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24-10-2015 John Patilla

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 24/10/2015
Class: Class B & C
Judge: John Patilla

Show Report
Show: Wedstrijd Te kerkwijk
Date: 24/10/2015
Class: B dog /Bitch
Judge: John patilla
I enjoyed my time in holland ,every think joy said in her report ,I will say ditto 

(1) Monique van Urk with Mollynrios special joiNt (WS)
This was a first class round by joiNt & Monique lovely neat and tidy round with style, the attention from jonT was fab, handler and dog working brill together it was a pleasure to award them the red great team

(2)Esther Brouwer with Best fellow Kiefer of clover corner (BC) 
A well polished round by Esther and Kiefer well in touch with the dog above just lacked a bit of drive ,still a lovely round well done keep pushing for that drive good luck 

(3) Rick Van Veeren with Deltamadog Dragon Attack (BC)
A lovely round by Rick and Dragon nice stylish round good team work,Just over shot sendaway box well done Rick and good luck with him 

(4) Karl Van den Bosh with Ink of maranns Home (BC)
Karl and ink put in a nice round,the attention and attitude is there just need to tidy him up a bit well and good luck 

(5) Margreet Mijnsbergen with Djinga from the go -getters (Goldie)
Lovely heelwork by this team nice flowing round retrieve and sendaway quite untidy sort this out and you will go up the cards well done 

(6) Sandra Pierson with Gowah of Wendevick Home (BC)
Gowah needs to hold his position a bit better he was dropping out of position quite a bit tighten him up and he will get the places well done 

Many thanks to my ring steward Cees Groen for keeping everyone on the track and to Jutta van Damme for keeping the score sheet in order and thanks to my wife joy for being sent decoy after her own judging duties

Show Report
Show: Wedstrijd Te kerkwijk
Date: 24/10/2015
Class: C dog /Bitch
Judge: John patilla
(1)    Greet Vink with Krill van Berlare (WS 
This pair put in a lovely round of heelwork but the sendaway was very costly should do well in this class when you sort the sendaway out well done and good luck 
(2)    Angela Kroon with Absolute Groovy (WS) 
Same as above fab heelwork the set's letting you down, lovely to watch well done on this place good luck 
(3)    Ellen Reijenga With Borders for joy lost words (BC)
Nice round by this team heelwork good but set's a little untidy
Well done and good luck 

Only four handlers went for real as they call it in holland and two broke stays so this is my line up but on a positive note there was some lovely work.
23 in the class and 19 training rounds preparing for the championship show coming up some lovely dogs strutting their stuff.
Many thanks to Neil Lowndes my ring steward for a job well done and to Jutta van Damme for keeping the score sheet in order
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