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18-03-2017 Pat Wilson

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 18/03/2017
Class: Class B & Class C
Judge: Pat Wilson

Saturday 18th March 2017

It has been a while since I experienced the Dutch hospitality of Rick and Jon van Veeren (my very grateful thanks) and I was not disappointed.  I was honoured to be asked again to judge for Rick,  along with Jackie, an appointment which was much enjoyed.  I thought the overall standard had dropped but I was delighted with my two winners in the “B” and “C” classes which I judged although the weekend did not start well – having left home shortly after 9.25 a.m. we had 5 ½ hours delay at Newcastle Airport when the plane was fully loaded, reversed out of its parking space to hear the Captain’s words “we have a slight problem” which resulted in KLM sending an urgent request to Amsterdam for spare parts and a technician! At least we were still on the ground.  Really puts the wind up you and resulted in a very late arrival in Holland.  However the day itself at Martin and Esther Brouwer’s Dog Center was brilliant – what a venue – I have been there before and it really is amazing – I wanted to bring the lot (10 halls!) back home.  A warm welcome from everyone there and it was lovely to meet old friends (even Family Kooyman including Sven had travelled up to see us – ace!!)
The ‘C’ class was run first and my steward Peter van de Velde picked up the course at 9.15 a.m. and was word perfect by 9.30.  All handlers had worked by 12 and we then had scent and stays followed by a lunch break.  “B” followed with another steward in the shape of Isabella van Damme – thank you so much both of you and also to Isabella’s Mum Jutta who managed the scoreboard with utmost efficiency for me all day – you help was much appreciated along with that of the decoy and stay stewards whose names I do not appear to have – sorry!

To the results:

1st Christine Pestka and DUMF AND GALWY JEFFERSON B/C.  This was a most worthy winner and could hold their own here with just minimal tidying.  Attentive, accurate and well motivated – Christine handled her boy so carefully and they a made a most pleasing partnership.  A pleasure to award you the first place – very well done.
2nd Greet Vink and KYRILL van BERLARE Wk.Sh.  I have seen Kyrill work better than this and a very naughty sendaway today – I hope you can sort the problem Greet – the rest of his work was up to standard. Well done.
3rd Angela Kroon and ABSOLUTE GROOVY Wk.Sh. I love this dog but he had removed his hearing aid in DC which was oh so costly.  I know he is capable of much better so another day Angela ......!
4th Greet Vink again with her second string CANDLEWIND TWOSPOTS B/C.  Beryl’s HW needs a lot of attention but the sets were excellent – the second best of the day so you know what to work on Greet – well done and see you in the Summer!
5th Rick van Veeren and DELTAMADOG DRAGON ATTACK B/C.  It’s all there Rick but you must sort yourself out!  A lovely willing little worker – Dragon needs you to get your act together!
6th Marian de Jong BORDERS FOR JOY IT’S ME CHARLEY B/C.  Very expensive HW but reasonable sets from Charley.  Well handled but possibly needs more experience in this class. Well done.
The team of the class for me today was Karin Stegmeijer and ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS McCAY and he was just that – losing 6 ¼ but fell foul of the scent exercise – commiserations.

1st Trudy Groenenboom and CARISHILL BANQUE G/Retriever.  Strikes is a lovely active Goldie with stacks of attitude.  Just needs a little more attention to detail to complete a most pleasing picture.  Well done.
2nd Tiny Bouchant and RAZZLE DAZZLE B/C. A lovely looking chocolate/white collie which definitely needs work in the HW department.  Excellent set exercises which ensured your place in this class.  Well done.
3rd Rineke Smit and ROBBERDEBOBSKI ASCENSIONDAY PRESENT –Wk.Sh.  One of the best scents in the class guaranteed this place – I would like to see Robbie giving you a little more but you tried hard with him.
4th Ton van Santen and CLAN OF STORK’S JAGUAR – Beardie.  I got the impression that Troy was new to this class as he lacked a little confidence but I really liked him.  Good luck!
5th Sandra Pierson and GOWAH OF WENDEVICK HOME B/C.  Well, at least you finished all exercises with Gowah but he wasn’t impressed by the Heelwork was he? Well done.
These were the only dogs to complete all exercises hence only 5 places.

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