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25-09-2016 Natalie Knaack-Enkelman

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Show Report
Show: Anniversary show Ansbach
Date: 25-09-2016
Class: Pre-Beginners
Judge: Natalie Knaack-Enkelmann

Anniversary Show on 25.09.16 in Ansbach
Steward: Peter Niklas, Writer: Gitte Schiller

Thanks to Susi for inviting me to judge Prebeginners on the Anniversary Show in Germany in Ansbach.
Thanks to my wonderful Steward Peter from Austria, who did an excellent job, stewarding my round.
Thanks to Gitte for being a very good Writer. And of course thanks to my handlers and dogs, it was great to meet you all and work with you, you made judging so easy for me.

1st place Helga and Merlin: lost 3,5 total
Helga you and Merlin are a wonderful team and I enjoyed having you in my class! Your heel on lead was beautiful to watch and judge. Merlin showed power and high motivation. Your heel free had just tiny bits of wide work, but you made it look so easy to work my round. You had the best recall of the day in my class! A very well deserved win and huge congrats again!

2nd place Manuela and Taya: lost 6 total
Manuela your Heel on lead was great and Taya was very high motivated. A pleasure to watch. In heel free there was just a little bit wide work in between.  Congrats on your second place and well done!

3rd place Lisa and Lex: lost 6,5 total
Lisa and Lex a team that matches each other! Heel on lead was beautiful but Lex was just a bit off the leg every now and then. Don’t rush your about turns, you lost some points in heel free with that. Lex was very motivated and keen to work with u. Well done on your third place!

4th place Christine and AJ: lost 9 total
All the way from Austria to Ansbach! AJ was working forward in heel free but just needs to get used to the work in the ring. A very nice round with just bits and pieces that need training on. Well done!

5th place Stephanie and Daron: lost 9,75 total
Steffi the only thing that stopped you from winning today was Daron making all this noise. But when you work on that you will win sooner than later! He was crabbing out every now and then, but beautiful work! Well done!!

Best traininground of the day was Steffi and Lexi! Your heelwork was amazing! Keep up the good work and you’ll get far!
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