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26-03-2016 Ann Byrne

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 26/03/2016
Class: A & C
Judge: Ann Byrne

Very sincere thanks to Rick van Veeren for the honour of another invitation to judge in your country at this superbly run show! Many thanks also to you and your husband John for making us welcome in your home and driving us to and from the airport.

The show was held in the fabulous venue of the Dog Center with Martin and Ester Brouwer as host, thanks to you both!
We had a lovely warming lunch and a Chinese takeaway at the end which was a nice social event to finish the day.
I was delighted with my Easter themed present from Rick and John, much appreciated!

My classes were A and C and I was pleased to have an excellent entry.
Motivation of the dogs was good, although a little too high for some!

I would also like to thank my stewards and scoreboard stewards provided who were outstanding and made my life so much easier
Karola Beckers did a fantastic job stewarding her first C with her friendly and efficient manner putting competitors and I at ease! Brilliantly done, thanks again!!
Many thanks to Hans Bilius for his efficient and faultless scoreboarding. Thanks also to Brigette Van Gestell for decoying!

In A, I was delighted to find Hans Bilius was stewarding, again Hans was faultless helping put me at ease. Thanks also to Jutta Van Damme for her help on the scoreboard.
Sincere thanks also to the stay team!

Class A
Entries- 26

1st Brigette Van Gestel and NICE OF YOU TO COME BYE ROYAL PURPLE BC Losing 4
Amayzie by name and amazing by nature. A beautifully trained dog oozing style and attitude! Must have a great future. Well Done!

A lovely round from this team. A win cannot be far away! Well Done!

3rd Greet Vink and CANDLEWIND TWO SPOTS BC Losing 7
Another lovely round.

4th Christina Rummer and SMALE GLENFIDDICH LABRADOR Losing 12
Smashing round from this happy team.
This lovely lab was placed in Novice and A today, a red cannot be far away.

5th Ankie Houthius and NICE OF YOU TO COME BYE LUCKY SWITCH BC Losing 14 ½
Keenness led to some losses today but what a lovely “fault”

6th Sandra Pierson and GOWAH OF WENDEWICK HOME BC Losing a few
A lovely team to judge.

Must mention Martin Brouwer and Ariomchic Lewizz…
In the lead after ring work but Martin had not taught Lewizz scent! An excellent team who no doubt will be winning soon.

Class C
Entries 22

1st Marian de Jong and BORDERS FOR JOY ITS ME CHARLEY BC  Losing 19 ½
Fab active, attentive and mostly accurate round. A popular win! Well done!

2nd Marianne van der Ster and  Amazing Yoda of Albion’s March BC Losing 24
Lovely round with lttle to mark unfortunately marred by a missed position in DC. Well done and good luck!

3rd Greet Vink and Kyrill van Berlare WSD Losing 26
Nice steady round of HW. SA and DC costly today.

4th Rick van Veeren and Deltamadog Dragon Attack BC ~Losing 26
Dragon is a powerful young dog. Points lost today through youthful over exuberance. Sure to do well in Ricks hands! Well Done and Good Luck!

5th Cees Groen and  Nice of you to come bye Keen Kite BC Losing 28 ½
Second in the running order and set a good standard though was a bit unsettled in HW. Excellent Retrieve, DC and Scent secured this place.

6th Ellen Reijenga and  Borders For Joy Lost For Words BC  Losing 29 ¼
Comfortably in the lead going into stays but unfortunately lost 10 ½ on the sit stay. A fabulous team who will have many wins in the future I’m sure.

Must mention:
Angela Kroon and Absolute Groovy
Fab HW but not your day today.

Bernou ter Voorde  and Namaste Hope
Again Fabby HW but choose to train today
Last but not least

Natalie Knaack-Enkelmann and Independent Spirit's Kentucky (Malinois)
Stunning team! Extremely powerful but controlled. At 3 years old they have a great future I’m sure!

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