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19-10-2019 Julie Holmes

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 19/10/2019
Class: Pre-Beginners, Novice, Class C
Judge: Julie Holmes
I was delighted to be invited back to judge for Rick van Veeren at her show in the DogCenter. Rick and Jan welcomed me into their home and spoiled me for the entire weekend. Hard to believe it was 2007 when I was here last.
Many thanks to my score keeper Jutta van Damme, who kept my paper work in proper order, stewards, PrĂ©-Beginners Heidi Waelkens, Novice Greet Vink, C  Marianne Slegt, Stay steward Ed Vink
You all did an amazing job of keeping everything running smoothly, the competitors calm and me in order (not an easy job).
The DogCenter is a lovely place to judge at, as the 3 rings were in 3 separate halls, so plenty of space for everyone. I have the honour of judging Pre-Beginners, Novice and C and I hope that everyone enjoyed their day as much as I did.
Pre-Beginners:  3 entries , 2 competed, 1 trained.
1st  Lorena Linden and Momo (Momo) crossbreed.
Their first time to compete in Holland. Minor faults, dog going wide, loose turns, tight lead and crooked sit all added up and I have no doubt will be ironed out quickly under the calm handling of Lorena. Lost 14.5  Congratulations.
2nd  Jorg Gitzelmann and Earth Dancers Don't Drink Alcohol (Doszka), Labrador.
Also their first time to compete in Holland. Similar faults to the above team and I have no doubt will be sorted. Please watch your repositioning of Doszka at set up as he thinks he needs to do this when you halt. Lost  a wee bit more than the winning team.  Well done.  
Novice:   16 entries,   4 competed,  11 trained.
1st  Karen Selhorst and Grizzy Perro de la Casa Negra (Kwinta) Crossbreed.  
Karen and a very eager Kwinta worked the round well.  Kwinta losing position a couple of times in both heelworks.  A bump on present in recall and a rather enthusiastic retrieve added to the marks lost. I am sure that these will be fixed quickly. Lost 11.5. Congratulations.
2nd  Gina Valkenhoff and Spirit (Spirit)  Terverense Herder.  
Wide on heelwork and loose turns in heelwork along with not sitting in present for recall and retrieve took their toll on Gina and Spirit's round.  Get those sorted and you will do erll.  lost 14. Well done.
3rd  Ellen Reijenga and Amduki's Cinnamon Swirl Sparkle (Sparkle) Border Collie.
Sparkle didn't want to sit when she got in the ring which didn't help.  There were moments of superb heelwork during the round from this team so so she is more than capable. Well dome.
4th  Brigitta Van Oevelen and Treasure Trove's DEX it had to be (Dex).
Minature Poodle.  Dex is a little character and struts his stuff around the ring, loving every minute of it.  Needs tightening up in all exercises but I am sure that will come in time. Well done
C      15 entries:  5 competed, 8 trained.
1st Guus Sholten and Halliganni Movie Star (Coco) WSD.
Lovely smooth round from Guus and Coco. Fast and accurate sendaway only marred by Coco sending the back marker flying as she went down (you can't beat enthusiasm).  Missed a position in D/C with a couple of naughty munches in scent.  Lost 14.5 Congratulations
2nd Greet Vink and Candlewind Two Spots (Beryl) (Aunty Beryl to me).  
Nice calm heelwork from Greet and Beryl, different style of the winner but non the less lovely to watch. Clear sendaway with a slight blip in D/C and extra command in scent. Lost 18.  Congratulations.
3rd Moinique van Urk and Molly's Rio Special JonT (JonT) WSD.  
Minor faults with a missed position in heelwork, extended command on pick up from sendaway box, drop of retrieve artices and a body signal in retrieve, clear D/C, Bark and crooked present in scent and some paddling in the sit stay. Lost 19.5
4th  Angela Kroon and Absolute Groovy (Groovy) WSD.  
Groovy was a little naughty in all exercises which added up.  However, it did not take from the enjoyment of watching this team work and judging them.  Well done.
5th  Guus Sholten adn Ob Ch Danesway Duet (Gucci) WSD.  
The 'if only' performance of the day.  Was on 4 before scent but brought in the wrong cloth.  An awful shame as the round was almost faultless. Well done.
There were some absolutely wonderful training rounds throughout the day, where the handlers actually 'trained' their dogs in the ring and built confidence and precision in the dog .  A few people asked to do training rounds and then proceeded to allow their dog's to make mistakes which doesn't achieve anything positive.
Thank you all for allowing me to judge your dogs today, it was my pleasure and good luck to you all in future
Julie Holmes
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