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22-10-2016 Sue Slater

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 22-10-2016
Class: Pre-Beginners, Class A, Class C
Judge: Sue Slater


First of all I must convey my sincere thanks to my friend Rick van Veeren for the kind invitation to judge at her show.
Rick invited Gerard and I back in the Summer and goodness me how the time has flown since then!

I was looking forward immensely to returning to The Netherlands to meet up with some old pals and to judge some lovely teams. Rick and her husband John looked after us so well and made us both feel so welcome in their home. And sharing our weekend in the company of the wonderful  ‘Dragon’ was a real treat – such a lovely polite boy.
The show took place at Martin Brouwer’s fantastic training centre which offers facilities for every discipline concerning dog training.
The rings were adequate for the tests I set and I judged some super teams and here are the results.

PRE-BEGINNERS – Stewarded by Ellen Reijenga who also scoreboarded.
Only three entries in this class today – one of which did a fabulous training round.
The other two dogs were owned by the same person but unfortunately as both dogs failed the sit stay exercise it was decided that First Place would not be awarded.
So in 2nd place was Chantal Huys with Kaelie of the Working Joy. (Terv)
In 3rd place was Chantal Huys with Magnus of the Working Joy (Terv).
Bad luck with the stay breaks but perhaps just work with one dog next time!  Lovely motivated work from both dogs.
Lianne vd Linde trained her lovely young Goldie Ruby and she is very promising.

CLASS A – STEWARDED BY Ellen Reijenga.  Karen Selhorst kept the scores
In 1st place – Monique Barten with ZENO JOY’S SHADOW van LOIL’S BOSSLAG.
This team worked first in the running order and set a good standard. Zeno is attentive, stylish and accurate. Congratulations on this win and I wish you success in the future.
In 2nd place – Karen Selhorst with DYLAN.  A very costly retrieve cost a higher place today. A good overall performance. Well done.
In 3rd place – Gerda vd Pluijm with QUINCY. A huge teddy bear of a dog who‘s heelwork was on a par with the collies! A scent failure was very expensive. Well done.
In 4th place – Sandra Pierson with GOWAH OF WENDEVICK HOME.  Errors in heelwork were expensive today but well done on this place.
I judged some really good teams in this class but unfortunately we had a lot of casualties in scent.
Also I found that I was marking ‘noise’ a lot. Unfortunately, although it is wonderful to have a highly motivated dog, if there is noise it has to be marked.

In 1st place – Guus Scholten with HALLIGALLI MOVIESTAR.  COCO is Guus’s up and coming youngster with loads of style and attitude.  Super sets with a clear sendaway! Congratulations on your win.
In 2nd place  - Guus Scholten with DANESWAY DUET . Gucci performed super sets and accurate heelwork. Excellent handling too! Well done.
In 3rd place – Mia Bosschaart with ABFAB YUKON . Untidy ASSD pick ups were costly today but a good overall performance. Well done.
In 4th place – Greet Vink with KYRILL VAN BERLARE.  Just bits and pieces today but they add up unfortunately. Well done.
In 5th place – ANGELA KROON WITH ABSOLUTE GROOVY.  Super accurate heelwork today but very expensive errors in ASSD. Could have been a different story but for that! Well done.
In 6th place – Anja de Pagter with PADDINGTON BROWN FROM LET’S BORDER. Unfortunately a missed position DC cost a higher place today. Well done.
Some good teams today. My job was made so much easier with the help and assistance of my Caller Stewards and Scoreboard Stewards.

Ellen – you were brilliant. It was a pleasure to work with you today. Good luck with your own dog in the future.
Karen Selhorst – thanks for a lovely neat scoreboard and for working out my maths
Karola Beckers – only your third time at stewarding Class C and you did a fabulous job. Thank you so much for help today. I enjoyed your company and I am so happy that your boy did his stays today and won a prize! I hope that his health continues to improve.
Paul van Dijk – well…. What can one say – scoreboarder extraordinaire. It was so lovely to see you again and have a chat. Thank you so much for your help and look forward to seeing you and Guus at Crufts next year.
Also many thanks to Ed Vink as Ch Stay Steward and Hans Bilius, also assisting in stays.
I wish everyone involved the very best of luck with your dogs in the future.
Sue Slater
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