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20-08-2016 Rob Summerfield

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 20-08-2016
Class: Beginners, Class A, Class C
Judge: Rob Summerfield

The annual short story, serialised in two parts….
 On average, how many times do Obedience people check the forecast for shows? Once a week? Twice? Me, I do it on a daily basis; for Holland I was checking the wires at 12 hourly intervals – there is so much data available. Was the 06z run on Thursday an improvement on  Wednesday's model output? Any chance of proper stormage as per 2015? The firm of Connell and Summerfield (international purveyors of fine judging) decided that it was probably best to pack for a typically British summer viz. lightweight waterproofs worn over shorts with a selection of random items in between.
I'm getting pretty good at this travelling light lark, eventually I'll be able to enjoy a 6 week holiday with nothing more than a small purse.
Anyway, back to NWI yet again, this time at an acceptable hour although as Sir has to do proper work we were deposited at the entrance by 7.30am, leaving over two hours for breakfast. I'm not sure how I suddenly morphed into Mrs. Efficiency but I had managed to check in on line, print legible boarding passes and ADT codes, all of which worked most satisfactorily. Talking of the ADT (Airport Development Tax) it seems that Norwich has invested in some customer service training as there have been no sightings of Miserable Hag, Grey Haired Old Witch and Ineffectual Bloke for some time. Shame I wasn't efficient enough to produce six artistically rendered rounds for Sarah; at least the three I did do were things of beauty!
After a trouble free flight we arrived at Schipol and met Martin – we are now considered seriously incompetent in train usage (although how rain and non functioning rolling stock is our fault we're not sure) and require chaperoning the second we set foot in Holland, thus stifling the British spirit of adventure honed to perfection over hundreds of years. The idea of someone not being able to find their way out of an airport car park would be somewhat ironic, wouldn't it?
A short drive along contraflow/pothole free roads and we were back at the Dogcenter and our little caravan, now sporting a new over-roof to provide protection (I did point out that polycarbonate sheets were no match for marble sized hail) and with plenty of healthy fruit and chocolate awaiting our attention over the weekend. Post-lunch saw us settled in, with a dozen flags decorating “Camp GB” -  the ladies' hockey final against the Netherlands was just a few hours away. In the afternoon together with Martin and Esther we sorted out rings and sprayed circles with gay abandon – I had thoughtfully purchased a selection of cans which were smuggled over the border for us, even the dimmest of dim-bulbs knows such items in one's hold luggage are somewhat frowned upon.
  A pleasant evening at a fabulous Mexican restaurant in Zaltbommel rounded off the day and we retired, hoping to follow the hockey via tenuous internet connection...
Saturday was by far the better of the two days by a long chalk as regards the weather, sunny and reasonably warm with a goodish breeze. The happy campers had arrived and once again we renewed old friendships over breakfast. Camp GB were in a very good mood thanks to another gold medal in the bag via our superb hockey team, but as befits our modest natures we didn't make a lot of fuss about it, apart from flying some flags at the ringside in a subtle manner.
Unfortunately entries were a little down compared with 2015 as a lot of people were still on holiday but we still had a good entry overall. After the introductions – I was hoping for some more bowing having perfected the art at Manchester airport - I kicked off with Beginners and C in the morning and A in the afternoon, whilst Sarah had Pre-Beginners and B followed by Novice. As always we're incredibly grateful to Peter van de Velde in charge of stays (which ran like clockwork) as well as capturing the day on camera.
Onto Saturday's results:-

8 entries
4 ran
Many thanks to my ring party – Karen Selhorst in the ring and Mirjam v.d. Broek on chalks, good job well done ladies! Not a huge class today but I felt that there was no need to withhold first as all these teams had some pleasing moments; there are as always some areas which need attention but nothing overly scary or beyond hope! The round was one I've used successfully, with a circle both ways for HOL and for HF a RH arc peeling off the circle for some straight work. Once again my handlers proved that this sort of thing is well within their capabilities; I just wish I could push the boundaries a bit more but hey ho....
1st  Kristin Niederstenschee with ON MY OWN LIMITIED EDITION LOGAN (BC)
Kristin and Logan came in and really gave a good account of themselves today; even a handler error in HOL didn't deny them a well deserved win. A little drifting and inattention in HF to work on Kristin, but a super fast recall and equally speedy retrieve (just an enthusiastic pounce here) helped them come through. Try and make sure you avoid having a tight lead in future! Congratulations on your win today!
Lost 3.75 HOL, 2.75 HF, 1.75 Ret Total 8.25
2nd Gerard Rietjens with SONG OF SKY YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART (BC)
Another nice team with potential to improve, Sky has plenty of natural ability but this needs to be channelled properly; you did a really constructive training round in Novice on Sunday and showed how good Sky could be! It's the little things that add up over the course of a round so give some thought to improving attention and work on the technicalities in recall and retrieve. Cannot fault Sky's enthusiasm in any way though! Well done!
Lost 5.25 HOL, 3.25 HF, 1.75 Rec, 2.5 Ret Total 12.75
3rd Heidi Waelkens with PARRI DURUNG GHINJO (GSD)
Oh my goodness, sublime hw from Heidi and Parri, really striding out and attacking the hw pattern with confidence and considerable style! But oh dear, those sets! I would be looking at a complete re-think with these Heidi, as we discussed later regarding getting his wait 100% reliable. As far as the retrieve goes he's not the first GSD to stand over the dumbbell thinking deep thoughts! I really hope you can make a breakthrough as he's so worth it! Well done and good luck for the future.
Lost 1 HOL, 1.75 HF, 6.25 Rec, 5.25 Ret Total 14.25

Class C
17 entries
16 ran
My thanks to the C team today – Esther Brouwer in the ring, Jutta van Damme on the boards (hope your arm is fully healed soon!) and my decoy steward Geerhard de Groot. Excellent work from all concerned!
Once again I happily utilised Aud's C round, it's a peach of a round and the handlers all seem to like it which is always a good thing. The hw was split by the sets, which today were worthy of the headline “Obedience Handlers In Set Exercise Horror”. DC was the ruination of many otherwise good rounds but as we say, “hey ho!” We had 11 take part in stays and 7 in scent, which is about on a par with a C in the UK these days...
A really accomplished round from Cees and Mitch today, the hw was smart and tidy and flowed nicely with few errors, just a loss of position out of turns taking a handful of points. The sets were a little prone to mistakes – anticipation in ret and a missed DC position but compared with some other unfortunates they were more than passable! Congratulations on your win today!
Lost 6.25 HW, 2.25 Ret, 2 SA, 6 DC, 3.25 Scent Total 19.75
2nd  Monique van Urk with MOLLY'N'RIO'S SPECIAL JON T (WS)
JonT is just learning to find his paws in C and with Monique's experienced handling should soon overcome any inconsistency in his work. He's a little unsure about the ASSD pick ups at present, needs a bit of a confidence boost in DC and a bit more strength in the SA but this will all come. The SP and the FP circle were executed with minimal faults however and retrieve and scent were excellent. Well done today Monique!
Lost 15.75 HW, 0.25 Ret, 6.5 SA, 16 DC, 0.25 Scent Total 38.75
3rd  Ivonne van der Meer with ABFAB IRAUSQUINN (WS)
Quinn was having a bit of an off day in hw, needing more than a few Ecs to get him re-focused especially in NP. But he can do the ASSDs beautifully – go figure! Needed the same in ret and DC but produced a fine example of a sendaway and finished with a super scent. It's a good job you love him Ivonne! Well done!
Lost 23 HW, 2 Ret, 16 DC, 0.25 Scent Total 41.25
Ah, if Trudy could only bottle her boy's enthusiasm and sell it on eBay she'd be worth millions by now!  He really tries so hard but can get his Y fronts in a twist sometimes, which on this occasion was the ASSD which cost about 75% of the hw marks. DC was superb though! His squeaky hinge was oiled before stays but sadly he followed the SAS instruction of never sitting when you can lie down. I'm not quite sure what happened in scent  - handler error methinks! Anyway, he gives everything he can bless him! Well done!
Lost 15.5 HW, 0.75 Ret, 0.75 SA, 10 Scent, 15 Sit stay Total 42
A smart team who always tackle the hw with aplomb; today was no exception with Inge and Wohji powering through the round, a missed ASSD blotting an otherwise impressive display; my notes say “best FP circle!”. Unfortunately this was another team skewered by the DC and also a little short on the SA. And then failed scent, which I really hate seeing. Such a shame when the overall work is so promising. Well done Inge, he is lovely!
Lost 12 HW, 0.75 Ret, 6 SA, 6 DC, 35 Scent Total 59.75
6th Annemarie Ibelings with ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS PHOEBE (BC)
This little firecracker never fails to surprise me. Today she managed a whole series of surprises. I swear she had a little checklist tucked in her collar, which ran along the lines of - “HW. Mess up a couple of ASSDs. Lure handler into false sense of security with brilliant SP and FP. Continue theme with clear SA. Do something bonkers in retrieve, not sure what. Go deaf in DC. Do stays OK. Fail scent enthusiastically”. Give me this kind of dog any day of the week, I think if I'd made an offer on the spot Annemarie would have handed her over!
Lost 12 HW, 11 Ret, 6 DC, 35 Scent Total 64
Our lunchtime needs were simple – chips with extra chips and a side order of chips, with chips on the side. Standard. After some chips we continued with the business in hand (we had considered more in the way of chips but decided we needed to leave room for chips on Sunday).
Afternoon results:-

Class A
18 entries
17 ran
Once again I'm indebted to my stewards Sandra Noh on the scoreboard and Karola Beckers inside the ropes, another great job, many thanks!
The hw pattern included diagonals, circle work and straight line work into and exiting the circles; I was treated to some really strong and well balanced rounds with teams demonstrating a good understanding of the technical aspects required to link the above elements. Overall the sets were well executed, although out of the 12 taking part in stays five fell by the wayside. Six teams stepped up for scent with no failures. In conclusion a good class with some very promising dogs.
Absolute quality, a richly deserved win for Brenda and Timber. Beautifully balanced hw combining drive and accuracy with a floating quality which is just stunning to watch. Not much more I can say apart from a need to just polish the sets a tiny bit more to make sure you leave no room for other teams to sneak up on the inside so to speak. Fabulous team, congratulations and best of luck in the future.
Lost 2.5 HW, 1 Rec, 1 Ret, 0.75 Scent Total 5.25
2nd Christina Rűmmer with SMALE GLENFIDDICH (Lab)
Another top quality round, same comments apply. Christina handles Glen to perfection and that short coat means there's nothing to hide in hw. For a big lad he is light and agile in his work, demonstrating how easy circles are if you have the right approach. As with the above team you just need to nail the presents and finishes in the sets to make yourselves a complete menace whenever you compete! Super, super round, very well done!
Lost 5.5 HW, 0.5 Rec, 0.5 Ret, 0.25 Scent Total 6.75
3rd Joop Gijs with MEG (BC)
Hot on the heels of Christina and Glen today, Joop and Meg had a pretty successful weekend all things considered and will always be a threat thanks to strong sets in both A and B, in the case of the latter they will always give you a real chance of taking the class. Again the hw held no problems, just a tendency to drift on the RH circle and lose position out of turns but nothing that can't be sorted really easily. A delightful little lass who has eyes only for her dad, well done Joop and Meg!
Lost 5.5 HW, 0.5 Rec, 1 Ret, 0.25 Scent Total 7.25
4th  Ankie Houthuis with NICE OF YOU TO COME BYE LUCKY SWITCH (BC)
Quando needed a bit of help in the hw so the marks reflect this; when he settled down and got sorted he showed some nice passages of work, so persevere with sorting out his position. Anticipation in the recall and an untidy retrieve added to the total but finished with a beautifully worked scent. Well done Ankie, he's worth it!
Lost 15.5 HW, 3.5 Rec, 1.25 Ret, 0.25 Scent Total 20.5
5th Anja de Pagter with BORDERS FOR JOY MAKE MY DAY MAGGI (BC)
Maggi is really coming along nicely Anja, some well timed Ecs kept her focused and she handled the hw pattern very well. Lovely fast keen recall and retrieve but OMG that scent - pig's ear would be the technical term for her effort! She did sort of end up with the right cloth, it's just the method she used which is a bit dodgy. Sort it please asap! Well done and good luck, you know I love her!
Lost 7.75 HW, 0.5 Rec, 0.5 Ret, 20 Scent Total 28.75
6th  Sandra Pierson with GOWAH OF WENDEVICK HOME (BC)
Like the above team Sandra sensibly helped Gowah keep up to the mark in hw when he looked like he was going off the boil which he tended to do a fair bit, the naughty boy! Only small silly faults in the sets but lost his balance in the sit stay and then made a meal of the scent. Well done on making the line up today.
Lost 14.25 HW, 1 Rec, 1.25 Ret, 5.5 Scent, 18 Sit stay Total 40
So that was Saturday, the obligatory evening BBQ was first class as usual (still haven't purchased any pork bellies!) It turned into a bit of a party in the restaurant after Martin and Esther retired for the evening with a request to “write everything down”. I presume this referred to nocturnal victuals as opposed to the discussion items around the table. Anyway, it descended into wine fuelled chaos....
To be continued in our next....
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