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14-05-16 Ivonne van der Meer

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Show Report
Show: Sankt Margarethen an der Raab (Austria)

Date: 14/05/2016
Class: Beginners, Novice
Judge: Ivonne van der Meer

Thank you Sabrina Mendlik for inviting Peter and me to judge the first English Obedience Show in Austria. We were very honoured by your invitation and loved to be part of this special event. We had a wonderful time in Austria. Sabrina is a very good host and we felt very welcome. We met a lot of wonderful people and dogs. Everybody helped to make this show possible. You are a great bunch. Thank you all for making the first Austrian show one we will never forget.

A special thank you for my stewards Julie Brunner and Gabriella Innerkofler and scoreboards Lukas and Alfred Bacher. You did a great job! I could not wish for better stewards and scoreboards. And could not have done my job without your help.

BEGINNERS    Steward Julie Brunner             Soreboard: Alfred Bacher

1.      Peter Niklas & Corazon de la Hacienda Pura Vida (Tervueren)
I was very impressed by this team. It was a joy to see Peter and Corazon work together. They show great promise for the future. I cannot wait to see you in the ring again. Points lost on minor things: Heelwork on lead 1,75, heelwork of lead 1,5, recall 0,25, retrieve 0,5, stays clear. Total points lost 4.
2.      Andrea Urdl & Whispering Oaks Leaf (Golden Retriever)
Andy and Liv worked their socks of. Another great team. No surprise they ended up high in the ranking. Another day they will easily win this class. Also points lost on minor things. Heelwork on lead 1,25, heelwork of lead 2, recall 1, retrieve 1, stays clear. Total points lost 5,25.
3.      Sandra Halinger & Ginger (Viszla)
I loved Ginger. What a great dog. And with Sandra a lovely team. Liked the attitude in the ring. Needs a bit more steadiness in the heelwork. And a better finish on the retrieve. She can do it, because the recall was clear! Heelwork on lead 3, heelwork of lead 4, recall 0, retrieve 2,5, stays clear. Total 9,5.
4.      Nathalie Perl & Amy (Mix)
Amy loved working with Nathalie again. Why did you retire her? She had a great time in the ring. Heelwork on lead 3,75 , heelwork of lead 4, recall 0,5, retrieve 1,5, stays clear. Total 9,75.
5.      Tamara Stark & Man in Black of Shamrock Field
Some wide work in heelwork you need to work on. Sirius did a great retrieve. Heelwork on lead 4 , heelwork of lead 4,5, recall 2, retrieve 0,25, stays clear. Total 10,75.
6.      Stefan Zaleschak & Maid vom Thurnhof (Border Colllie)
Maid is a very young lady who tried very hard. She has a great attitude and will to please. Keep up the good work Stefan and she will be wonderful when it all comes together. Sit stay was a bit too long for her this time. Heelwork on lead 3,25, heelwork of lead 4, recall 0,5, retrieve 1, sit 4, down clear. Total 12,75.

NOVICE    Steward: Gabriella Innerkofler      Scoreboard: Lukas Bacher

1.      Nathalie Perl & Amy (Mix)
Nathalie got my out of retirement for this show. Just for fun! And Amy was on fire. Showing the others in Novice how things are done! And then winning for the first time in her carrier! Good for you Amy! You are amazing. Heelwork on lead 2,75, heelwork of lead 3,5, recall 0,5, retrieve 0,75, stays clear. Total points lost 7,5.
2.      Peter Niklas & Corazon de la Hacienda Pura      Vida (Tervueren)
A very good round from Peter and Corazon. Just silly mistakes from Peter. The silly mistakes cost them first place. Peter is quick learner! The silly mistakes were gone in the next class he worked Corazon.  Heelwork on lead 4,5, heelwork of lead 3,25, recall 0, retrieve 0,5, sit stay 1, down stay clear. Total points lost 9,25.
3.      Stefan Zaleschak & Maid vom Thurnhof (Border Colllie)
I loved to see Maid and Stefan work. Maid shows she has a lot of potential. Give her time Stefan. She just needs time to grow and to grow up. Heelwork on lead 5,5, heelwork of lead 4,25, recall 1,25, retrieve 1, stays clear. Total points lost 12.
4.      Sandra Halinger & Ginger (Viszla)
Another great team. Lost concentration on the heel of lead. Stay were expensive. Work on those things and there will be great things in the future.  Heelwork on lead 2,25, heelwork of lead 4,25, recall 1,25, retrieve 1, sit stay 4,25, down stay 1. Total points lost 19,5.
  1. Tamara Stark & Man in Black of Shamrock Field
A lovely team. A tight lead cost you a lot points. Heelwork in general needs some tidying up. Stays cost you a lot of points too. Sirius retrieve was very good. Heelwork on lead 4,25, heelwork of lead 5,75, recall 2,5, retrieve 0,75, sit stay 6, down stay 2. Total points lost 21,25.

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