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21-10-2017 Jo Neal

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 21/10/2017
Class: Beginners, Class A, Class B
Judge: Jo Neal

I would like to start with an apology for the tardiness of this report, I need at least 8 days in every week.
Thank you, Rick, for inviting me to judge at your show, thanks also go to Jan our driver for the weekend and to you both for your wonderful hospitality. Jane and I had a fabulous weekend.
I had a great day at the dog centre (what a fabulous venue for shows and training) with lovely people, everyone making us feel very welcome. Thank you to my stewards, the team on the scoreboard and the stay stewards. I was very impressed by the support and camaraderie all the teams showed each other and the way most stayed till the end to celebrate with the winners. The Chinese meal was a perfect way to end the day. Thank you all.

Results for Beginners

5 Entered 3 Worked 1 Training 1 WDC
Steward Hans Bilius
Score Board Ankie Houthuis

1st Chantal Huys with Kaelie of the Working Joy (kaelie) TH – A great round from this team with beautiful heel work and attention. A clear recall. Sit stay let you down today but you were not alone. Well done and congratulation.
2nd Brigitta van Oevelen with Thougher Than The Rest of Free Spirit (Jake) AS – Another good round from this team just the recall cost you the red today. Well done.
3rd Brigitta van Oevelen with Red Red Red of Free Spirit (spark) AS – A very costly recall today, nice heel work with some lovely stretches of attention. A bit more work on recall and stays and it’ll be Reds Reds Reds all the way. Well done.

Results for A

23 entered 9 Training rounds, with stays proving costly for quiet a few dogs. Some great teams that just need a little more time. Most handlers helping their dogs when needed, well done its nice to see such team work.

1st Susi Huber with Extra Hot Aconcagua (Julie) BC – A lovely flowing round with great attention from Julie, a little to eager at times but that’s never a bad problem. Well done a good win.
2nd Christina Rummer with Smale Glennfiddich LR- Just two extra commands given to help your dog, marred a nice round from this team, will handled. A lovely happy LR the will go all the way I'm sure. Well done.
3rd Karen Selhorst with Dylan (Dylan) AS – Dylan was very eager on retrieve, but a positive round from a good team, nice attention on heel work. Well done. Without the anticipation it would have been a different story.
4th Martine Verhoeven with Silent Dreams Napayshni (Nappy) BC – One of the best heel work rounds of the day, extra commands again but it was well handled and needed, so well done.
5th Monique Barten with Zeno Joy’s Shadow van Loil’s Bosslag (Zeno) BC – Recall was costly today, and an extra command in Heel work moved you down the line. Zeno has stretches of great attention. A nice team, well done.
6th Marja van Eck with Robrensis Harmony (Mony) Shetland Sheepdog – I liked this team, Marja was happy to help Mony when needed in heel work. A positive round, well done.

Results for B

14 entered with 8 training rounds and 1 not working.

1st Rineke Smit with Robberdebobski Ascensionday Present (Robby) WS – Send away was lovely and so clear, heel work was very nice with only few little slips in concentration, mouthing retrieve needs a little work. Scent was costly, but you held the first place, a great round from a winning team making them C only. congratulations, well done.
2nd Tiny Bouchaut with Razzle – Dazzle (Dazzle) BC – slight anticipation on the send away, a messy left about turn and a peck at a cloth in scent was all that separated you from the first place. A clear retrieve. Good team work from this team today, well done.
3rd Monique Barten with Zeno Joy’s Shadow Van Loil’s Bosslag (Zeno) BC – Just a jump on the pickup on send away. Be mindful of Zeno jumping at your hand on heel work, costly. Retrieve relegated you to 3rd today. A nice team that showed great possibility. Well done.
4th Ton van Santen with Clan of Stork’s Jaguar (Troy) BC- Well handled today, you helped your dog when needed and didn’t let Troy struggle, well done.
5th Sandra Noh with Darjeeling’s Onyx (Nox) BC – Joint lead until stays with a lovely round, clear Send away. A great team that will get there I’m sure. Well Done.

Well done everyone and you all took the best dog home.
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