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18-03-2017 Jackie Duck

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 18/03/2017
Class: Pre-Beginners, Novice, Class A
Judge: Jackie Duck

Many thanks to Rick for inviting me to judge at this show. It was 3 and a half years ago that I had the privilege of judging here and was honoured to be asked back. A great bunch of competitors and some super dogs. However, as I mentioned, I felt that the overall standard was not quite as good this time. Some dogs lacked the motivation which really impressed me last time and there were too many unnecessary handler errors in A. Despite this I had a very enjoyable day with some good laughs. Thanks to Rick and Jon for your kind hospitality. Pat and I were extremely well looked after. My stewards were Hans Bilius and Greet Vink both of whom were superb and guided the competitors around the ring faultlessly. Manning the scoreboard were Sven Kooyman ( it was fantastic to see you! ) and Ellen Reijenga who had everything organised and were brilliant. Huge thanks to you all.

Pre Beginners:
1st Anne Binnendijk and Hachi of Silkenhome, Silken Windhound. Lost 5
The only competitor in this class but I was really impressed. On today's performance they would definitely hold there own in this country. Well done and I wish you luck in Beginners.

1st Martina Schuhmacher and Ryan vom Ettikogarten, BC. Lost 1 1/2.
Wow! Wow! Wow! What a fantastic partnership. I loved this dog - stylish and accurate and beautifully handled. In a class of their own today. Huge congratulations and all the best for the future.
2nd Sandra Noh and Darjeeling's Onyx, BC. Lost 4
A good effort from this pair. Hanging on to the dumbbell and a few inaccuracies in heelwork proving costly. Well done.
3rd Marie- Luise Daneluzzi and Eyecatcher's Queen of my Heart, Australian Shepherd. Lost 4 1/2
Good set exercises. Excessive noise plus wide AT's causing most marks lost. Worked much better in the runoff to gain this place. Well done.
4th Birgit Funk and Sporty Springers Jester's Cap, Eng Springer Spaniel. Lost 4 1/2
I was really impressed with this handler's attitude to her dogs - lots of motivation. It was a pleasure to watch.
5th Melissa Vercauter and Tzigane's Noah, Terv. Lost 5
Bad anticipation in recall costing this pair a higher place today. More than capable of winning. I wish you luck for the future.
6th Ankie Houthuis and Nice of you to come bye Lucky Switch, BC. Lost 7 1/2
Had to run off with her other dog! Great attitude from this dog but loss of position in heelwork causing too many marks lost. Well done on gaining this place.

Overall a little disappointed in the standard - only 2 dogs got clear stays! Hard luck story was Martina whose dog produced yet another stunning round but unfortunately failed scent. Your time will come!
1st Martin Brouwer and Ariomchic Lewizz, BC. Lost 4
Good set exercises plus a confident scent securing top place today. Heelwork would benefit from some tidying up in order to progress further through the classes. However congratulations for taking top spot today.
2nd Monique Barten and Zeno Joy's Shadow van Loil's Bosslag, BC. Lost 5
A good round from this pair but unfortunately a messy scent costing them the first place. Good luck for the future.
3rd Ankie Houthuis and Nice of you to come bye Lucky Switch, BC. Lost 16 3/4
Again loss of position in heelwork caused by over enthusiasm causing a lot of the marks lost. A shame about the stays.
4th Birgit Funk and Sporty Springers Jester's Cap, Eng Springer Spaniel. Lost 19
Broken stays and messy scent relegated this pair to a lower place. A pity as the initial round was lovely. Sort these out and you will be more than capable of winning this class.
5th Birgit Funk and Sporty Springers Fireworx by Laurin, Eng Springer Spaniel. Lost 23
I loved this dog' attitude. A very early broken sit stay once again being the problem. A supe
r round. You should be very proud of your dogs.

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