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24-09-2016 Peter van de Velde

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Show Report
Show: Ansbach
Date: 24-09-2016
Class: C
Judge: Peter van de Velde

10 Years Obedience in Germany and what a way to celebrate it. A great weekend of obedience on a perfect venue with lovely people and dogs. Perfectly organised by Susi Huber, who started UK Obedience in Germany 10 years ago. A big thank you to Susi and the team who made this show unforgettable.  I was invited by Susi to judge the C class on the first day and steward this class on the Anniversary show on the Sunday. Thank you Susi for the invitation. It was great to be part of it.

The results:
1st Ivonne van der Meer & Quinn (WSD) lost 26.75
Great heelwork with two distraction moments that were very costly. Almost perfect sendaway, but then again a costly distraction moment in the recall. Overall very nice.

2nd Wera  Hahn  & Gordon vom Ettikogarten (BC) lost 45.25
A very unexperienced team for this class. Nice heelwork, but with a lot of extra commands. I think you have rushed through the classes to fast in my opinion. Gordon did all the exercises, but unfortunately the handler lost the most points. I’m sure you will do well after a few more shows.

3rd Sandra Rohrer & I'm Freezer vom Chiemgauer Ländchen (BC) lost 63.75
Another team that rushed through the classes. The heelwork could need some improvement. Great Send away, recall, retrieve and DC. Unfortunately the scent went wrong today. It cost you the win today.

4th Susi Huber & de risan Entertainer “Profi” (BC) lost 76
You both did a great round. Very nice heelwork, a great sendaway and a perfect scent. What a shame that the down stay went wrong today and was very costly. Keep it up, I’m sure the win will come soon.

I must mention Natalie Knaack-Enkelmann &  Independent Spirit's Kentucky (Malinois). Powerfull and attentive heelwork,  unfortunately missed the stand in the ASSD, Great Send away , retrieve and DC.
Looking good for the future.

A big thank you to Christina Rümmer for stewarding a faultless round and to Barbara Schwaiger for keeping the scores at the scoreboard.
With nearly a hundred rounds each day the Anniversary show was a great success. It would have been nice that all the people who were there at the first how would have been at the Anniversary show. Maybe the next one. If you weren’t there you’ve missed something special.
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