Karen Selhorst and her Australian Shepherd DYLAN.  Dylan was a little bit wide on some of the turns, not helped I felt by Karen hesitating.  Nevertheless there were some nice sections where his potential shone through.  A lovely recall but just ran out of steam into the final halt.  Excellent retrieve – one of the best of the day.  Finished with a good scent discrimination but reluctant to sit at the present.  You won by a huge margin today Karen and Dylan was the only dog to complete the stays without penalty.  Congratulations on a well-deserved first place.
2nd  128¼ pts.  Marianne van Haarlem and her Australian Shepherd BREEZY THORN VALLEY BLUE LINE SHOT.  Marianne and Brianne produced a reasonably attentive round of heelwork although there were some extra commands and a bit of hesitation on turns.  Decent recall, retrieve and scent but a broken sit stay was a big point loser today. Well done on this place.
3rd  123½ pts.  Ankie Houthuis and her Border Collie NICE OF YOU TO COME BYE LUCKY SWITCH.  Quando was quite inattentive in the ringwork today Ankie so plenty for you to work on there.  The broken sit stay didn’t help matters.  Work hard to improve the attention.   
4th  112½ pts.  Ankie Houthuis and her Border Collie ROUND ROBIN MAC GYVER.  The main ringwork from Ankie and Maq was much better than from Quando, the recall and retrieve were OK and a few extra commands were needed in heelwork.  Scent failure and a broken down stay cost the chances of a higher place.
5th  Brigitta van Oevelen and her Australian Shepherd THOUGHER THAN THE REST OF FREE SPIRIT.  Jake was very inattentive today Brigitta and you need to work on building his confidence in the ring – I hope that will pay dividends in the long term.
6th  Els de Waal and her Briard XOUMA ROMANI.  Xouma also needs confidence at this level Els and some work on the stay exercises.  
Special mention in this class for Bernou ter Voorde and her Border Collie WHITEMOORBORDERS MOON. Bernou and Twinkle produced a great round of heelwork today, followed it up with excellent recall and retrieve. Unfortunately Twinkle just grabbed the first cloth in the scent line and brought it straight back.  I think she was new to Class A but I reckon she’ll have a successful future.  Bad luck today Bernou but congratulations on your Novice win.
Judge:  Roy Page
Steward -  Bernou   -    Scoreboard  -  Paul
There were six entries in this class but unfortunately no-one gained a rosette. Five competitors did training rounds and only one completed the course and that was Ton with Troy, a Bearded Collie. Ton didn't want first place so that was that.
Judge: Bronwyn Bartley
CLASS C          Ring Steward: Isabella van Damme     Scoreboard Steward:  Jutta van Damme
                       Scent Decoy:  Joop
1st  294¼ pts.  Guus Scholten and his Working Sheepdog DANESWAY DUET.  It was good to see Guus and Gucci back – and I must say back with a vengeance!  This was a superb round of obedience by any standard – they just took the test apart and came home comfortable winners today.  I hope that this is a sign of things to come and I look forward to reading and seeing much more of them in the future.  Congratulations on a fine win today. 5 Heelwork; ½ Retrieve; ¼ Scent
2nd  287 pts.  Angela Kroon and her Working Sheepdog ABSOLUTE GROOVY.  A lovely performance from Angela and Groovy but, uncharacteristically, just a little untidy on some of the heelwork turns today. Class heelwork elsewhere.  A well-deserved place in the line-up amongst some top class competition.  7 Heelwork; 3 Sendaway; 2 DC.; 1 Scent
3rd  284¾ pts.  Guus Scholten and his Working Sheepdog HALLIGALLI MOVIESTAR.  Another fine display from Guus and Coco – two super dogs in the “Scholten Stable”.  A missed first position in DC and a lifted cold cloth in scent the only real difference between Coco and Gucci.  2 dogs in the first 3 speaks volumes.  5½ Heelwork; ½ Sendaway; 1 Retrieve; 6 DC; 2¼ Scent
4th  284½ pts.  Bernou ter Voorde and her Border Collie NAMASTE HOPE.  Bernou and Lizzy produced the best heelwork round of the day in my opinion but were let down by an expensive error on the Sendaway exercise. Another great team here with so much promise.  3½ Heelwork; 10 Sendaway; 1½ Retrieve; ½ Scent.  Won the run-off for this place from:
5th  284½ pts.  Marianne Slegt and her Border Collie AMAZING YODA OF ALBION’S MARCH. Yoda was a little loose in the heelwork department today but made up for it elsewhere to ensure that she got a well-deserved place in this very strong line-up.  Well done Marianne.  10 Heelwork; ½ Sendaway; 2½ Retrieve; ½ DC; 2 Scent
6th  278 pts.  Trudy Groenenboom and her Working Sheepdog ABFAB SO CHEEKY.  Cheeky has got lots of ability but really was “cheeky” on the ASSD positions,  finding it difficult to wait for Trudy to collect him.  Also couldn’t wait to get back to Trudy after doing a very nice Sendaway. Well done – just needs to be a bit calmer!!  12½ Heelwork; 4½ Sendaway; 1½ Retrieve; 3½ Scent
Just a mention for Gwen Griffioen and her Groenendael SERGEANT FILOU (Raven) who also produced a lovely round – until stays.  Never mind Gwen – there’ll be other days.
Judge:  Roy Page
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