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21-08-2016 Sarah Connell

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 21-08-2016
Class: Class A, Class C
Judge: Sarah Connell

DOS - Kerkwijk 20/21 August - Part Two
So, Judging complete, it’s time for the communal BBQ. What an entertaining evening it was to be!  The BBQ was lovely, great food with a nice drop of wine to accompany it and lots of socialising.  As the temperature fell, a small party of us went inside to continue our merriment, whilst everyone else retired for the night along with Martin (wise move) and left us to it, along with a few bottles of wine!  I have no idea how it came about but, I do know it was Robs idea, we started playing the “My Grandmother went to Market “ game using the letters of the alphabet to say what she bought.  Well what a cosmopolitan Grandma she was, buying the most bizarre and worrying selection of goods which included various drugs, animals and a Tripod!!  For our German/Dutch friends the word Aardvark caused much pronunciation difficulty and if they learned nothing else all weekend, they did learn how to say Aardvark in a very British manner   Well as happens with bottles of wine, they got consumed – more white drinkers than red so when the white ran out, those of us drinking the white called it a night whilst the red drinkers carried on.  I recall having a shower at around 10pm and popping my head around the door afterwards to see if Rob was coming back to the caravan.  There was just the 3 of them left by now and basically, no she wasn’t coming back anytime soon so I left her there!  I knew it was a mistake but hey ho!!  Anyway at 1am she returned, giggling like a schoolgirl, to the caravan announcing she was just a bit pissed!   REALLY, I’d never have guessed – it was pretty damned funny I can tell you what with getting her trousers off/on/sorting out the caravan lights etc etc!!!  
Come Sunday morning my travelling comrade was in reasonable shape – I was astounded but, by 9.30am and the start of Judging things weren’t so rosy and she was feeling particularly YUK!!!  The weather for once actually did us a favour with heavy rain forecast  so we bought the Judging indoors.  We had to mark out our circles again and after the first one in Robs ring, I took over as she had gone a weird shade of green!  Being indoors meant we weren’t far from the facilities which I am sure was a relief to my sickly friend as if we had been outside it would have been a hell of a run to the loo!!  Poor Rob, she took some stick with wine being mentioned more than once during the day especially by Martin – so cruel (ha ha)!
Anyway today I was judging A followed by C.  The Browers were out in force today – Esther stewarding my A and Martin the C.  Thank you both of you.  The C round did look a bit complicated on paper but once walking/working it, it was pretty straight forward and Martin handled it brilliantly.  Again, I have failed completely and do not have the names of my score stewards or the C decoy steward – I am so very sorry but to you all, thank you so very much for your help.  Now to the results:_

Class A – A round to test the dogs ability to hold position whilst negotiating circles/turns and showing confidence in their work.  Everyone gave it a good go and in the main the circles, a right and a left semi -circle, were well performed. Turns caused wide working in almost all of the dogs so clearly this needs to be worked on.  A few really good rounds to mention – Tim with Grace (Malinois), some great heelwork performed at a mighty speed!   Tim managed to lose the marks in the A Recall by stopping and waiting for Grace to arrive (Lord only knows why as she knew what she was doing) and then proceeded to do slow pace after the pickup – well it was almost slow pace!!  Despite that, she was still in for a good placing, however, scent – ARGHHH – TIM, teach your dog the exercise!!!!!  Then there was Martine with Nappy (BC) – put in a very creditable round indeed but decided against stays. There were a few training rounds and hopefully everyone was happy with what they achieved.
1st Place – No 55, Martin Brower with Ariomchic Lewizz (Lewizz), BC, Losing 2 ¼ points.  I have not seen Martin and Lewizz work before but, though it pains me to say it, they were fabulous ;)  A real team.  The heelwork was very accurate with Lewizz showing a great understanding of his position and barely wavering from it.  The turns were really well performed, with just a left turn being somewhat lazy so incomplete and the halt produced a crooked sit (sat tucked back).  Retrieve was pleasing, not fast and furious but a good consistent pace out and back, clean pick up but an off centre present lost the mark here.  Recall was the weakest of his exercises today with Lewizz being wide on the pickup and dipping a bit on his heelwork element. However, finished off with a super scent which was faultless.  Many congratulations Martin, I was very impressed and thought you handled Lewizz brilliantly.  
2nd Place – No 87, Christina Rummer with Smale Glenfiddich (Glen), Lab Retriever, losing 2 ¾ points.  Hot on the heels of the above team, Christina and Glen put in a great round.  As already mentioned earlier, Glen has a slightly wider heelwork position than some but it’s perfectly fine as long as he doesn’t waver, exactly as any other dog.  Today he held his position well, with the odd loss but, his left turns need some work as he doesn’t complete them.  Retrieve was super, excellent long throw, great speed out and back, just marred by a slightly off centre present. Recall, again good speed and commitment, slightly wide pickup losing him his position.  Another great scent to complete the round – Very well done. You had a splendid weekend all around 
3rd Place – No 51, Monique Barten with Zeno Joy’s Shadow van Loil’s Bossiag (Zeno), BC, losing 6 ½ points. Heelwork was pretty good but a few positional errors along the way and an extra command on the halt (definite body command), so watch out for that!  Retrieve was pretty good but a much slower return with the dumbell than the send out for it was a fault, probably because the throw was so short!? Slightly crooked present and finish too. Recall was expensive, very messy pickup today!   Scent, on the other hand, was super, just sat wide of you on the finish! Very well done.
4th Place – No 65, Ankie Houthuis with Nice of you to come bye Lucky Switch, BC, Losing 6 ¾ points. Lost position on his heelwork when dipping his head and also on his turns – lefts he overturned and hence dropped back. Retrieve was solid but a very off centre present lost him his marks there. Recall was a bit messy, bit of a jumpy pickup but then he seemed to lose it altogether and needed a bit of help. However, he totally redeemed himself in scent as it was just super and faultless  Well done 
5th Place – No 58, Joop Gijs with Meg, BC (Meg), Losing 7 ¾ points.   Meg was nowhere near as confident in her heelwork today – maybe being indoors didn’t suit her?  She was clearly worried in However, her retrieve was spot on with no errors there. Recall, she was a bit slow on the pickup so made for it being quite wide and although her actual scent was spot on, she did mouth the cloth a bit.  All in all a good effort so well done.
6th Place -  No 68, Susi Huber with Extra Hot Aconcagua (Julie), BC, Losing 7 ¾ points. Susi declined to run off with Joop as she was very happy with Julies earlier efforts so accepted 6th place.  Thank you Susi that was very sporting of you   Julie did a super round and was on the same marks as the second placed team going into Scent. However, Julie made a bit of a hash of scent which was very expensive and relegated her down the placings.  I reckon she wanted her training buddy (Glen) to beat her today, hence her scent ;)  Well done Susi, I’m sure in your very capable hands you will have that scent sorted out in no time.

Class C – I really liked Judging this round. Designed to give the handlers a good opportunity to stride out and show their dogs off on the circles and to negotiate a few more technical moves along the way, it made for (in my opinion) an interesting but flowing round.  Send away was very straight forward with 3 large cones as the markers with the pickup being on a right hand circle which caught a few teams out!  Retrieve was on a piece of hosepipe which was a bit awkward to pick up on concrete (hadn’t planned on being indoors) but all dogs managed it, some better than others.  There were 15 entries in this class but at the end of the day there were only 6 scores on the board as all the others decided to train for various reasons.
1st Place, No 73, Angela Kroon with Absolute Groovy (Groovy), WS, Losing 8 ¼ points.  Some stunning heelwork from Groovy albeit with a few positional errors caused by exhuberance.  Slow pace was a joy to behold, so well controlled and accurate  Even with a missed ASSD position the quality of the heelwork kept you well in contention and supported by an EXCELLENT send away, cracking retrieve/DC and Scent and clear stays took you to the top spot.  Well done Angela, a really deserved win.
2nd Place, No 72, Natalie Knaack-Enkelmann with Independent Spirit’s Kentucky (Tucky), Mechelse Herder (Malinois), Losing 13 ¾ points.  My word Tucky has powered through the classes in super fast time!  A big and hugely powerful boy oozing enthusiasm and attitude. He threw himself into his work today, quite literally in places.  Natalie you handle him beautifully, keeping a lid on him is quite an art I feel!   His heelwork was very powerful and stylish and a joy to watch, however, marks crept up with the losses of position encountered as a result of such enthusiasm and a missed ASSD position.  His retrieve was FAST but as a result his brakes weren’t too good on arrival in the present ;) Sendaway was pretty good in itself, however the pickup went a bit wrong so an extra command to help him back on track was expensive on this exercise.  Super DC mind you, although you need to watch out he doesn’t exceed the ‘body length’ rule – he didn’t today, but he was close!  Scent was solid but the drop of the cloth was a bit of a shame, mind you, he did correct himself so was a clever Tucky, especially as he was on course to present it to me!  I do love this dog. Well done.
3rd Place,  No 81, Christine Pestka with Argo, BC, Losing 15 points.  Oh my, the IF ONLY of the day.  Argo put in a fabulous display of heelwork.  A few positional errors , but minimal, good ASSD just a dip on the pickup from the stand and a late pickup out of the sit caused the loss of a mark. The slow pace was super as was the fast!  This dog really understands his job and has a lovely smooth style about him.  His retrieve was a little weak compared to everything else but nothing that cant be sorted I’m sure.  Lovely send away/perfect DC and splendid scent put you in the top spot going into stays. However, Argo clearly didn’t like sitting on the cold concrete and opted to lie down thus relegating you to this place.  What a shame   Mind you, I’m amazed you could perform the test at all after all the wine you consumed the night before hey!!!  Well done.
4th Place, No 71, Annemarie Ibelings with Absolutely Fabulous Phoebe (Phoebe) WS. Losing 16 points. A team I haven’t judged before and another treat.  A real powerhouse of a little dog. Enthusiasm in abundance which, in turn, caused a few errors. Most heelwork points lost for the down position in ASSD. Retrieve was spot on, excellent pickup and speed. Send away lost a couple of points owing to a late command for the drop so Phoebe overshot the back marker slightly. A missed position in DC was expensive but a fabulous clear scent secured her a worthy place.  I know you were pleased as the consequences put in on the previous day seemed to have worked!!  Well done.
5th Place, No 61, Gwen Griffioen with Sergeant Filou (Raven), Groenendaeler, Losing 26 points. Motivated doesn’t seem quite adequate to describe Raven!  Way up there in the enthusiastic/motivated stakes which causes its own issues, not least positional errors!  She seemed a little spooked in places today, mainly along the wall, maybe she isn’t so keen on indoors?  Non the less, she powered her way around the heelwork.  Retrieve was a little untidy with an adjustment on the article, an anticipation on the finish and a crooked finish losing points. Send away was a expensive with Raven slowing into the box and needing an extra command to drop. All positions were adopted on DC but a point lost for her being over a body length back. Scent unfortunately went a bit pear shaped!!!
6th Place, No 79, Anja de Pagter with Paddington Brown from Let’s Border (Paddington), BC, Lost 50 points. Huge improvement in Paddys ring work since I last saw him so really well done Anja.  He did make a bit of a meal of the retrieve and send away but he did complete the exercises.  DC positions were fine but another one who travelled a bit too much!  Sitting in a reasonable spot until scent – oh POO!!!  

So that ended my Judging appointment for this year.  Presentations were once again done at the end of all the classes for all to appreciate. Thank you to everyone who entered the classes I judged this weekend and for accepting my decisions without question.  Thank you too, to Peter who was Chief Stay steward both days and also chief photographer. Our appointments were finalised with a lovely gift from Esther and the DOS – thank you so much. The day was rounded off with a lovely Chinese meal with Esther and Martin after which we all retired to our beds!!  
Monday morning saw us packed up and on our way home.  Again, an uneventful trip home (thankfully), no public transport and no hiccoughs at the Airport.
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