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22-10-2016 Gerard Paisley

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 22-10-2016
Class: Beginners, Novice, Class B
Judge: Gerard Paisey

Many thanks Rick for the invitation to Sue and I to judge at your show. As always, a pleasure……. And an opportunity to visit friends and make some new ones. An almost custom made building for a variety of dog activities proving the perfect arena. Jean, likewise the perfect host culminating in a most engaging tour of the history of the locality.
Many thanks to my stewards Hans and Isabella……..both were super. To Jutta…. You were so good and so helpful on the scoreboard, maybe if you come to England I can employ you when I have a judging appointment.

A most enjoyable class to judge with lots of effort and enthusiasm from the teams. However I did not award 1st place.

1st Withheld.
2nd Brigitta van Ovenden with “Red Red Red of Free Spirit.
A keen dog. Positively handled, will soon improve enough to get that 1st place.
3rd Gerard Rietjens with “Song of Sky You Will Be in my Heart.”
Catching the eye with an enthusiastic ring presence.
4th Kelly Mergits with “Outlaw of Albion’s March.”
As with the above, heelwork nice in parts, but turns proving costly.
Well done all.

1st Sandra Noh with “Darjeeling Onyx”
A well worked round. Handler and dog very much together. Well done.
2nd Karen Selhorst with “Dylan”
Catching the eye with a strong all round performance.
3rd Gerda Van de Pluijn with “Quincy”
Just bits and pieces, will I am sure be winning soon.
4th Karola Beckers with” Midnight Star you will be mine”
A fine all round performance
5th Gerard Rietjens with “Song of the sky you will be in my heart”
Lovely attitude from this team. Tighten up the heelwork and you will be a winner.
6th Margaret Mijnsbergen with “Bee Droll to Power of Gold”
“Puzzle” giving plenty today, enjoying it all, a pleasure to judge.

1s t Joop Gils with “Meg”
A very confident round from this partnership. Well done.
2nd Margaret Mijnsbergen with “Djinga from the Go Getters”
Much to admire here. Attentive and positive work.
3rd Rincke Smit with “Samantha van Bergentheim”
Showing up well and deserving of this place. Patiently handled.
4th Rincke Smit with “Robberdebobski Ascensionday Present”
“Bobby” and Rincke putting in a solid all round performance.
5th Ton van Santen with “Clan of Storks Jaguar”
Positive handling and strong “sets” brought a good round from this partnership.
6th Sandra Pierson with “Gowah of Wenderick”
Well done Sandra and Gowah on this place. You both worked very hard and deserved your place in the line up.
Thank you all for your entries. Sue and I very much enjoyed the experience. We hope all the teams enjoyed it as much as us.
Good Luck


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