24-03-2018 Lou Jackson Class A & C - The Dutch Obedience Society

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24-03-2018 Lou Jackson Class A & C

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 13/03/2018
Class:  Class A & C
Judge: Lou Jackson

Many thanks to Rick Van Veeren for your invitation to judge at your immaculately run show once more and to John (the man on the bike) and yourself for sharing your home with Stephanie and I for the weekend, nothing was too much trouble and we had a great time. Loved our walk and tour of the storks!
It was lovely to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, it was especially good to see Guus and Paul at the show.

Class A.
Steward: Isabella Van Damme. Scoreboard: Jutta Van Damme.
Thank you ladies for a great job and lovely company.

Again a very mixed class with some dogs a little out of their depth which must affect their confidence if left to struggle. Also, a lot of extra commands from handlers bumping up the marks. However, a very pleasant bunch of competitors with some well motivated dogs, the best of which were:

1st. Gerard Rietjens’ B.C. Song of Skye you’ll be in my heart. (Skye).
I thought this team had a lovely relationship and quiet handling suited this little dog who performed admirably. Congratulations on this win, Gerard, good luck for the future.
2nd. Melissa Vercauter with her Terv. Tzigane’s Noah (Queen).
The fact that this partnership lost 10 on stays shows how well they worked, a messy scent also taking points. Congratulations on your place, Melissa.
3rd. Sandra Pierson with her B.C. Gowah of Wendevick Home (Gowah)
Heelwork needs a little more commitment otherwise a creditable round, well done and good luck.
4th. . Els de Waal with her Briard Xouma Romani (Xouma).
Quite a lot of extra commands needed on set exercises but the heelwork was well executed. Well done. A very pleasant team.
5th. Brigitta Van Oevelen with her Aussie Shepherd Tougher Than The Rest of Free Spirit. (Jake).
Jake not quite ready for A but still doing enough to bring home a place, well done, Brigitta and good luck with him. (Loved your little ‘parties’).
Unfortunately no 6th place as stays took their toll.

Hard luck story was Chantal Shade with her Kelpie, Corroboree Cairan, doing a beautiful round only to break the sit stay, I was gutted. Super team, great attitude, they have a lot of winning to do.
Thank you to everyone in both classes for your entries and for a very enjoyable day. Hope to watch your progress with interest.

Class C.
Ring Steward: Marja Van Eck, (did a super job despite having family worries, I hope your daughter is feeling better). Thank you.
Scoreboard: Jutta Van Damme. (great company and a meticulous scoresheet.) Thank you.

The standard was very mixed as is always the case with open C but the best teams today were:
1st Angela Kroon with her W.S. Absolute Groovy (Groovy)
Angela’s experience and calm handling brought the best out of her dog . A lovely round, nearly blew it on scent but had enough to play with to secure the win. Hope we see you during the summer in the UK. Congratulations and good luck for the rest of the season.
2nd Christine Pestka with her B.C. Argo
A keen dog, neatly handled. A little forward on heelwork but excellent set exercises saved the day. Well done on this place.
3rd. Rick Van Veeren with her B.C. Deltamadog Dragon Attack (Dragon).
A much improved Dragon nearly containing his singing voice but it’s never easy as a handler at your own show to give your focus to working your dog and a couple of mistakes on ASSD relegated them to a lower place. Good sets, congratulations, Rick, see you in the summer.
4th. Christine Pestka with her B.C. Dumf and Galway Jefferson (Joris).
A fabulous dog, again well handled, a major blip during heelwork taking most of the marks. A team with a bright future. Congratulations.
5th. Annamarie Ibelings with her W.S. Absoluetly Fabulous Phoebe (Phoebe).
A bit of a disastrous retrieve spoiled an otherwise very nice round. A lovely team, well done on your place.
6th. Greet Vink with her B.C. Candlewind TwoSpots. (Beryl).
Greet and Beryl worked a lovely round only to fail scent. Hard luck, Greet. Beryl is super and neat handling as always. Good luck for the season.
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