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10-09-2016 Annemarie Ibelings

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Show Report
Show: Schiedam
Date: 10-09-2016
Class: Class A
Judge: Annemarie Ibelings

I decided to write this report in English because of my international rosette winners.
For this show I designed a new heelwork round which begun with a big right-hand circle, a big left-hand circle, followed a half figure of eight and some normal stretches of heelwork with a right, left and an about turn.
At first the competitors reacted a bit surprised, but luckily everybody coped well with my round and the setup with the cones in the ring. Th...anks also to Marian de Jong for her excellent stewarding.

1st  Rineke Smit with Sammy (WS), lost 3,25 points.
Rineke and Sammy showed a very nice, motivated and concentrated heelwork round with just some little mistakes from Sammy. An extra command in scent was costly, but you’re right doing it. Congratulations on your win!!

2nd Birgit Funk with Laurin (English Springer Spaniel), lost 4,5 points.
I liked the speed and motivated heelwork this team showed. In general I would like to see Laurin a bit more closer to your left leg, but you both where a pleasure to judge. You also needed an extra command in scent. Congratulations on you second place!

3rd Brenda Botermans with Timber (Border Collie), lost 5 points.
Brenda and Timber started off with concentrated and balanced heelwork, Timber was visibly enjoying the round until the middle of the last stretch; there he took a wrong step or trotted on something and he lost his concentration. This was still visible in the exercises after heelwork with a slow A-recall and a sloppy pickup of his dumbbell and extra commands in retrieve and scent.

4th Birgit Funk with Capper (English Springer Spaniel), lost 6,5 points.

5th Margreet de Kleer with Dave (Border Collie), lost 7,25 points.

6th Sandra Pierson with Gowah (Border Collie), lost 12,25 points.

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