20-06-2015 Kit Clow - The Dutch Obedience Society

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20-06-2015 Kit Clow

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Show Report
Show: Schiedam
Date: 20/06/2015
Class: B & C
Judge: Kit Clow

SHOW TITLE : Dutch Obedience Society

HELD AT : Schiedam

ON : Saturday 20th June 2015

CLASS : ‘B’ NO ENT : 17 NO RAN : 16

RING STEWARD : AnneMarie Ibelings
SCENT DECOY : Anja de Pagter

REMARKS AND RESULTS : Thank you very much to Monique for asking me to Judge, I had a super weekend. The venue has an ideal surface for working dogs. We had lots of training rounds today, which I didn’t mind.

1st STRIKES WITH TRUDY GROENENBOOM , GR. Strikes a little loose on heelwork today, his keenness taking over. Scent, he did his own thing and wasn’t sure who he wanted to give the cloth to. Many congratulations and good luck for the rest of your ‘B’s lost 15 ¼

2nd NEO LESTER v. CAYAS’S HOME WITH KARIN SPANHAAK, BOUVIER des FLANDRES. Scent and Sendaway well executed. The extra commands on the heelwork were expensive. Very well done on this place lost 17 ¾

3rd DJINGA FROM THE GO-GETTERS WITH MARGREET MIJNSBERGEN, GR. Mostly drifting on heelwork the main problem. Sendaway was a little messy, with an extra command needed on the down. The only person in the line-up with clear stays. Well done lost 19 ½

4th DELTAMADOG DRAGON ATTACK WITH RICK VEEREN v., BC. Nice heelwork from Dragon. Mistakes came into play through over enthusiasm. Excellent sendaway, unfortunately broke the sit stay quite early on, otherwise could have been further up the cards. I do hope that you can get this sorted. Well done lost 22 ¼

CLASS : ‘C’ NO ENT : 20 NO RAN : 18

RING STEWARD : Jose Flierman SCORE STEWARD : Paul V. Dijk

SCENT DECOY : Anja de Pagter plus various others

1st DANESWAY DUET WITH GUUS SCHOLTEN, WS. Heelwork superb, committed, keen and accurate what more could you ask for. The missed position on DC, then the subsequent mix up with the next position was very costly, but still not enough to move you from the top spot. Scent a little untidy. Many congratulations on this place and winning ‘C’ at Surrey on the Sunday. Lost 13 ¼

2nd ABSOLUTELY GROOVY WITH ANGELA KROON, WS. Heelwork excellent, ASSD positions could have been tidier. Top notch sendaway and retrieve. Shame about the missed position on DC. I have never seen you both work better as a team. Well done lost 15

3rd KYRILL v. BERLAERE WITH GREET VINK, BC. Lovely heelwork, DC, and retrieve, scent the only clear one of the day. The sendaway we won’t talk about, such a shame I do hope that this is a one off. Well done lost 15 ½

4th JOYFUL STEPPING v. BENVENIDA’S JOY WITH JENKE LABOTS, BC. On my sheet I have noted that Dean is a lovely dog and very keen. Sendaway and DC were very good. Almost identical errors on the retrieve and scent. Heelwork a little untidy, but this was due to enthusiasm. Well done lost 16 ¾

5th NICE OF YOU TO COME BYE KEEN KITE WITH CEES GROEN, BC. Super heelwork from Keen a very bad LAT was costly. Missed a position on DC and dropped short on the sendaway. A very nice scent with minimal errors. Well done lost 19

6th BORDERS FOR JOY INFINITE FIDELITY WITH INGE GRAAUW De, BC. Wojhi had lovely heelwork, the fast pace was to die for. Fast and accurate just lost ½ for the crooked sit at the end. Another dog that missed a position on DC and dropped short on the sendaway. Well done lost 21 ¾

My very grateful thanks to my stewards – Jose, AnneMarie, Paul and Anja plus those who helped with the training scents in ‘B’. It was a very relaxed, albeit a long day. Thank you Anja for the superb hospitality during our stay, even though your cat wanted to come in the window at 1.30 in the morning. I was crafty the next night I left the window open wider so he could get in by himself. The meal at the Visbar on Saturday night was delicious. Anja, looking forward to seeing you at Stonham early August and some of you I will see at Halstead show on 16th August. Once again thank you all for a very enjoyable weekend.

Kit Clow

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