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25-09-2016 Bettina Neuss

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Show Report
Show: Anniversary show Ansbach
Date: 25-09-2016
Class: Novice
Judge: Bettina Neuss

Many thanks to Susi for the invitation to judge at the anniversary show. It's been a wonderful weekend. After 10 years so many great handlers and dogs are competing in this fantastic sport in Germany and making obedience something special. Thanks to Christina for stewarding and coping with the round ;-), thanks to Anja for being the scribe.

1st. Susi Huber with Extra Hot Aconcagua (BC)
Stunning heelwork and a lovely partnership, a deserved win. Many congratulations.

2nd. Monika Schmidt with I be Happy aus der alten Noris (BC)
Powerful Heelwork, great attitude, only some jumping to mark, a pleasure to watch.

3rd. Carolin Ellershausen with Fellowscreek Gingers Red Final (Australian Shepherd)
Best Recall, excellent heelwork, just small errors here and there, well done.

4th. Julia Berndt with Asiza Niwinka Sibin (Smooth Collie)
You and Havanna became a lovely team,  beautiful handling, best retrieve and just some loss of attention in heelwork to mark.

5th. Monika Schmidt with Ally von der Mückenheide (BC)
Another team which improved so much. Attention and lovely relationship during the whole round, you did a great work.

6th. Peter Niklas with Corazon de la Hacienda Pure Vida (Tervueren)
Lovely round from you both, just small errors, a little loss of attention in heelwork here and there. You are on the right way.
I watched a lot of great training rounds today, especially Steffi, Brigitte und Jaqueline's. But you all should be so proud of yourselves, everybody did a superb job.

LG Bettina
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