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21-03-2015 Pat Thompson

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 21/03/2015
Class: Novice & B
Judge: Pat Thompson

Many, many thanks to Rick van Veeren for inviting us to Holland, to judge at this well run show. Also to her and husband , John for putting us up and looking after us so well for the weekend. From the sightseeing tour complete with storks and windmills, to the pancakes and wonderful Chinese food, (not to mention the evening sing song… sorry about the glasses), we enjoyed it all, thanks. Thanks also to my companions Annette Dowd and Sue Luce, for their entertaining company and to Sue for also stewarding my B class. 

The stewards and scoreboard stewards provided were outstanding and made my life so much easier as they whisked me through the competitors with such efficiency. Thanks also to Martin and Esther for their hospitality at the Dog Training Centre,(what a fabulous place!) and we especially enjoyed the hot chocolate with slagroom! 

Class – Novice Ring Steward – Hans Bilius Scoreboard- Jutta Van Damme
31 entered 29 worked 5 trained 

1st 39 Karl van den Bosch with INK OF MARANNS HOME BC Lost 7
There was very little to mark until Karl accidentally dropped his lead but picked it up and both recovered quickly! Neat heelwork and well handled. Very well done on winning this class. 

2nd 54 Karen Selhorst with DYLAN Australian Shepherd Lost 7
On same marks as the winner but conceded half way through the run off as Karen decided that Dylan had had enough. Heelwork took most of the marks with the handler slowing on the turns but very nice neat recall and retrieve. A young dog should go far with his sympathetic handler. 

3rd 49 Gerda van der Pluijm with QUINCY Belgium Shepherd Dog Lost 7 ½ 
How lovely to see such a big dog work with such energy. Points unfortunately only lost through sheer enthusiasm! Jumping up and touching the hand in the heelwork quite a lot and crashed in on the recall. I’m sure you will win out of Novice very soon!. 

4th Petra Mostert with BREEZY-THORN VALLEY HOCKEY STAR Australian Shepherd Lost 8 ½
The handler needs to maintain a steady pace as she seemed to be adjusting her speed throughout the heelwork. A bit messy on the recall as did a double sit and a tap on the dumb bell threw a couple of marks away unfortunately. Capable of good things in the future though, I’m sure.

5th 50 Monique Deugd with OBERON BREEZY THORN VALLEY Australian Shepherd Lost 11
Solo decided he wasn’t going to start the heelwork at the same time as Monique but not bad once he got going. A tight lead took a mark or two but much better off lead. Neat exercises too.

6th 57 Ingrid Eekman with BORDERS FOR JOY GIVE UP MET@L BC
Minor position faults in HOL but then got distracted unfortunately in the HF. Very neat exercises but sadly broke the sit stay or would have been at the other end of the line up. I’m sure the win will be coming soon!

Class – B Ring Steward – Sue Luce Scoreboard- Paul van Dijk Scent Decoy – Marianne van der Ster
13 entered 8 training rounds 

1st 44 Esther Brouwer with BEST FELLOW KIEFER OF CLOVER CORNER BC Lost 13
Made a bit of a hash of the SA but then went on to do some very nice neat heelwork, apart from Keifer making contact with Esther’s hand on the halts. Only half a point lost on both the retrieve and scent. I was very pleased to be able to present you with first place. Well done!

2nd 32 Margreet Mijnsbergen with DJINGA FROM THE GO-GETTERS GR Lost 20 ½ 
An extra command needed to send Djinga and a slow pick up on the SA. Handler got lost in the HW unfortunately but some nice bits. A neat retrieve and scent. A sweet little Goldie. Well done. 

3rd 34 Claudia Leijs with SILVERWOODS PRIDE ICE BCLost 26 
Very nice heelwork but made quite a meal of the SA I’m afraid. Quite a few marks lost on body signals that I’m sure Claudia doesn’t know she’s doing especially on the retrieve and scent. Unfortunately broke the sit stay but I’m sure Gimmick’s day will come soon. Good luck with him he’s lovely!

Nice to see so many dogs enjoying their work today. Thanks again to all involved with running the show and making us all so welcome.

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