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26-08-2017 Rob Summerfield

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 26/08/2017
Class: Pre-Beginners, Class A, Class C
Judge: Rob Summerfield

D.O.S. 26th/27th August at Kerkwijk - Part One!

CLASSES: Pre Beginners, Class C, Class A
And here we go again, our annual (or in my case bi-annual this year) excursion to Holland.
 So, first things first. The weather forecast. Over the course of a week the pile of stuff in the bathroom (Holland, Things To Take) varied from Suitable Clothing for Sahara to Moist With Spare Socks. Finally we settled on Standard Selection For All Occasions, With Room For Extras.
KLM had seen fit to crank up the prices for Friday flights so I opted for the considerably cheaper choice on Thursday, and we were deposited at NWI in good time for coffee and a nice bun. For the second year running we encountered a strangely trouble free travel zone, the flight seems to get shorter and shorter every year (eventually we'll be there in about 10 minutes). Despite my lower limbs looking like they'd been attacked by a machete wielding Borrower I opted for vaguely optimistic shorts as part of my travel wardrobe (and they still look a bit battered, hopefully regular immersion in sea water will aid recovery).
Martin kindly collected us at Schipol, and we reciprocated the kindness by pointing out the large exit signs to avoid the previous year's debacle. Us Brits are always helpful.
Back to our little caravan at the Dogcenter, we settled in – as I'm now an expert on all things caravanning I assured Sarah that the weekend would be incident free up to and including strange bugs, larvae, amphibians, stormage and general breakages. We celebrated with chips and wine, as you do.
After a leisurely breakfast Martin suggested that we spend the day in 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch, literally translates as The King's Forest) before the Circle Spraying Ritual, so after a quick coffee at Roels Sarah and I headed off to explore. The town is dominated by the magnificent St John's Cathedral and there are many cosy side streets and musems to poke round. The carnival was also in town and the main thoroughfares were packed with rides and sideshows. It was quite disconcerting to see huge rides (that one with the long arms that rotate especially) somehow operate without demolishing various historic buildings, trees and passers by. They've obviously had a bit of practice! We strolled down to the canal and visited the old Armory, then stopped for lunch at Roels (highly recommended) before exploring the Cathedral. Unfortunately we weren't able to take the tour of the tower, not realising it was worth booking a place first thing. We had an ice cream instead – a nice Dutch chap asked where we had purchased them. “English” we said, looking suitably thick. He repeated his request in prefect English. If he'd been French I would have been able to reply...
Back at the Dogcenter we set about the heelwork patterns (specifically C, as Martin was stewarding both). There was a lot of banter about mistakes. The spray just about held out, it's surprising how much you need for four circles....
Saturday morning had that autumnal feel but promised a glorious day with plenty of sunshine and indeed it warmed up nicely, we had a good old catch up with friends over breakfast before the day's officiating. I was tasked with C, Pre-Beginners and A, whilst Sarah took on Beginners, Novice and B.
As always we're incredibly grateful to Peter van de Velde in charge of stays with his very able sidekick Gerard, as well as taking all the photos over the weekend. Stays were done inside in the cool, not something you'd turn down given the choice.

Onto Saturday's results:-

Class C
21 entries
17 ran
There are some really gorgeous dogs in C at the moment, unfortunately today we had a total nightmare in stays which scuppered the chances of some of them. Mia's Yukon (bless him) was happily snoozing when a fly had the absolute cheek to land on his bottom. Having disturbed it he made an attempt to catch the little bugger, which in turn caused a bit of consternation amongst his fellow competitors, even though there was a huge amount of room between dogs, he didn't break the down stay, wasn't even facing the other dogs and I really don't hold him responsible! So Peter ended up almost wearing Argo and Snickers shuffled over to me for a bit of reassurance. Poop happens sadly, but it has skewed the marks somewhat!
My thanks to Martin “See? You made a mistake haha” Brouwer for his most excellent work between the ropes, Jutta van Damme on the score board, and Sandra Pierson for decoying. A new hw pattern was trialled successfully, incorporating two circles with one ASSD on the first and a pace transition into a SP circle, the rest demanding strong straight line work at all paces.
1st  Angela Kroon with ABSOLUTE GROOVY (WSD) LOST 18.25
An absolute quality top drawer round from Angela and Groovy today, if we ignore the whole issue of having your thumb over two positions on the ASSD card and having a 50/50 chance of choosing the right one. Or not. Apart from that one teensy cock up, all was well, with powerful circle work, good transitions and definition of pace. Anticipation on the SA coupled with dipping on the pick up otherwise super fast and keen. No problems with retrieve or DC, just minor bits here. Finished with a classic scent exercise, and also really nice to see Groovy so relaxed in the stays. Love the handling, love the dog! Congratulations!
12.5 HW, 0.75 Ret, 4 SA, 1 DC

2nd  Ivonne v.d. Meer with ABFAB IRASQUINN (WSD) Lost 28.5
Quinn not as settled in the hw as he can be, needing some Ecs to get him back on track in NP and SP. FP was miles better. Needed Ecs in the sendaway, standing there like a complete doofus, naughty boy! Came a little too far forward in the DC and had a minor copybook blotting in the sit stay but then came back and finished with a super clear scent. Well done Ivonne, we know he can do much better!
17 HW, 0.75 Ret, 5.5 SA, 2.5 DC, 2.5 Sit stay

3rd Christine Peska with ARGO (BC) Lost 35
He might be a senior dog now but boy he can still produce the goods, with Christine's beautiful upright and clean handling letting her lad do the talking. Hw was stylish, free and easy at all paces; a late pick up from the ASSD down the only stand out error, the rest just bits and pieces. The sets were absolutely brilliant, the DC (in my humble opinion) is the best you will ever see. Can't really say Argo went from winner to sinner with the down stay, not his fault at all! Well done Christine, he is a real treasure!
10 HW, 1 SA, 24 Down stay

4th  Amanda Laschak with CHAMBLESS ROSE A'DARK SWEET SNICKERS (BC) Lost 37.25
Back in 2014 this team won Pre -Beginners and Beginners, and now look at you! Starting to really get to grips with C in general, super balanced, light and happy hw in all paces, one well timed EC in NP and a hesitant pick up from the down, a little tightening up needed on turns were the most obvious errors today. DC is a work in progress but I would expect this to be fully functioning within a few months. Scent is just a matter of confidence as well; another down stay victim but will make their mark permanently in this class, no question. Well done Amanda and Snickers!
8.75 HW, 0.5 Ret, 1 SA, 8 DC, 5 Scent, 14 Down stay

5th Annemarie Ibelings with ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS PHOEBE (WS) Lost 41
I really shouldn't wonder out loud what Annemarie's pocket rocket is going to come up with, every time I do we have a bloody disaster! Today the birthday girl breezed through the hw in her usual bouncy fizzy style, knocked off the rest of the ringwork in fine fashion and did stays beautifully. Then she checked her “To Do” list. On the plus side she she won the day after! Well done Annemarie and Phoebe (you're still my favourite, just!)
10 HW, 1 SA, 30 Scent

6th Monique van Urk with MOLLY'N'RIO'S SPECIAL JonT (WS) Lost 43.75
JonT was much happier in the hw today Monique, so happy he bounced on and off quite a bit! Still a little unsure about the ASSD but I think that will come. Unfortunately the SA was a bit of a train wreck which added rather a large sum to the overall total, but finished with solid stays and an excellent scent. You must be pleased with the way he is coming on in this class though, well done!
18.25 HW, 1.25 Ret, 20 SA, 4 DC, 0.25 Scent

Lunch break - We didn't have quite as many chips as last year, as we had already had a lot of chips. We still had some chips though. And a burger. And some green. Beer might have featured as well.

Afternoon results:-

6 entries
6 ran
Many thanks to my ring party – Bianca Gerritse in the ring and Jutta again on chalks, good job well done ladies! As always one of the criteria for judging lower classes here is whether they would hold their own in a bigger class in the UK, and today there were no problems in making any decisions. HOL was a right hand circle and HF a straight up and back on the diagonal.

1st  Mandy Korndofer with FROOP (Cardi Corgi)  Lost 4.75
Really happy and attentive heelwork from this little character, plenty of drive on the circle leading to some forward work, with some crabbing evident on the HF. Mandy you went slightly off line here which lead to Froop going wide in places. Lovely fast recall, just some attention to presents and finishes required. Super team, well done on your win today!
Lost 1.25 HOL, 2.25 HF, 1.25 Rec  

2nd Mandy Korndofer with CRAZY (Cardi Corgi) Lost 5.5
Not far behind his kennel mate today, just tending to work wide on the circle when his attention went which caused a tight lead now and again, and some drifting in HF. Another fast recall but again you need to get those presents and finishes tidied up Mandy. Well done, very good handling!
Lost 2.5 HOL, 2.25 HF, 0.75 Rec

3rd Chantal Huys with KAELIE (Terv) Lost 9
Chantal has worked very hard with Kaelie and she is more than capable of producing some lovely hw, which she did but sadly not often enough – but there were flashes of brilliance, so keep at it! Keeping her attention is a real challenge but I'm sure you'll make that breakthrough.  Smashing recall though, very impressive.
Lost 4 HOL, 4.5 HF, 0.5 Rec

Class A
12 entries
10 ran
Once again I'm indebted to my stewards Jutta on the scoreboard and Bianca inside the ropes, another great job, many thanks!
The hw pattern included diagonals, circle work and straight line work into and exiting the circles; Overall the circles were executed well but a lot of teams struggled with the straights today. We also had another disastrous stay exercise (maybe we'll shove handlers outside next year!) and scent was also on the messy side, more attention needed here as well. I have put the marks in as you can see how stays and scent affected your rounds.

1st  Anja de Pagter with BORDERS FOR JOY MAKE MY DAY MAGGI (BC) Lost 10
Won by the proverbial country mile today! Maggi can do such lovely stylish and balanced work and when she's good she's very good; even when she throws in some weird take on an about turn which necessitated a bit of a talking to, costing over half the hw marks.  Lightning fast clear recall, equally fast retrieve just needing an EC. Finished with a good scent, just the final approach with some mouthing and a very crooked present to mark. Overall a good strong round, congratulations Anja!
6.75 HW, 1.75 Ret, 1.5 Scent

2nd Marja v. Eck with ROBRENSIS HARMONY (Sheltie) Lost 21.25
A good attempt by this sensitive little lass and her pleasant handler. Tackled the hw very well, with just a little drifting and loss of position coming out of turns the main problems. However Mony did need a fair amount of help in the sets which Marja sensibly gave. No worries in the stays though! Well done, work on your sets over the winter!
8 HW, 5.5 Rec, 4.5 Ret, 3.25 Scent

3rd Sandra Pierson with GOWAH OF WENDEVICK HOME (BC) Lost 22.75
Gowah can be a bit of a challenge in hw, but I have to say today he was a heck of a lot better than last time, only needing a couple of Ecs. Main faults were as above, drifting and some lagging in and out of turns but did well on the circles. No idea what he was doing in retrieve but made up for that with a clear recall and a pretty good scent too. Fell over in the sit stay though. Well done Sandra!
8.75 HW, 3.25 Ret, 1.25 Scent, 9.5 Sit stay

4th  Martine Verhoeven with SILENT DREAMS NAPAYSHNI (BC) Lost 33
A really fabulous hw round Martine, very little to mark and Nappy is improving all the time, well motivated, keen and balanced and worked at a fine pace. You just need to get the sets up to the same level and iron out those silly errors, especially in retrieve. Another casualty in stays, spoiling a potentially winning round. Never mind, you were a pleasure to watch and judge today!
3.75 HW, 1.5 Rec, 3.25 Ret, 1.5 Scent, 8 Sit stay, 15 Down stay

5th Chantal Schade with CORRABOREE CAIREN (Kelpie) Lost 40.5
This is a stunning team just oozing potential, so much to admire in all departments, demonstrating a great understanding of position with drive and balance on the circles and straights; a little more polish on the sets and some work on scent over the winter would hand you this class in the bag.  Unfortunately broke the down stay early on, such a shame. Well done, a future star!
5.5 HW, 1.5 Rec, 0.5 Ret, 5 Scent, 28 Down stay

6th  Loes Houmes with SEVEN DE BRUINE BUCK (Groen) Lost 49
Oh dear Loes, Nala really wanted to show what she couldn't do today! Actually to be fair half your hw marks were for Ecs and you did time them very well, and she did produce some of the most beautiful hw that only Groens and Belgians can do! But she made a right pig's ear of the sets – anticipation, dropping stuff, mouthing stuff, forgetting how to present etc etc! And then she managed two exceptional stand stays. But you still love her, right? Well done on smiling through it all!
11.5 HW, 5 Rec, 5.75 Ret, 6.25 Scent, 7.5 Sit stay, 13 Down stay

After the presentations the evening BBQ was a must do, there's always a lot of excellent food (still no pork bellies in the Summerfield freezer, what is wrong with me?) and it was quite fascinating watching how much some people could tuck away, not mentioning any names Annemarie Ibelings....
Compared with last year the evening was a model of decorum, no games, no over indulgence, just a sober discussion about genetics. Next year things will be different – it's obviously something to do with us not being allowed on trains any more. Or something. We retired at some ungodly hour, I think it was just about getting dark (standards are indeed slipping).
Day Two to follow, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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