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26-04-2015 Trudy Groenenboom

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Show Report
Show: Essen
Date: 26/04/2015
Class: Pre-Beginners, Beginners, Class B
Judge:  Trudy Groenenboom

First thanks Natalie and Tim for the invitation, me and Karin and Ellen and Ivonne felt very welcome and it was a pleasure to be in Essen.
The weather forecast was not that good, but we did keep it dry and sunny almost all day.
So no raincoats and yes sunglasses,  we had an excellent day.
It amazes us every time how good the level is in Germany, yes they have just normal mortals too, but boy my winners were out of this world, happy dogs, good constructive handling, bearing in mind about 8 years ago English obedience did not exist in Germany, you guys are really amazing and truly inspiring.
1 Carolin Ellerhausen with Fellow Screek Gingers Red Final, bc
Very good round, your girl did not take her eyes of her mum and was a pleasure to watch the whole round through, first start for you ever and then taking the win, enjoy it, well deserved
2 Andreas Steinmetz with Dumf and Galwy Inverleven, bc
 I know Jamie since he was a very tiny puppy from about 8 weeks, he was so promising then and today he did a cracking round and made u proud, Jamie does FCI obedience too, but he could be a star in English obedience too, he is a sweet honest dog with a great relationship with both his dad and his mum
3 Maria Mierk with Emina, cross
A little crossbreed could be a Papillion I suppose, work her little socks off for you, her little tail was a sign she really enjoyed working with you, well done to you both
4 Sonja Schulte with Frodo, cross
A large dog this time, Labrador meets something else, he was really trying and although mum was a bit nervy, they both did their very best
I had some very good trainingrounds, specially Alexa with her cattle dog, only 9 months old, did some circles and the fastest retrieve and recall from the day, such a promise for the future
1 Mathias Kirk with Extra Hot Arrabiata ( Haggis) border bc
Son of Spicy from Domi Ficek, really has his mums talent, after seeing number 2, I thought a better round was not possible but then Haggis came and did an amazing round, really struggled to find any wrong with it, stylish and so bloody correct, only things I could mark for were things like a bit of dipping in the turns and a crooked sit at heel.
It was so good I nearly forgot my task, it was really a honor to be part of this round.  Somebody who spends way to much time doing things at the dark side (agility) it is a shame because he could easily follow his mum Spicy all the way to the top.
They clearly adore each other and that relationship was so clear to see in the round, enjoy your win
2 Sabrina Mendlik with Earthquake of Bron Yr Aur bc
Would have won the class easily if not for Haggis
Really strong powerhouse of a dog who is just under control, only time he could  not control himself was in the turns he did swing his backend out
Sabrina is all the way from Austria, is training on her own a lot but the quality of the work was outstanding, if my Cheeky( my little abfab bitch) still was intact I would be on my knees using this dog as a studdog, although the pups could be a bit too strong for most people, love your dog really so much, well done with your novice win today
3 Charly Doant with Morgain bc
Well done on your third place, know Morgain now for about 7 years, he is still as strong as ever, sweet honest dog with a great working attitude
4 Andreas Steinmetz with Luna ( alias Die Spasspolizei) AS
Luna really enjoyed herself in the ring, well done
5 Andreas Steinmetz with Dumf and Galwy Inverleven
Jaimie did a very good round but sadly did no do a present, but the heelwork really improved a lot
6 Maria Mierk with Emina cross
Did a very creditable round but stays were a bit to much for her in this class
Class B
1 Anneke Schlichte with Lower Saxon Can,t  Stop Loving You (Keen)
Think I will remember this round for the rest of my live.I know Anneke wanted to have a keen dog , he really lives by his name.
Style, drive,power and position everything most of us love to see in  dog and more.
Wish I had it on video to see it again and again and enjoy it over and over again.
Keen was keeping his voice to his acceptable level, he only had a very soft mimimi in slow pace and  in my book  not markable at all. He really had ticket quality heelwork and was a privilege to be part of this display of what  good dogtraining is all about.
Thanks Keen and Anneke
2 Magreeth Mijnsbergen with Djinga from the Go-Getters GR
Djinga did a very nice round, one of the best I saw her work, she enjoyed it and kept on working all the time
Some very good trainingrounds
Young Mister Kentucky ( Mali) from Natalie Knaack-Enkelmann did a smashing traininground, wow style and power and really an advertising for buying a Mali for obedience , he is only a baby from just 2 years old but he will reach the top no doubt about that.
Isabella van Damme with Biene , Isabella does not want to win out of B yet but the quality is there to be C only, so she is refining things in trainingrounds, when all her C sets are there Biene will be a very good dog in C
I had excellent stewards Isabella, Peter and my German son Tim, thanks for your work, table stewards and stay stewards and the always calm Ed Vink thanks a lot.
Wishing everybody from Holland, Belgium,Austria and Germany more fun with their dogs,it is our hobby and our responsibility to make it as enjoyable as possible for our beloved dogs.
We really did enjoy the day full stop, hope you all had fun too.
Trudy Groenenboom 
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