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24-10-2015 Joy Patilla

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 24/10/2015
Class: Class Beginners & Novice
Judge: Joy Patilla

Show Report
Show: Wedstrijd Te kerkwijk
Date: 24/10/2015
Class: Beginners dog and bitch class
Thank you for the invite to judge at your show it seems a while since you asked us to come and stay with you in holland,we both really enjoyed it ,your hospitality is second to none you looked after us so well ,The show you put on is extremely well run in a great venue with a very friendly atmosphere all day .

(1) Linda Hoogendoorn with dog of the bay's Gladys (ushi) boxer dog 
This lovely boxer worked very well indeed a credit to her handler a slight fidget in stays but still came out on top very well done .

(2) Eugenie van Oirschot with vladiik Razou de conte de fee Tervuerense Herder
This pair worked very well ,just went off the course slightly and a small movement in stays ,but still got this place that's how good the ring work was well done 

(3) Brigitta van Oevelen with Thougher than the rest of free spirit Australian shepherd
A nice blue merle keen worker just needs tidying up a bit and you will be higher up line well done 

(4) Charlotte Olsthoorn with waggerland cape cod Welsh corgi 
A lovely black and white corgi did some nice work but found the floor was nice to sniff and did not want to give up his retrieve .good luck with him he is lovely .

(5) Brigitta van Oevelen with red red red of free spirit Australian shepherd 
This lovely red merle worked nicely a bit of anticipation and a blip in the recall took the points well done 

(6) Gerard Rietjens with song of sky you'll be in my heart (BC)
This dog worked very well just bits n pieces to tidy up a movement in stays took the points well done 

I would like to say a big thank you to my ring steward Isabella van Dame for a job well done and thanks all so to my score board Willem van der Meent keeping the score sheet in order

Show Report
Show: Wedstrijd Te kerkwijk
Date: 24/10/2015
Class: Novice dog and bitch
John and myself had a lovely time at the show and spending time with Rick and John in there lovely home nothing was too much trouble for them thank you for the judges gifts .

(1) Martin Brouwer with Ariomchic Lewis's (BC)
There was not much to mark from this steady little dog a nice worker did not give much away at all first time in the ring and everybody clapped and cheered to mark that occasion lovely to see at the end off the round well done 

(2) Greet vink with candlewind Twospots (BC) 
Another steady worker not giving much away the odd drift here and there a jump up finish in recall just bits to tidy well done 

(3) Petra Mostert with Breezy _thorn valley Hockey star Australian shepherd 
A lovely Aussie enjoys his work just bits again knock on retrieve and jump on recall taking the points very well done 

(4) Joop Gijs with meg (BC) 
First in the running order and they set a good standard off work just the odd drift here and there and clear set's well done 

(5) Monigue Barten with Zeno joys shadow van Loils Bosslag (BC)
A very confident heelwork on lead but lost it a bit off lead that took the points but very well done 

(6) Rineke Smit with Samantha van Bergentheim (WS)
A lovely little collie working well on lead and got spooked by the door of lead and just could not get it back together such a shame but hung on to this place well done 

I would like to thank my ring steward Hans Bilius for a job well done and translating for me when necessary thank you and my score board Esther Brouwer for keeping the scores in order
Enjoy your puppy 
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