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26-08-2017 Sarah Connell

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 26/08/2017
Class: Beginners, Novice, Class B
Judge: Sarah Connell

Part One - Kerkwijk weekend (August)
Show – Dutch Obedience Society, Dogcenter, Kerkwijk
Date – 26th August 2017
Judge – Sarah Connell
Classes – Beginners, Novice & B

Firstly, may I apologise for the delay in doing this report – things are a bit hectic in world Connell at the moment so please accept my apologies.
Rob and I arrived an evening earlier than usual owing to the flight prices being so much more expensive on the Friday.  We were treated to a fabulous mini display by the Red Arrows Air Display Team as we stepped out of the airport terminal to board our plane – this set us up for a GOOD weekend   
Martin kindly collected us from the airport and we had an uneventful journey back to Dogcentre, where we happily installed ourselves into our caravan which by now we are very familiar with   Martin and Esther are THE best hosts, they look after us so well and we want for nothing so, thank you so very much to both of you for the fantastic hospitality you extend to both of us.
On Friday we were tourists.  Having been dropped off, to keep us out of their hair, Rob and I spent the day wandering around Hertogenbosch, taking in the culture and plenty of food/beer/ice cream along the way   What a fabulous place, steeped in history but with lots of lovely shops too.
By the time we got back to Dogcentre, everything was set for the show so we could do a quick practice run of Robs C round before dinner.

Saturday saw me Judging class B first.  The weather was lovely, not too hot but with the forecast suggesting it was going to get hotter, all stays were done in the cool of one of the barns – perfect! A small class of just 6 dogs in B, with 2 training rounds, however, all gave it a good go.  Anne-Marie was the perfect steward, with Chantel keeping the scoreboard in order.  Thank you to both of you for your superb help.
1st Place went to Brenda Botermans with Timber (From Dutch Pepper Twisting Timber) – B/C.  Losing 5. An excellent win, head and shoulders ahead of everyone else today. Minor mistakes on heelwork with fast pace being the most costly.  However, heelwork in itself only lost a total of 2 ¾’s so that shows how minor the errors were!  Super sendaway just marred by slowing into the box and a wide pick up costing 2 ¼ points but that was IT!  Clear retrieve, scent and stays made sure of that. Many congratulations Brenda, it was a super round 

2nd Place, Martine Verhoeven with Nappy (Silent Dreams Napayshni) – B/C. Losing 16 ¼.  A team who have improve immensely since last year.  Heelwork was much stronger that I had seen before and produced just minor errors, losing 3 ¼ on this exercise.  Sendaway was expensive, Nappy steered himself to one of the front markers instead of choosing the correct spot, then picked up into heelwork wide and failed to sit at the end losing them 6 points.  Retrieve was a bit messy so lost them 3 and the same with the scent exercise losing them 3 ½.  However, I have no doubt with Martines determination, all these little problems will be addressed and sorted and he will be winning his class very soon.  Well done.

3rd Place, Anja de Pagter with Maggi (Borders for Joy Makemy Day Maggi) – B/C losing 21. Heelwork was a bit hit and miss today with various losses of position in all paces and some extra commands to get Maggi back on track, all this accounting for 11 ¼ points lost!  Sendway was different with Maggi creeping around the front marker in anticipation of the down which ended up sort of where it was supposed to be!  Retrieve, on the other hand was super and  just marred by Anja having her feet so far apart the poor dog didn’t know quite where to park her bum!!  Scent was a bit messy but ultimately the correct cloth was selected and presented so hurrah for that!  Well done Anja 

4th Place, Tiny Bouchaut with Dazzle (Razzle Dazzle) – B/C losing lots!  An absolutely fabulous powerhouse of a dog with a stunning work ethic but oh my goodness, today he powered himself around the heelwork with little regard for Tiny ;)  You just can’t fault his enthusiasm but today was FAR too early for him to be sensible and thus had a ball doing things his own way   Sendaway was all over the place, he just couldn’t make up his mind where to stopped so tried all 3 markers!  Retrieve was relatively uneventful i.e. sensible but he made a right old hash of the scent so we will leave it there!!!  Can’t say this dog doesn’t make you smile though, I love him 

Next up were the Beginners.  Another small class of 5 but a good class non-the-less.  Anja de Pagter was the steward for this class who handled the teams really nicely.  I can’t remember who was on score and I don’t have a note of it, sorry ( I think it was Chantel again)! However, you know who you were and I thank you for your help.
1st Place went to Maraike Bartelsen with Mik – B/C, losing 4 ¼ points.  What a fabulous team.  Heelwork was super on the circles and caused no problem at all, stewarded turns were the only real problem areas and that was down to inexperience I feel.  Beautifully motivated dog and a team who had a really good weekend   Set exercises were good just off centre presents causing loss of points.  A well deserved win, many congratulations

2nd Place, Mandy Korndorfer with Crazy – Corgi, losing 6 ¾ points.  Cracking attention by this lovely little Corgi who showed everyone you don’t need long legs to keep up ;)  Great attitude from both dog and handler produced some lovely heelwork.  Loss of position/wide working being the main issues but this little dog did his best and was a pleasure to judge. Recall and retrieve were done at a good smart pace with off centre presents in both exercises losing the odd point and anticipation on the finish on retrieve into a crooked sit causing another glitch.  Another team who had a good weekend, well deserved.

3rd Place, Mandy Korndorfer with Hazel – Corgi, losing 9.  This time saw Mandy with her little bitch.  Seemingly less experienced than her kennel mate above, Hazel struggled to maintain her position throughout the heelwork test.  She tried hard and was sympathetically handled by her Mum which was lovely. Recall and retrieve were again conducted at  a smart pace with off centre presents/finishes taking the marks.  Well done Mandy, I’m sure you will go on to do very well with such lovely handling.

4th Place, Brigitta Oevelen v with Jake (Tougher Than The Rest of Free Spirit) – Australian Shepherd, losing 9 ½ .  Heelwork seemed to be the main problem for this team.  Unable to keep a consistant heelwork position owing to loss of focus was a problem today. Well done for persevering and encouraging your boy, it can be hard when you are struggling.  Retrieve was a bit messy but the recall was pretty good, just a reluctant finish losing the points and that was, again, down to him being distracted.  

Finally for day 1, was the Novice class. Biggest class of the day with 14 entries.  Two non starters and 5 training rounds reduced the competition to the remaining 7 who fought it out between them!  Joop Gijs ably steered all teams around the ring and Chantel was back on the scoreboard – thanks to both of you.
1st Place went to, Chantel Schade and Corraboree Cairen (Australian Kelpie), losing 4 points.  Lovely heelwork by this pair, super drive and held position really well on circle.  Lost position on turns which could do with sorting out and a messy halt but otherwise a good heelwork round.  Recall was spot on, fast and accurate  Retrieve just marred by an off centre present.  I really liked this dog and with a bit more experience feel they can do very well indeed.  Congratulations on your win.

2nd Place, Gerard Rietjens with Sky (Song of Sky you’ll be in my heart), B/C, losing 7 ¾. Inconsistency in heelwork position caused all (but ¼) points.  Recall and retrieve were super with just ¼ point being lost for an off centre present on the recall.  A lovely dog that definitely has potential.

3rd Place, Ankie Houthuis with Maq (Round Robin Mc Gyver), B/C, losing 9.  Some great heelwork from a strong and pushy dog!  Forward working caused problems which in turn caused a way too wiggly back end crabbing!  Retrieve was a bit messy with mouthing and off centre present and recall was very off centre!!  Great potential with this team, just needs to harness that energy and sort out their heelwork position.

4th Place, Sandra Pierson with Myroh (Wendevick “My Hero”), B/C, losing 22.  A good round by this pair.  Heelwork took a bit of getting into but showed some stunning stuff once engaged.  Retrieve and recall were spot on and lost them no points at all!  But then came the stays  Sit stay no problem but the down – ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Would have been in 2nd place but for this, what a shame.  

5th Place, Loes Houmes with Nala (Seven de Bruine Buck), BSD Groen, losing 26 ¼.   Loss of position on heelwork was the most costly error with this team.  Lovely Groenny who did some lovely bits of heelwork only to lose concentration/position a bit too often!  Retrieve was messy, mouthing and off centre present and recall produced an off centre present too.   Another who broke stays but this time the sit, which seemed to be a problem throughout the weekend.  Might be well worth having her checked out as she just didn’t seem comfortable?  

So, that concludes Saturdays judging.  Thank you to ALL teams for being such good sports throughout the classes and well done to you all.  Also, my grateful thanks to Peter and his trusty helper for conducting the stays so well.
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