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21-08-2016 Rob Summerfield

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 21-08-2016
Class: Pre-Beginners, Novice, Class B
Judge: Rob Summerfield

So, Saturday night. I remember quite a lot of it actually, I'm sure Sarah will helpfully fill in any gaps. Anyway, wine fuelled chaos. I think there were 12 of us round the table, an alcoholic rendition of the Last Supper, or more appropriately the Last Bottle. Things you learn  - most people can recite whole chunks of Fawlty Towers/Monty Python; Christine Pestka has never heard of the Sound of Music (cue short resume of the plot by yours truly and strict instructions to buy the DVD, visit Salzburg and take the Sound of Music tour); atrocious parodies of Dick van Dyke's English accent in Mary Poppins; and the total inability of our overseas friends to pronounce “aardvark” even when remotely sober. We managed to get a whole round of “my grandmother went to market” completed, which is miles better than the Isle of Man effort (I think we only got as far as G...). That was where the aardvark featured. There was a strong drugs influence (marijuana, opium and weed) and a nod to Obedience (dog and naughty dog); tripods are now forever known as “treepods”. By 11pm it was a “And Then There Were Three” party – me, Christine and Sandra Noh. And there was still wine left. Now, I don't drink a lot – and definitely not red wine in that quantity. And even more definitely not French wine. However this was an extremely drinkable Merlot, so we drank it, and the conversation drifted into the state of the world/what we'd do to certain groups of people/the state of the world. We ran out of steam a couple of hours later, so tottered off to bed. And that is definitely all that happened.
Sunday morning heralded the promise of rain on and off all day so the show re-assembled in the halls, with the luxury of one ring and collecting area per hall. And before you say anything, yes I was feeling on the fragile side. I didn't feel any better for seeing Christine looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed – turns out she normally drinks whiskey. Sandra didn't look uber grim either; I felt like a pathetic binge drinking Brit, I really did. I had to put up with attempts at humour involving wine for most of the day, as if I needed reminding about the previous night.
We re-did the circles with chalk (that was somewhat touch and go for me, I almost passed out) and commenced judging, starting off with Pre-Beginners (me) and Class A (Sarah).

Sunday's results:-
4 entries
4 ran
Many thanks to my  stewards, Susi Huber on score and Anita van Gijzen in the ring, super job! The round was the same as the one at Halstead, a RH circle for HOL and up and back on the diagonal for HF. As with Beginners I had no qualms about awarding the win; my first and second dogs are showing tremendous promise and should have no difficulty moving through the classes.
1st Jana Thiel with KOBE (Aussie)
My notes say “ooh!” which is a fair summary of this team's round. Made short work of the circle with attentive, accurate and stylish hw; you just need to make sure Kobe is fully engaged at the start of hw Jana, as this is where the points were lost in HF. Super speed on the recall with just the technical aspects to tidy up as you don't want to throw away marks with presents and finishes. A really promising team, congratulations!
Lost 1 HOL, 3.5 HF, 0.5 Rec Total 5
2nd Chantal Schade with CORROBOREE CIARAN (Kelpie)
This time my notes say “fab!” - another team just oozing with potential; kinda lost the plot at the start of HF but brilliant handling rescued the situation. Ciaran's hw is lovely, a little bouncing on and off the leg because of enthusiasm but at this stage attitude is everything. As with the winners a little attention to presents and finishes will help your progression (and who knows, you could have the second Kelpie to qualify for Ch Obedience!) Very well done!
Lost 0.5 HOL, 5.25 HF, 2 Rec Total 7.75
3rd Chantal Huys with KAELI (Terv)
Kaeli was a little inattentive in the hw, which caused wide work and subsequently a tight lead. However there were some glimpses of some very nice work with the style and balance Tervs are known for. Blisteringly quick recall, again a little inattention was evident on the present and finish. A broken sit stay added to the total but with a little work on motivation in hw should reap rewards later. Well done!
Lost 7 HOL, 5.5 HF, 1.25 Rec, 5 Sit stay Total 18.75

Class B
7 entries
7 ran
Another thank you to my ring party – Annemarie Ibelings in the ring, Anja de Pagter and Trudy Groenenboom on chalks and Hans Mergits as decoy, all carrying out their allotted tasks with efficiency (just as well really...). The hw round was similar to the A in content but just carried out at different speeds! The sets weren't as strong as I've seen in previous years, picking up a hosepipe length on a flat surface didn't help and would have obviously been better performed on grass. Five teams took part in stays and scent with varying degrees of success.
1st Joop Gijs with Meg (BC)
Well Joop, you certainly had a seriously good weekend with Meg! Winning B and placed in A yesterday and winning B today!  Highlight of the hw was the superb SP, get the other paces to this level and you will be a real terror in C as I'm sure you have the ASSD and DC well in hand. The sets were what can only be described as solid, fast and accurate – I would like a tad more speed on the return in retrieve but now I'm being picky! Completed the round with a well worked and excellent scent. Many congratulations, a really nice team.
Lost 9.25 HW, 1 Ret, 0.5 Scent Total 10.75
2nd Petra Mostert with BREEZY-THORN VALLEY HOCKEY STAR (Aussie)
I've always liked Mason and Petra's handling of her boy. He is just getting to grips with B work so the sets were prone to a few errors; SA needs more confidence although as with retrieve he would probably be better outside. FP also needs a bit of a boost as he tended to lose position both on the straights and turns but the NP was very nice with plenty of drive. Not sure who dropped the scent cloth, probably a case of 50/50! Well done and good luck, I'm sure you'll get everything sorted soon!
Lost 11 HW, 3.25 Ret, 8 SA, 3.5 Scent Total 25.75
3rd Sandra Noh with DARJEELING'S ONYX (BC)
This was a real case of “if only”. If only he hadn't broken the sit, if only he hadn't had a complete melt down in scent. The rest was just so flippin' good – the hw was strong and committed with style and accuracy combined with super handling, the SA was fast, the retrieve ditto; high quality work which would easily take a B class in the UK. I hope you can sort out the scent Sandra, because Onyx is an absolute star. Well done and good luck with him.
Lost 8.5 HW, 0.5 Ret, 0.25 SA, 15 Scent, 9 Sit  Total 33.25
4th Anja de Pagter with BORDERS FOR JOY MAKE MY DAY MAGGI (BC)
A well earned place in B today Anja, and this time she didn't make a complete hash of scent! Needed help in the SP to keep her engaged (she probably found it a bit of a yawn) but NP was good and the FP was the best of the day. A good attempt with the hosepipe but took the scenic route in SA and then had a shuffle break in the sit and popped up in the down to check things out. She's a bit of a madam but cute with it, so we'll forgive her! Well done!
Lost 14 HW, 1.25 Ret, 8 SA, 6.5 Scent, 2.5 Sit, 4.5 Down  Total 36.75
5th Sandra Pierson with GOWAH OF WENDEVICK HOME (BC)
On the plus side Gowah did a good scent and down stay today Sandra, but he really had no intention of performing to his capabilities in the ring, needing Ecs in NP and FP and also SA, and dropped the hosepipe three times after finally deciding to pick it up! Well done for persevering and getting a rosette today!
Lost 20 HW, 5.5 Ret, 7 SA, 1.75 Scent, 18 Sit  Total 52.5
Then we had chips. Chips is not a hangover cure. There was also a bit of a monsoon outside but as we were inside we didn't care. On a dash back to the caravan I discovered a small invading army who were bravely attempting to haul themselves up the steps – I would have stayed to provide rousing encouragement but official duties were calling and after the whole “Judge in Goat Moth Larva Shock” episode I wisely avoided mentioning our new GB supporters to Shrieky Woman....

18 entries
17 ran
Last class for me was Novice, and what a quality class it was with some exceptional teams. There were also examples of highly motivated training rounds which were a real pleasure to watch, none of your dangly balls here! My stewards were Bianca Gerritse on the rudder and Monique Deugd keeping the books in order, many thanks both! The hw consisted of circles for HOL and then straights including diagonal work for HF, neither of which were problematical for the majority.
1st Christine Rűmmer with SMALE GLENFIDDICH (Lab)
Christine and Glen have such an easy relaxed approach to this obedience lark; seemingly casual handling disguises real determination and the intention of dissecting the ring work in their best manner. Although Glen's position isn't tight on the leg it's maintained consistently, and as a judge it's actually easier to mark as the errors generally only involve a little drifting, rather than crabbing, inverting, laying on, over turning etc. As a result the hw is very balanced with plenty of drive without a compound of errors, just some attention to the turns would add polish. Superb sets carried out with commitment and accuracy. Congratulations Christine and all the best for the future with your smashing fella!
Lost 1 HOL, 2.75 HF, 0.5 Rec, 0.25 Ret, 0.25 Down stay Total 4.75
2nd Yvonne Alphen with OBI VAN'T BIKS HUISE (BC)
Two small handling errors were the difference between second and taking the first today Yvonne; a naughty tight lead at the start of HOL and then moving your feet on the recall (to be honest he did arrive like a missile!) Nevertheless your round was exceptional, the hw gave me everything I was looking for in terms of accuracy, balance and engagement. Combined with lightning sets the work was absolutely top notch. Very well done and best of luck with Obi!
Lost 1.75 HOL, 2 HF, 0.75 Rec, 0.5 Ret Total 5
3rd  Susi Huber with EXTRA HOT ACONCAGUA (BC)
Julie (or “me Julie” as I call her – just google it!) is being brought along very nicely by Susi and showing great promise for the future. The non-present in the recall was expensive and cost a very worthy win in good company (was she practising her FCI stuff?).  Best circle work of the day, HF was just as good, the turns need a little work but it's all there. Lovely fast accurate retrieve, a pleasure to watch and judge today, well done!
Lost 0.5 HOL, 2 HF, 2.25 Rec, 0.5 Ret Total 5.25
4th Karen Selhorst with DYLAN (Aussie)
We aren't sure if he's a full Aussie or not but from my point of view there's not a lot that isn't Aussie! He's a big old soppy love sponge with a superb temperament, what more do you want? He worked really well today Karen, just ran out of steam in the HF after producing excellent circles, tending to lose position through turns and hanging back on some of the straights. Sets were super though, very quick and just losing for the presents and finishes. Well done and good luck!
Lost 1 HOL, 3.75 HF, 0.25 Rec, 0.75 Ret Total 5.75
5th  Sandra Noh with DARJEELING'S ONYX (BC)
Another excellent round from Sandra and Onyx, high quality hw with just the occasional drift on the circles and some inverting during HF but overall powerful and stylish work.  Yet more speedy sets, anticipation on ret and another naughty sit stay prevented a challenge for the red one today. You should be very proud of your boy, I know he has his moments but when he gets it together he'll be winning loads. Well done!
Lost 1.75 HOL, 2 HF, 0.5 Rec, 1.5 Ret, 1.75 Sit stay Total 7.5
Ankie and Quando gave a good account of themselves today, as you know the main problem is his forward work! Back him up a few inches and your hw marks will be cut drastically. Retrieve was a bit messy but the recall was fab. Keep working on that position as he can come up with the goods; hopefully next year you'll be in charge of the heelwork! Well done!
Lost 3.25 HOL, 5.5 HF, 0.25 Rec, 1.25 Ret Total 10.25
Some teams worthy of mentions -
Martine Verhoeven with Chief (Dobe)  - fantastic training round, what a dog!
Sandra Pierson with Myroh (BC) – utterly mad but what an attitude!
Kelly Mergits with Law (BC) – embryo ticket handler, fabulous dog, very accomplished!
Karola Beckers with Sjimmy (BC) – another member of the Bonkers Brigade, loved him!

So there we are, another fab weekend done and dusted. Prize giving at the end of both days was full of laughter and cheers;  myself, Sarah and Martine were presented with a nifty present comprising beautiful leads and tuggies, a mug, liquorice sweets and key fobs. Tents were struck, the hangover disappeared thanks to a Chinese takeaway (unfortunately Anja was caught out by the only passing shower in the evening when in the midst of dismantling her tent!) and we said cheerio to friends, many of whom had an eye watering slog before they got home.
Many thanks to Martin and Esther for their hospitality and generosity, hopefully we'll be back next year – as long as we can go on a train and have more chips....
Thank you to all the competitors, helpers and stewards who gave up their time – hope you all had an uneventful journey home as we did. Yes, it was a complete surprise to us too!

That's all folks, enjoy your dogs.
Rob Summerfield
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