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25-08-2018 Rob Summerfield

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 25/08/2018
Class: Nove, Class C
Judge: Rob Summerfield

Much as I love our annual browsing and sluicing in the Land of the Clog and Tulip (now there's a name for a pub) I'm really not liking the speed at which the Wheel of Time is revolving. One barely gets past Christmas and before you know it, lambing has been and gone, Hampton Court is a distant memory and we're back at Norwich airport. Our flight coincided with one for Other People Going Somewhere Warm – for the first time in living memory the number of passengers outweighed the employees. Other than my rucksack being whisked through the X-ray machine twice – I think the chap accidentally put the belt into reverse – our outward flight was trouble free and even faster than usual; it now takes longer to drive to NWI than it does to fly across to Schipol. This has something to do with KLM upgrading to aircraft with proper engines. The Red Arrows were otherwise engaged so no private air display this year before departure.
Martin collected us at Schipol and after an uneventful run on the most excellent Dutch roads we were back in our little caravan at the Dogcenter and ordered some chips so we could have a bit of practice before the serious chip consumption commenced on Friday. The weekend forecast was wet/dry, so Sarah and I spent Friday morning organising our indoor rounds with the theme of How Many C Sendaway Variations Are There?  Martin was in his pinny doing a spot of hoovering, (or rather furball blowing) as Saturday's forecast was wet. Thank the stars for super sized halls! We enjoyed a tasty lunch at de Roskam watching the enormous barges cruising past on the Waal before returning to pootle about just chilling (or afternoon nap for old judges) and having a good old natter over a cuppa with Annemarie. By late afternoon there was a goodly number of arrivals; the evening's entertainment was provided by Sandra and Tanja and their Tent Ballet (coming to a campsite near you in 2019).  If someone had produced a lighter and offered it to Tanja at one point her tent would have been a smouldering heap in a matter of seconds; Sandra took a 10 minute break to pop up her Quechua before returning to the fray.  After watching with great interest for an hour or so and offering thumbs up signs from the cafeteria we took pity on the poor girls and wandered out to give them a hand, it was dark and way past our bed time....
Saturday morning was cool after overnight rain. A fortifying continental breakfast was despatched in short order and set us up for the Chipathon later; C and Novice for me and Pre Beginners, Beginners, A and B for Sarah.
As always we're incredibly grateful to Peter van de Velde in charge of stays with his very able sidekick Gerard, as well as taking all the photos over the weekend.
Onto Saturday's results:-

Class C
18 entries
16 ran
Ring: Dirk v. Velthuizen
Score: Paul Van Dijk
Decoy: Karen Selhorst
A bit of a mixed bag indoors today; some potentially super rounds were scuppered by missed positions in DC/ASSD (probably down to the acoustics) so out of the kindness of my heart and a bucket of coffee I'll gloss over the marks. Many thanks to Dirk for stewarding – it was a bit of a tricky round for which I apologise! Paul on chalks, what can I say? The Human Calculator! Thanks also to Karen for decoying and proving to be suitably unattractive.
1st  Guus Scholten with his newly crowned Ob.Ch. DANESWAY DUET (WS D)
No resting on their laurels for this team! Missing an ASSD bumped up the hw marks unfortunately but the hw itself was full of drive and passion as I would expect. A little inverting during slow and Gucci inching forwarding in FP were the main issues today. A little untidy in retrieve but faultless SA, DC and scent, these sets carried out with great speed, style and accuracy. One of the cleanest, smartest handlers on the circuit (and the handling's not bad either!) Congratulations Guus and Gucci and best of luck at Crufts next year!
2nd  Anda de Baerdemaeker with FJURDYHOEVE JUSTVIVID (BC D)
A new team to me and despite some issues (mainly Anda doing her own FP course!) there was a lot to like in terms of enthusiasm and teamwork. A missed ASSD position, pouncing on the article and short on SA were balanced somewhat with the neat and crisp DC. With a little bit more luck on the day Anda and Vivid would give a much better account of themselves. Well done and good luck, nice team!
3rd Guus Scholten with HALLIGALLI MOVIESTAR (WS B)
Guus and Coco's first time under me and today DC proved to be a sticking point with Guus having to trot back up the hall to have a closer word with his little lass! We also had what we call a “round the  houses” present in ret but all credit to Coco for extricating herself from the situation (God knows what goes through a dog's  mind sometimes...) The hw was very attractive with plenty of drive, I'd just like to see her overall position a little tighter as she does tend to bounce on and off the leg. Well done Guus and Coco!
4th  Isabella van Damme and ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS BIENE (WS B)
Definitely the Day of Missed Positions – Isabella and Biene having more than their fair share today and taking the shine off their usually happy and accurate work. Anticipation in the SA (which was fab) and some minor errors in ret also cranked up the marks but this team have a great rapport and are always an absolute pleasure to judge! Well done!
5th Greet Vink with CANDLEWIND TWO SPOTS (BC B)
A team bucking the trend today with excellent ASSD and DC, however the SA was in the shape of a pear and like Coco, Beryl was astonishingly random with retrieve! Overall the hw was neat and well handled but a variety of minor position changes in all paces (mainly forward work) added up today. A delightful little dog who always gives her best. Well done!
Lunch featured chips and a thunderstorm, which was a surprising and welcome addition seeing as the Netherlands pretty much used up its whole storm budget for 2018 back in May. Nice of them to squeeze out a small one just for me. European thunder is so much better.....
On to the afternoon results:-

11 entries
9 ran
Many thanks to my ring party – Guus in the ring and Paul on the table again  good job well done chaps! Not a huge class but no doubt as to the quality of the winner who won again on Sunday with an even better performance. I expect people were sick of me drooling over him (the dog I mean!). Lots of training rounds for the youngsters who will no doubt be competing for real next year and some are looking really promising, so good luck for the future with the new kids!
1st  Dirk v. Velthuizen with CALVIN (Aussie D)
This dog is just fantastic, oozing power and style effortlessly and genuinely looks like he could do hw all day, although being an Aussie he'd probably break off for the occasional snack; outside he was even better (I was between classes so able to watch). Indoors he just didn't quite hold his position as well but overall my gob was smacked from here to Christmas. Some attention to sets over the winter would help avoid those niggling little errors which add up. Congratulations Dirk and Calvin, best of luck in the higher classes!
2nd Sandra Pierson with WENDEVICK MY HERO (BC D)
What can I say? He's mad, bonkers, nutty and a clown! Anticipated the recall with great gusto which spoilt an otherwise enthusiastic round. Hw greatly improved too, especially the HF which was very stylish and full of drive, just some forward work creeping in as he got into his stride. Well done Sandra, if you can get Myroh's undivided attention at the start he's smashing!
After the presentations the evening BBQ was most convivial, with many excellent meat based products (and pork bellies are still non existent chez Summerfield. Maybe I should just save them as a mid-summer treat...) Annemarie has some serious competition in the Great Dogcenter BBQ Eat Off, namely Marian De Jong. I can eat for England but I'm distinctly Division Three compared to these two in the Champions League! Normal service was resumed; overindulgence, several bottles of wine and a lot of hysterical laughter, although I think that was mostly Marian after I said we'd run out of white wine...
Day Two to follow, once I've had second breakfast.....
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