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18-02-2017 Bronwyn Bartley & Roy Page

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 18-02-2017
Class: Beginners,Novice, Class A, Class B, Class C
Judge: Bronwyn Bartley & Roy Page

Uitslagen Obedience Wedstrijd held at the “Dogcenter”, Kerkwijk on Saturday 18th February 2017
We would like to offer our very sincere thanks to the Dutch Obedience Society and Monique van Urk and Committee Members for once again inviting both of us over to judge at this show held at Martin and Esther Brouwer’s lovely indoor venue at the “Dogcenter” in Kerkwijk.  Spacious rings for an indoor venue on a block-paved surface – just ideal.  We stayed once again with Rick and Jan van Veeren and we had a great time with them over the whole weekend - really relaxed and enjoyable - and we thank them for their kindness and hospitality.  At the Show our thanks go to everyone involved in any way with the organisation and running of the Show, especially of course our ring stewards, scoreboard stewards and decoys, not forgetting Ed Vink and his excellent stay stewards.
Bronwyn Bartley and Roy Page
Those who made the line-up in the classes we judged were as follows:
BEGINNERS        3 Entries
Ring Steward – Monique van Urk
1st -  Gerard Rietjens  -  Song of Sky you'll be in my Heart -  Border Collie – losing 8 points.
A good round from this team which put them out of Beginners this being their second win in the class. Many congratulations and good luck for the future.
2nd -  Loes Houmes  -  Seven de Bruine Buck – Groenendaeler – losing 17 ½ points.
9 of these point were lost in the sit stay so a good round apart from that.
Following these two we had a training round produced by Anne Binnendijk with Hachi of Silkenhome, this being their first time in the ring I believe.
Well done and good luck for the future.
Judge:  Bronwyn Bartley
NOVICE         8 Entries
Ring Steward: Monique Barten        Scoreboard:  The always smiling Jutta van Damme
A small Novice class today – only 7 turned up and we had 2 training rounds.  Thanks to Monique for her excellent stewarding and to Jutta who did a great job on the scoreboard and kept us all smiling as usual.
1st  98 pts.  Pleun v.d. Ster and Border Collie ONE OF A KIND YENNAH OF ALBION’S MARCH.  An exceptional round from Pleun and Yennah – a lovely neat and accurate worker who must have quite a future to look forward to.  Worked this class in a positive manner producing tight heelwork coupled with good set exercises..  Congratulations on also winning “A” today which puts them out of Novice at only their second show.  Really pleased for you and it gave me much pleasure to award you the red card today. I shall be watching to see how you progress.
2nd  93 pts.  Ankie Houthuis and Border Collie ROUND ROBIN OF McGYVER.  Plenty of attitude from Mag but still a bit untidy. A good prospect but just needing some attention to the details.
3rd  92¼ pts.  Ankie Houthuis and Border Collie NICE OF YOU TO COME BYE LUCKY SWITCH.  Quando was certainly keen but a bit inattentive with some forward/wide work.  Showed promise nevertheless.
4th  88¾ pts.   Marja van Eck and Sheltie ROBRENSIS HARMONY.  This team produced some really attractive heelwork today and had decent Recall and Retrieve but they were let down by Mony breaking the sit stay which cost them 2nd place.  Very capable of winning at this level.
5th  88¼  pts.  Loes Houmes and Groenendael SEVEN DE BRUINE BUCK.  Nala’s heelwork needs tightening up a bit but really it was an untidy Retrieve and a broken sit stay which prevented the gaining a higher place.
Judge:  Roy Page
CLASS A          10 Entries
Ring Steward: Marianne v.d. Ster     Scoreboard Steward: Jutta van Damme
This was a fairly open class.  Only 8 worked and 2 of those were training rounds with another 2 breaking stays.  Many thanks for Marianne for stewarding so well and Jutta once again for keeping a very tidy and happy scoreboard.
1st 144 pts.  Pleun v.d. Ster and Border Collie ONE OF A KIND YENNAH OF ALBION’S MARCH. I said it all in the Novice report above which this team won very easily.  Most of the marks in this class were lost by the handler and he is aware!!!  Yennah is a great prospect.  Well done Pleun and good luck for the future.
2nd 142¾ pts.  Monique Barten and Border Collie ZENO JOY’S SHADOW VAN LOIL’S BOSSIAG.  Nice heelwork from Zeno with left turns just needing a bit of attention.  An untidy retrieve cost them the win in this class today. Very capable of winning at this level and should progress,
3rd 141 pts.  Martin Brouwer and Border Collie ARIOMCHIC LEWIZZ,  Another decent round from Martin and Lewizz just spoilt by the untidy retrieve. Again I feel that this team are more than capable of progressing.
4th 123¼ pts.  Ankie Houthuis and Border Collie NICE OF YOU TO COME BYE LUCKY SWITCH.  A mixed heelwork round from Quando – some really nice and some not so good.  A broken sit stay early on unfortunately spoilt it all for them.
5th  116½ pts. Loes Houmes and Groenendael SEVEN DE BRUINE BUCK.  A broken sit stay and a very expensive scent spoilt things for Loes and Nala and put the down the line.
6th  107 pts. Sandra Pierson and Border Collie GOWAH OF WENDEVICK HOME.  Not your day today Sandra but you know what you have to work on with Gowah.  
Judge:  Roy Page
CLASS B          7 Entries
Ring Steward: Marianne v. Urk     Scoreboard Steward: Jutta van Damme  (Okey Dokey)
A disappointingly small class with just 6 working (one of them a training round) but this shouldn’t detract from the winners performance which was excellent.
1st  192 pts. Brigitte v. Gestel and Border Collie NICE OF YOU TO COME BYE ROYAL PURPLE.  A lovely heelwork performance from Brigitte and A’Mayzie and this, coupled with just minor losses in Sendaway, Retrieve and Scent, gave them a thoroughly well-deserved win today and I believe this makes them “C” only now. Brilliant.  Really pleased for you and I wish you and A’Mayzie much success in the future.
2nd  186 pts. Rineke Smit and Working Sheepdog ROBBERDEBOBSKI ASCENSIONDAY PRESENT.  Robbie is a willing worker but just a bit untidy in his heelwork (and a tad noisy as well).  Nevertheless this was a well-deserved place today.  I’m sure this team will improve.  Good luck in the season ahead.
3rd  177½ pts. Rineke Smit and Working Sheepdog SAMANTHA v. BERGENTHEIM. Robbie’s stablemate Samantha was also a little noisy but it was the Sendaway which was their real downfall today.  Two in the line-up can’t be bad Rineke,
4th  162 pts. Ton v. Santen and Beardie CLAN OF STORK’S JAGUAR.   Unfortunately not your day today Ton.  Plenty to work on here with Troy but keep at it.
5th  143 pts. Sandra Pierson and Border Collie GOWAH OF WENDEVICK HOME.  Gowah was just lacking confidence today Sandra.  
Judge:  Roy Page
CLASS C            20 Entries
Ring Steward: Rineke Smit     Scoreboard Steward:  Paul v. Dijk        Decoy -  Karl van den Bosch
1st – Karin Stegmeijer – Absolutely Fabulous McCay – W/S – A  lovely round from this team and it's not the first time they have won under me but then it's just what I'm looking for. Nothing over the top but then they have class written all over them.   A well-deserved win, what more can I say.  Congratulations Karin and well done.
2nd – Guus Scholten – Danesway Duet – W/S – Another excellent round from Guus and Gucci. They will be at Crufts this year and I'm sure they won't disgrace themselves.
3rd - Guus Scholten – HALLIGALLI MOVIESTAR – W/S -  A lovely bitch who I'm sure will make her presence felt.  Well done Guus and Coco.
4th -  Angela Kroon  -  Absolute Groovy  - W/S  -  a missed position in DC was costly for this team as the rest of their work was lovely.
5th -  Rick van Veeren  -  Deltamadog Dragon Attack -  B/C  - Dragon is coming along nicely
and I wish you the best of luck with him Rick.
6th -   Marian de Jong  -  Borders for Joy It's Me Charley  – B/C - DC was costly for this team but the rest of their work was good. Good luck for the future.
Thank you to all my stewards for their help during the day and many thanks to Jan and Rick for looking after us for the weekend.
Judge: Bronwyn Bartley

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