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20-08-2016 Sarah Connell

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 20-08-2016
Class:Pre-Beginners, Novice , Class B
Judge: Sarah Connell

Dutch Obedience Society at The Dogcentre 20/21 August.  Part one!                                                                                                 
Many thanks to Martin and Esther Brouwer and The Dutch Obedience Society for inviting Rob Summerfield and I back to Judge for them again at the superb DogCentre facility.  We were brilliantly looked after as usual and I cannot praise Martin an Esther enough for their fabulous hospitality.  This year we had no adventures on our journey, mainly because Martin wouldn’t let us catch the train after last time and insisted on picking us up from the Airport – spoilsport!!  Add to that, Robs efficiency in sorting out all the paperwork are pre-booking everything before we got to Norwich airport (whatever got into her?!) it was all a bit too easy!
So our journey was uneventful.
However, we managed to find our own kind of entertainment non-the-less!  Starting with decorating our caravan garden with Union Jacks flags ready for the Olympic Hockey finals and declaring our plot to be British territory.  
We then had a foreign invader of the grub variety.  God only knows what this thing was but it was HUGE, brightly coloured and far too snake like for one of my delicate nature to cope with!!!!!! Rob, however, was a big fan and busily went off to grab her phone to video it whilst I kept all my feet well off the ground.  Mind you, she was too slow as by the time she had got her phone the blooming thing was half way down the crack of the decking!  Oh dear God, it was now underneath me and no doubt would come back in the middle of the night and invade our caravan – how was I going to sleep!  So, in order to make sure it didn’t come back up the crack in the decking, the next time I came out of the caravan I jumped up and down several times thinking that would keep it away – WRONG – the damn thing came back up almost immediately!!!!  This time his fan club, i.e. Rob, was quicker off the mark and worryingly had quite a conversation with the beasty whilst filming it!  She then was good enough to get it onto a bit of A4 paper (it took up most of it) and evicted it from camp GB, over the back fence and GONE.  Thank goodness for that.
After a lovely lunch in which I think I polished off all the walnuts in the large bowl of salad (yum), we made for the field to sort out our rings.  Several circles later, using paint smuggled in by Esther from her recent trip to the UK, we were done and after a few practice stewarding rounds, it was time to freshen up ready for dinner.  Dinner was a new experience for me – Mexican – I did wonder whether I would like it as I am no fan of hot dishes but I was brave and the dish I chose was just delicious and not at all hot.  So now I quite like Mexican ;)  After dinner we retired to camp GB where we were kept up-to-date, well sort of, on the Hockey final by friends in the UK as our phones were pants but as we were an hour ahead we called it a night before the final result as we had to be up in the morning!
First thing Saturday morning bought the good news that the GB girls had won the hockey so, not to be ones to gloat, after breakfast we made our way to the rings complete with Union Jacks!  This day, I was Judging, Novice, Pre-Beg and B, in that order so my results are in that order too.

Novice – Ring Steward, Cees Groen and Score Steward, Monique Deugd.  Thank you both of you for doing such a good job, especially to Cees who was also working his own dog in the C ring so had to nip off for his turn, stays and scent, thus not giving him a great deal of time to prepare.  However, it didn’t seem to bother either him or his dog as they won the class – congratulations 
Thank you to all the competitors in this Novice class – everyone was so polite and positive even if things weren’t quite right.  There were 22 entries of which 7 were training rounds. One of these that particularly caught my eye was Martine Verhoeven with her young Doberman – what a prospect.  Clearly very inexperienced and pretty distracted initially but Martine worked really well with him to get a fabulous response/result.  This big dog could move beautifully and once he had got himself into gear was the picture of power and style with a great position.  Very good luck with him Martine. I had 8 ‘other breeds’ entered today which was very pleasing although I was very disappointed the Staffordshire Bull Terrier wasn’t present  Mind you, I was treated to a totally new breed to me, a Bohemian Shepherd and, Oh my, I want one – such a lovely little dog in every way   Anyway, now on to the results!
1st Place – Martine Verhoeven with Silent Dreams Napayshni (Nappy), BC, Losing 1 ¾ points.  Wow, what an improvement from the last time I saw him!  Super heelwork, Nappy really understood his job and in the main, held a really lovely and strong heelwork position.  Just very minor errors on the turns lost him his marks but his circle work was superb. Retrieve was well executed with just an off centre present as the only fault and a clear recall which was a pleasure – good speed and good accuracy.  Many congratulations, you have worked really hard with him and you are now reaping the reward.  
2nd Place – Susi Huber with Extra Hot Aconcagua (Julie), BC, losing 2 points.  Another lovely round but just pipped at the post today by Martine.  Julie put in a super round but slight errors in heelwork, again on the turns and off centre presents caused those niggly lost points.  However, I can’t see you two being in Novice for long as, as with all of your dogs, they are beautifully trained and the relationship between you is clear for all to see. Well done Susi.
3rd Place – Sandra Noh with Darjeeling’s Onyx (Onyx), ASD, losing 3 ¼ points.  Lovely attitude from this dog and very nicely shown off with upright and confident handling by Sandra.  Not a lot wrong with the heelwork just slight losses on position on turns and straight lines, circle work was really strong.  Retrieve had a hesitant pick up and then off centre present and crooked finish which lost you points and Recall produced a very off centre present and again, a crooked finish where Onyx was tucked back. Tidy up those set exercises and you will be winning this class very soon. Well done.
4th Place – Yvonne Alphen with Obi van’t Biks Huiske (Obi), BC, losing 3 ½ points.  Fresh out of Beginners this dog has gone from strength to strength.  A few too many positional errors today for a win, sneezing didn’t help, but surely must be on the cards soon!!  Such a lovely attitude to his work, a bit inconsistent with his stride but all good stuff  Retrieve was expensive as Obi dropped the dumbell at his Mums feet but he did redeem himself by picking it up again and doing a perfect present!!  Recall was good and fast but off centre present and crooked finish (sitting tucked back) were the faults.  Very nicely handled Yvonne, super play between exercises (with the lead), one of the few who took advantage of that.  Well done.
5th Place – Christina Rummer with Smale Glenfiddich (Glen), Lab Retriever, Losing 4 ½ points.  I have not seen this team before but was very impressed indeed.  When I realised you were one of Susi’s team, I could see why   Beautifully motivated dog. Held a slightly wider position than many but no problem with that as long as it fits within the rules and is consistent.  Heelwork marks were lost for losing position, i.e. inconsistency, especially on the turns. Retrieve was excellent with recall just producing a slightly off centre present.  Very well done Christina and good luck to you on your trip to the UK.
6th Place – Ingrid Eekman with Borders for Joy Never Give Up Met@l (Met@l), Losing 5 ¼ .  The last time I saw you, you were in Pre-Beginners so good to see you progressing through the classes  Met@l tries so very hard for you Ingrid but loses his position on the heelwork – I personally think you need to step out with him a bit more so that he can find his stride and then maybe hold position with a bit more ease.  Retrieve was solid, just a tiny bit of mouthing and a slower return than send out to pick up.  Recall also was good, good speed and finish but a slightly off centre present.  That said, a good overall effort. Well done.

Pre-Beginner – Ring Steward, Anja de Pagter.  There were just 2 entries for this class today, both dogs being owned/worked by the same person and, one of which was training.  As a result, Chantal Huys with her Tervuerense Herder (BSD Terv) Kaeli,  took home the second place as she really wasn’t ready to win the class just yet.  Was rather distracted as not used to being outside but showed me some lovely heelwork when she settled and concentrated.  Good luck with your dogs Chantal, they are both beautiful and will no doubt improve as they gain more experience.

Class B – Ring Steward,  Annemarie Ibelings   Score Steward, Jutta van Damme.  Excellent stewarding all around, thank you both.  Thanks also to the lovely person who was the scent decoy, I am so sorry, I didn’t get your name.
There were 9 entries in this class, however, only 8 booked in.  With 3 rounds being training rounds that left just 5 teams to fight it out for the top placings.  Unfortunately we had a few send away and/or scent disasters which was a real shame but that’s the way it goes some days!  Retrieve was on a packet of tissues and there were no major problems with that though.  The winning team, however, really deserved their win and put in a really good round, that being:-
1st Place – Joop Gijs with Meg, BC, Losing 6 ¾ points.  A lovely keen little bitch who put in a sterling effort and was very calmly handled by Joop.  Heelwork was very nice indeed just various positional errors losing points, mostly on normal pace.  Retrieve was very tidy with a slightly forward sit on the finish.  Good committed send away just slightly off to the right of the back marker and a bit of a sniff on arrival, finished off with a good strong scent with just a bit of a mouth of the cloth losing a mark.  Many congratulations to you – you had a very good weekend indeed
2nd Place – Petra Mostert with Breezy-Thorn Valley Hockey Star (Mason), ASD, Losing 30 ½ .  Heelwork was reasonable but a few too many positional errors to secure a win today even if everything else was performed well.  Work on his turns as that seems to be where most of the errors are.  Send away was a bit of a disaster so we won’t dwell on it. Retrieve was pretty good overall and he did a lovely scent only to drop the cloth and mess about a bit!  Such a lovely keen boy though, on another day probably will be a very different story.  Well done.
3rd Place – Trudy Groenenboom with Carishill Banque (Strikes), GR, Losing A Lot!   An entertaining round by Trudy and Strikes!  Such a capable dog but all down to the day/hour/minute as to how things will go!!  Lots of help given by Trudy today so marks totted up and up!  Retrieve, however, was excellent as was the send away  We won’t go there with scent hey!  
4th Place – Sandra Pierson with Gowah of Wendevick Home , BC, Losing more than Trudy!  Well done on completing the round and securing your place.
5th Place – Sandra Noh with Darjeelings Onyx ( Onyx), BC, Losing more than Sandra Pierson.  Heelwork was super and on a par with the winning team. Retrieve was good too, just an inverted sit to heel  dropping a mark.  However, send away and scent went totally pear shaped!!  You know what you need to work on!

So that was the end of day ones Judging. Presentations were done at the end of the day which I think is lovely as everyone gets to share in everyones success.  Well done to all who took part – part two to follow

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