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14-05-16 Peter van de Velde

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Show Report
Show: Sankt Margarethen an der Raab (Austria)

Date: 14/05/2016
Class: Pre-Beginners , Class A
Judge: Peter van de Velde

The first UK obedience show in Austria.
14th of May 2016
Sankt Margarethen an der Raab Austria
Ivonne and me were invited by Sabrina Mendlik to judge the first obedience show under DOS rules in Austria. We accepted the invitation because we know Sabrina for a couple of years now form German and Dutch shows.
From the moment we arrived we were treated as royals. Thank you very much Sabrina and Pascal for your hospitality and a great time. A big thank you to your parents for a great walk on and a lovely Austrian meal on the Teichalm. It almost made me forget the drive up there with zero visibility on very narrow roads. I was glad that because of the fog we couldn’t look down.

You never know what to expect at a first show, but I must say it was great. Everything was organised perfectly. As if it was organised a hundred times before. All competitors were perfectly instructed with all the commands they could expect when they were in the ring. There even was a leaflet for all the competitors and people who came to watch with all the exercises, commands, classes, what to expect and the differences between UK and FCI obedience.
A total of 68 entries is not bad for a first show. When we started in The Netherlands we had less entries. And a standard I didn’t expect at a first show. Great all of you. Happy handling and happy dogs. A pleasure to watch and to judge. A big credit to you all and your trainers.
I was provided with two beautiful ring stewards who did a wonderful job. Thank you Julia Brunner and Sandra Haslinger. You both are great stewards. Faultless and helpful for the competitors. What more can a judge and competitor wish for. A big thank you to Pascal who did a terrific job at the scoreboard.


Pre-Beginners: 31 Entries, 30 ran. Steward: Julia Brunner Scoreboard: Pascal Maitz
What close it was. A run-off for 2nd , 3rd and 4th place and a run-off for 5th and 6th. It could be bad judging, but I must say all of you could win in the Netherlands, or even in the UK. It was a very high standard.

1st Peter Niklas and Corazon de la Hacienda Pura Vida. Tervueren. Lost 3.25
What a neat round, very attentive and a lovely position for most of the round. Just a little bit behind at times and a few wides cost you most of the points Lovely to watch a great team. Well done and well deserved.
2nd ARO Peter Niklas  and Anou von Eifelsteig. Tervueren. Lost 3.75
Think about the lead, it should be lose. This cost you the first place with Anou. What a great result for you with both your dogs. Also very neat and a lovely position. I’m sure you will be in Class A soon, then you don’t have to worry about the lead.
3rd ARO Birgit Gragober and Agilis Cadbury. Papilon. Lost 3.75
What a great round. Smokey worked his socks out. For such a small dog, very tight heelwork  A bit forward working cost you a higher place. Very attentive an a pleasure to watch.
4th  ARO Tamara Stark and Man in Black of Shamrock Field. BC. Lost 3.75
Another great and stylish round. A tight lead and some wide about turns cost you a higher place.
Good luck in your next show.
5th ARO Birgit Grabober and Australis Hamilton Dream. BC. Lost 4.25
Great team. Lovely heelwork. The very crooked finish at the recall was costly.
6th Nathalie Perl and Amy. XB. Lost 3.75
Amy worked great just some minor mistakes. Lovely position. Very well handled I’m sure you both have a great future.
I must mention Anja Steyer, the youngest competitor. Only eleven years old. The future of obedience. Anja worked a big German Shepherd Alina vom Anemonensee and did a lovely training round, you could see how much work and effort she put into training this big shepherd. Don’t rush through the turns. Very well done.

Class A: 5 Entries , 5 ran. Steward: Sandra Haslinger Scoreboard: Pascal Maitz
In this class you could see that it was the first time for a lot of the handlers. A lot of unknown extra commands with hands, arms, heads and body. I’m sure it will be better the next show. Great dogs, very keen and attentive.

1st Sabrina Mendlik and Zoe vom Wooly-Lamahof. Australian Shepherd. Lost 7.5
The most experienced handler and a fantastic dog. The heelwork is powerful and very stylish. A pleasure to watch. The sneezing was costly. Very well done and well deserved win.
2nd Birgit Gragober and Australis Hamilton Dream. Border Collie. Lost 20.75
Forward working and some wide turns in heelwork and the FCI finish in the retrieve were costly. I’m sure if you can get Hamilton in the right position you can win this class. Very nice and attentive dog.
3rd Peter Niklas and Anou von Eifelsteig. Tervueren. Lost 27.5
After working two classes and a run off, Anou got a bit tired. Still lovely heelwork. A lot of extra commands in the recall, retrieve and scent prevented you to get higher up in the line-up.
Well done.
4th Jenifer Lattus and Wayne Watson of Grant's Garden. Beagle. Lost 43.
Very nice to see a Beagle work so nice, attentive and stylish. A lot of extra commands in the other exercises and a shame about the broken sit stay. I’m sure you will win this class in the near future.
The atmosphere at the show was great, all happy and shiny faces. I hope you all enjoyed this first UK Obedience show and that you will have a lot more in the future. Good luck to you all. Thank you everyone for a fantastic day. I enjoyed every minute of it.

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