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25-08-2018 Sarah Connell

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 25/08/2018
Class: Pre-
Beginners. Beginners, Class A, Class B
Judge: Sarah Connell

Many thanks to Martin and Esther for inviting us back yet again for another fabulous, fun filled weekend. The hospitality extended to Rob and I is second to none. Having arrived on Thursday evening, Martin was on the case with a bucket full of chips freshly cooked for us - something of a tradition now I think Friday saw us sorting out the indoor rings, being treated to a lovely lunch by the river and then a general chill out in the afternoon and socialising with the campers arriving for the next days competition and of course, more chips! Rob disappeared to 'assist' two late arrivals with tent erection. However, things seemed to be taking longer than one would expect so I went along to see what was going on - good thing really as it was definitely a case of the blind leading the blind. You had to laugh, they hadnt secured the ground sheet amongst other things which could well have been a disaster and there was a slightly odd tilt to the tent! Anyway with a bit of rejigging, we had the blessed thing up and it stayed put despite the weather on Saturday which was less than ideal.

Saturday arrives and as a result of the less than ideal weather forecast, we had already prepared the indoor rings. A good move as it turned out as there were several heavy showers during the day with a thunder storm at lunchtime.
My day started with Judging Pre-Beginners, followed by B, Beginners and A. I have to say that ALL the dogs in ALL the classes were a pleasure to judge. Happy and motivated, some more than others, but all producing a great overall picture of Obedience as it should be So to the results.

Pre- Beginners - Ring Steward, Brenda and score Jutta. Thank you ladies, you were both brilliant as ever.
This was a small class of just 6 entries. 3 competed and 3 did training rounds. However, small as the class was, the quality of work was super. The worked rounds showed well trained and happy dogs with power and drive and despite handler nerves, the standard was superb. The 3 training rounds showed some great potential on its way, so well done all.
1st Place, No 39, Andrea Tibo with Iioxx, BSD Mal. The attention and attitude of this dog was awesome. So much drive which needs harnessing to ensure a consistant and straight heelwork position when on a straight line. The circle work was excellent. Recall was fast and committed. However, an off centre present and finish where Iioxx sat too far back and not straight were errors that I'm sure can be sorted out well enough. Many congratulations on your win.
2nd Place, No 24, Tanja Klose with Nele, German Shepherd. This was Tanja's first obedience competition. If she was nervous, it didnt show! Such calm and confident handling throughout ensured that Nele produced some stunning work. Heelwork was just lovely. This beautifully shaped Shepherd just glided around the ring picking her dainty feet up as she went. Another who's circle work was excellent, although there wasnt a lot wrong with the straight bits! Lovely recall with great present but sadly, a misunderstanding in translation of 'finish your dog' meant that Tanja released Nele from her position thinking she had completed the round Such a shame but Tanja took it all in her stride and didnt appear disappointed in the slightest. Super dog who I am sure will do very well.
3rd Place, No 21, Ingrid Klinkhamer with Rose, Weimaraner. A great effort put in by Ingrid and Rose. Inexperience caused some attention issues and inconsistancy in heelwork position especially on Heel on Lead. However, when moving onto the Heel Free segment and the circles, Rose upped her game and was SO much better. Recall was committed and attentive but the present was not straight and neither was the finish. Well done.

Class B - Ring Steward, Trudy Groenenboom, Score, Jutta V Damme. Once again, many thanks to both lovely ladies for their stewarding skills.
8 entries, 5 ran of which 2 completed all exercises. Again despite just the 2 competitors, the winner was hugely capable of winning a much bigger class with the quality of work shown today.
1st Place, No 29, Sandra Noh and Nox, Border Collie. Some really lovely heelwork produced by this team. Most heelwork points being lost in normal pace for changes in position and sitting on a right turn. Slow was done at a very good pace but Nox swung his bum out a few times and almost sat on the left diaganol turn. Another good change of pace at fast which Nox excelled at, just sat on a right turn! Sendaway was bang on target at a great committed speed. Just a wide pick up and slight hesitation on the call up. Retrieve was well done with a tricky article on concrete, just a touch mouthing of the article and a slightly off centre present. Finished off with a good scent discrimination but a messy return with mouthing and an off centre present again. However, nothing which cant be sorted didnt detract from an overall winning performance. Many Congratulations Sandra, C only now, hurrah hurrah
2nd Place, No 33, Gerard Rietjens and Sky, Border Collie. An enthusiastic little dog who can put in some lovely segments of heelwork but today was inattentive and loose in her heelwork position in all paces. She made the target on sendaway but deviated slightly on the way and nudged the back marker. Pick up was good but finished with a crooked sit. Retrieve was generally very messy, dropping the article a couple of times etc! Same problem with scent which resulted in Gerard helping her. Well done on completing the round.

Beginners - Ring Steward, Tim, Score, Jutta V Damme. Thank you Tim for stewarding this class - you were excellent
8 entries, 7 ran, 4 competed and 3 training rounds.
1st Place, No 39, Andrea Tibo with Iioxx, BSD Mal. A great day for this team winning both Pre-Beg and Beginners Iioxx produced some powerful work yet again, circle work was lovely albeit his turns need attention. Recall was fast and furious with a nice bark on arrival at present, lol. Retrieve was messy though as Iioxx had a good old sniff of the area around the dumbell before picking it up and bringing it back! Never the less, a good all around performance and a very worthy winner. Congratulations.
2nd Place, No 24, Tanja Klose with Nele. Another good round from Tanja and Nele but not as committed in this round as in Pre-Beginners as she was a little inattentive which caused losses of position on heelwork. An anticpation in the recall was a shame as without it would have won the class:( retrieve was pretty good but a bit of mouthing which needs sorting for the higher classes. Well done Tanja, I know you were thrilled with your results this weekend and so you should be.
3rd Place, No 18, Chantal Huys with Kaelie, BSD Terv. Such a pretty little Terv with a lovely movement. Lost position in heelwork segments in both heel on lead and heel free, especially on the turns. Very off centre present in recall and a bit of mouthing on retrieve. Well done Chantal.
4th Place, No 38, Noella Sermant with Dazzle, BC. Some very nice heelwork by this pair but bobbing his head up and down means he loses position which in turn loses marks! All going pretty well until recall where we had NO wait at all so exercise wasnt completed. Retrieve was pretty good though! Well done Noella, I'm sure things will come together soon.

Class A - Ring steward, Joop (I think)!, Score, Jutta V Damme.
8 Entries, 7 ran, 4 training rounds, 3 competed.
1st Place, No 4, Maraike Bartelslen with Mik, BC.
Clear winner by a Country Mile and some. Super round. Slight losses of posiiton on heelwork, especially on turns and and extra command given with body signal on the final halt! Nice fast recall and good retrieve, minor errors in both. Finished off with a good scent dicrimination just marred by an off centre present and crooked finish. Well deserved win Maraike, many congratulations.
2nd Place, No 32, Sandra Pierson with Myroh, BC. Heelwork was much improved from my previous judging of Myroh and was up there with the winner. Recall pretty good but then retrieve! Myroh dropped his dumbell and Sandras feet and wasnt going to pick it up without help. So, having made a bit of a mess of that he made a right old hash of scent even though he managed to get the right cloth!!! What a character he is Well done Sandra, one day all your hard work will pay off xx
3rd Place, No 33, Gerard Rietjens and Sky. Heelwork was again a little inconsistant and an extra command lost you points. Recall was pretty good, however, Sky dropped back out of the about turn. Another one to mess about in retrieve, dropping the dumbell and needing a reminder to complete the exercise! She must have been chatting to Myroh earlier as she did just the same on scent as he did!!! Anyway, you completed the exercises so well done.

So, that completes day one of two. More to follow! Thank you to all who assisted today, you all were terrific. ges report for Saturday 25th August at Dog Centre - sorry for the delay!
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