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26-03-2016 Janice Woodcock

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 26/03/2016
Class: Novice & B
Judge: Janice Woodcock

Thank you for the invitation to judge at your very well run show and thanks to Rick and John for your hospitality and for being our chauffeur over the weekend. You made us feel very welcome. The venue is excellent, you are all very lucky to have such facilities. Thanks to my stewards Claudia Leys (ring), Jutta Van Damme (score) for Novice, Isabella Van Damme (ring), Bianca Gerritse and Rick (score) for B also stay the stewards you are all very efficient and a great help to us "visitors ".


On the whole the dogs in both classes were well motivated with some showing total commitment to their handlers, lovely to see.

1st. Monique Barten & 'ZENO JOYS'S SHADOW VAN LOIL'S BOSSLAG'  BC (Zeno). 9 3/4.  An excellent round from this good team, main point takers in HW was left turns. Not the bridesmaid today, many congratulations on this well deserved win.

2nd. Rineke Smit & 'SAMANTHA VAN BERGEN THEIM'.  WS. (Sammy). 11 1/4.  Lovely heelwork position and good set exercises, well done

3rd. Christina Rummer & 'SMALE GLENFIDDICH'. Labrador. (Glen). 13.   Beautiful attention to the handler from this dog, a great team, well done

4th. Petra Mostert & 'BREEZY-THORN VALLEY HOCKEY STAR'. Aussie (Mason). 13 3/4. Bits and pieces adding up on HW, enthusiastic Rec proving costly, nice round

5th. Bianca Gerritse & 'LUCKY PLAYER DINKY-DI-DUTCH'. Australian Kelpie (Lucky). 14 1/2.  A tight lead and standing up on the recall proving too  costly, could so easily have been at the other end of the line up. Well done

6th. Tim Enkelmann & 'INDEPENDENT SPIRIT'S GRACE'. Melchelse Herder (Grace). 15.  Wow what a dog this is, got to have a bright future. Expensive set excercies relegated you down the line. Total commitment shown. Well done

Class B

1st. Trudy Groenenboom & 'Abfab So Cheeky'. WS (Cheeky) 16 3/4.  Excellent HW and a good sendaway helped to secure this win. Congratulations

2nd. Natalie Knaack-Enkelmann & 'INDEPENDENT SPIRIT'S KENTUCKY'. Melchelse Herder (Tucky) 37 3/4.  A power house of a dog, stormed round the ring giving a beautiful display of heelwork. Shame about the retrieve costing most of your points but well done on this place

3rd. Sandra Noh & 'DARJEELING'S ONYX'. BC (Nox). 55.  Really good heelwork on a par with the winner, nice handling.  Expensive sendaway and scent then moved on down stay, keep going you will do well

4th. Ton Van Santen & 'CLAN OF STORK'S JAGUAR'.  Bearded Collie. (Troy). 72 1/2. Another with heelwork on a par with the winner, the set excercies letting you down with extra commands on retrieve and speaking over the cloths on scent. Good luck for the future

5th. Karen Spanhaak & 'NEO LESTER VAN CAYA'S HOME'. Bouvier (Neo).  84. This boy really enjoys his work and being naughty for his Mom, good luck with him

Hope to see you around the shows on the UK, good luck for the future

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