21-03-2015 Anette Dowd - The Dutch Obedience Society

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21-03-2015 Anette Dowd

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 21/03/2015
Class: A & C
Judge: Annette Dowd

A really big thank you to Rick van Veeren for inviting us to judge your very well organised show in Holland. Both you and Jon made Pat Thompson, Sue Luce (who did a great job stewarding my C) and me feel so very welcome. Wined and dined with pancakes and delicious Chinese not to mention the impromptu evening of fine singing!! Haven’t enjoyed singing so much for years! Sorry about the glasses.
Thank you also to Martin and Esther for your hospitality at your fantastic indoor venue, I wish we could your facilities for our competitions, they are superb. Also thank you to the stewards, table stewards and stay stewards who worked tirelessly to make the day run smoothly. We had a wonderful day judging and saw some fantastic teams with gorgeous dogs. Everybody, regardless of the outcome seemed to be enjoying their dogs, which is lovely to see.

Now for the happy winners:

Test A - Steward Bernou ter Voorde, Table Steward Jutta van Damme

1st Rick van Veeren with Deltamadog Dragon Arrack (BC) Dragon. A very nice round from Dragon, I know you were thrilled to bits. A little bit of crabbing out in heelwork and a chew on the scent cloth, but he pulled the stops out and concentrated on mum to get this well-deserved win. Very well Done Rick

2nd Claudia Leijs with Silverwoods Pirce Ice (BC) Gimmick. A lovely round from this team, be careful you don’t let Gimmick touch you hand. Bits and pieces in recall and retrieve but a very nice scent secured this place. Well done on your place.

3rd Karl van den Bosch with Ink of Maranns Home (BC) Ink. A really nice round from this team. Extra commands cost you most of your marks, but well done on your place.

4th Margreet de Kleer with Dave van de Vrundenhoeve (BC) Dave. Bits and pieces all round, you lost quite a few marks for extra commands and Dave had a woof in retrieve, but a promising team.

5th Rineka Smit with Robberdebobski Ascensionday Present (WS) Robby. My leading dog before stays. This team did a stunning round with very little to mark with a clear A Recall and Retrieve. Robby was very worried in stays and unfortunately failed both and I know you were disappointed. You have a lovely relationship with your dog and hopefully you can build his up confidence so that he can cope with being left. Do that I’m sure you will both fly through the classes. Good luck you have a lovely dog.

6th Sandra Pearson with Gowah of Wendevick Home (BC) Gowah. Lagging in heelwork was costly but a very good effort. Well done.

I’d like to mention Monique van Urk with MollynRio’s Special JonT. A super round from this team, unfortunately JonT failed scent but I’m sure this was just a blip and you will be soon be winning the red one!

Test C - Steward Sue Luce, Table Steward Paul van Dijk, Scent Decoy Hans Mergits

1st Marianne van der Ster with Amazing Yoda of Albions March (BC) Yoda. A really lovely round from this team, great heelwork with little to mark, loosing most of your marks in DC, but with the only clear scent and a clear retrieve, you were a very deserving winner. Very well done.

2nd Ellen Reijenga with Borders for Joy Lost Words (BC) Ziggy. Just bits and pieces with an anticipated SA and missed position but a nice round from this team. Well done.

3rd Annemarie Ibeling with Absolutely Fabulous Phoebe (WS) Phoebe. Super heelwork but unfortunately DC and retriever were costly, however a promising team. Well done.

4th Mia Bosschaart with Abfab Yukon (WS) Yukon. Mia and Yukon started off very well with lovely DC and minor errors on sendaway but heelwork was costly with 2 missed position followed by a messy scent, but he found the right cloth in what proved to be a difficult scent. Well done. 

5th Karin Stegmeijer with absolutely Fabulous McCay (WS) McCay. This team did a super round with only a few errors but unfortunately failed scent but still managed to get this place. Well done.

Unfortunately my scent proved to be quite difficult taking 3 good teams out. It was a Y shape with decoy 4th cloth before the split and my cloth placed last on the right? Those teams then decided not to go on to do stays which meant I only a line-up to 5th place.

I had a really great day judging and was pleased with my 2 line-ups. I know several of you are planning to come over to compete in England this
summer, so I look forward to meeting you again. Good luck to you all and enjoy your dogs.
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