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21-10-2017 Jane Bint

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 21/10/2017
Class: Class C, Novice
Judge: Jane Bint

I was very pleased when asked to judge at Holland by Rick , especially as John Near also agreed.Great company and laughs A bonus was Jo shared the same liking for G&T.
Our hostess was Rick and Jan who generously put us up for the weekend. Thanks to you both for your hospitality.
On route we paid a visit to the Dog Center, huge venue with brilliant facilities.
On arrival the next day I was introduced to my ring steward Esther and scoreboarder Jutta , both very experienced and good company. Thank you very much for giving up your day .
There were 27 entries with only 8 working, the majority were training rounds; forward planning for the championship in the next fortnight. A bit frustrating after travelling all that way but understandable. Nonetheless I wasn't disappointed with the standard of most of the teams ; dogs keen and well taught.

Results are
1st Karin Stegmeijer with McCay W's
Set exercises had minor faults. In my notes I have written a fabulous keen boy , just need to make sure you execute the turns at the pace you are working.
Congratulations, hope you did well in the championship.
2nd Angela Kroon with Groovy Ws
Apart from slight deviation on SA , excercises were on a par with dog above. HW was excellent but a paddle on the stand in ASSD cost you the red today. Well done.
3rd Christine Pestka with Argo BC
I was impressed with your handling but just watch the set up on HW as you step away initially giving costly points away. A missed position on DC still awarded you this place,congratulations.
4th Greet Vink with Beryl BC
I thought Beryl was too forward today in HW plus a paddle on stand in ASSD was costly.Also SA also proved to cause problems, well done.
5th Greet Vink with Kyrill WS
Needed a few extra commands to help plus a hiccup on SA were very costly. Well done
6th Anja De Pagter with Paddy
Well done on this place.

1st Bianca Verweijmeren with Romy AK
Very accurate round, a couple of wide AT's. Especially liked the lovely play between excersises. Sets were well executed. Excellent.
2nd Karen Selhorst with Dylan AS
Very close to above dog, could of easily been the winner on another day, just need to finish LT's Good sets, well done.
3rd Gerad Rietjens with Sky BC
Our only male contestant but another very good round, congratulations.
4th Marianne Van Haarlem with Brianne AS
What a handsome dog with a lot to say.Just minor faults on excercises.
Ankie Houthuis with Quando BC
6th Ankie Houthuis with Switch


Novice was stewarded by Isabella. Many thanks to all my helpers today including the lady who kept us supplied in drinks. Lovely to meet you all ,good luck with your dogs.

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