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26-08-2018 Rob Summerfield

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 26/08/2018
Class:Pre-Beginners, Beginners, Class A, Class B
Judge: Rob Summerfield

Saturday arrived with perfect weather – sunny spells and a nice breeze, ideal for working outside and not a hangover in sight  - at least not in the UK department. No sign of marauding caterpillars or frogs either, instead the whole wasp population had descended on the venue and were happily getting trolleyed on pears and picking fights with anything in sight. The little dears. I was a little disappointed that Anja wasn't camped next to us; I had been looking forward to playing my entire Dire Straits collection (handily stored on my mobile) whenever possible as she's probably their biggest fan. Maybe next year eh?
We swapped classes, so Pre Beginner and B in the morning followed by Beginners and A in the afternoon for me.
Onto Sunday's results:-

Pre Beginners
5 entries
5 ran
Ring: Bianca Gerritse
Score: Heidi Waelkens
No scores on the doors today as everyone trained. However the dogs were super motivated and well handled and it was great to be able to help them produce constructive training rounds. Many thanks to Bianca for stewarding especially when it all got a bit Lost in Translation with the blank looks from handlers (what it is to be bilingual!) and Heidi who had a very easy job on chalks.

Class B
9 entries
6 ran
Ring: Annemarie Ibelings
Score: Heidi Waelkens
Decoy: Esther Brouwer
There were less than 10 entries in the class and only one full round so unfortunately I was unable to award a win on this occasion. It's something I don't like doing and I can understand that some handlers would be rather upset especially if it had happened before. However the criteria prevent the awarding of first place today.
Funniest incident of the whole weekend was Calvin mistiming his pick up on the article, which pinged upwards causing the startled dog to leap sideways in horror and then glare at it in a threatening manner!
1st -----------
2nd Ton v. Santen with CLAN OF STORK'S JAGUAR (Beardie D)
Very sorry you and Troy had to settle for another second place today Ton. I would say though that if you can get his normal and slow pace hw to the same level of the fast pace which he so obviously enjoys as he was really animated and a different dog in my opinion, the result could be different. An injection of motivation into his sets would also help the outcome. Keep trying to improve his work because I'm sure he can up his game for you.
7 entries
5 ran
Ring: Marian de Jong
Score: Sandra Noh
A small class but packed with talented and eye catching teams. I'd be very pleased to see some of the dogs pop over for a spot of competition in the UK!
1st  Gina Valkenhoff with SPIRIT (Terv B)  Lost 5
A super round of neat and stylish work from this dainty girl and her lovely handler. Delightful circle for HOL with plenty of motivation and accuracy, a little bit of drifting during HF and a smashing clear recall. Retrieve needs to be stronger and more committed so that's something to work on over the winter. I'd also like you to move a little quicker in hw to really show off her style. Congratulations and good luck with her Gina, she's gorgeous.
2nd Tanja Klose with NELE VON DER LIEBENBURG (GSD B)  Lost 7.75
Started off by jumping onto the table – nothing like making an entrance and demonstrating your athleticism to the judge! Very powerful and accurate circle with bags of style, Nele lost her way a little bit in the HF with some drifting and dropping back after turns (one of which was an accidental left about by Tanja but most impressive all the same). Sets need some polish over the winter to avoid those annoying half point losses. Remember to keep your feet still on presents as well. Well done and good luck!
3rd Andrea Tibo with ILOXX (Mali D) Lost 11.75
Quite frankly this team are headed one way only – upwards. A loss of nine points in the sit stay prevented them from clinching their second win this weekend but oh my goodness, what an example of everything we really want to see in Obedience. Commitment, drive, accuracy and control in all exercises combined with the neatest of handling. A team oozing quality with a very bright future!
4th Noella Sermant with O'DAZZLE VAN'T HOF VAN MIRA (BC D) Lost 13.25
A very good attempt from this cheerful lad and his equally cheerful handler. A tight lead on the circle to start with was a shame as he did settle into some nice hw which he reproduced in HF with some nice passages of attentive and stylish work, just losing position during the turns. Anticipation in the recall and an untidy retrieve added to the points but overall a good team just requiring some polish over the winter. Well done!
Short intermission for chips.

Class A
6 entries
5 ran
Ring: Bianca Gerritse
Score: Sandra Noh
Another small class and with what could have been a major incident in stays but luckily disaster was averted. With hindsight it was obvious what should have been done re setting up the dogs but thankfully nothing happened. Very pleased with my winning team today, progressing nicely.
1st  Maraike Bartelsen with FAST LITTLE WIZARD MIK (BC D)
Quality round of hw from Maraike and Mik, occasional bits and bobs mainly during turns and some forward work when he was pushing along on the right hand circle. Super fast recall just slightly forward on the pick up, needed an extra command in retrieve for some reason and could do with a little more confidence in scent but overall well worthy of the win today. I hope his stays aren't broken too much – congratulations and good luck!
2nd Sandra Pierson with WENDEVICK MY HERO (BC D)
A couple of well timed extra commands in hw and retrieve kept Myroh focused and he went on to complete a really super round, the circles were very good. The ECs on the straights paid dividends with only minor positional changes.  Another fast and accurate recall with just a crooked sit to mark and bar the EC on retrieve only a slightly wonky finish there. Scent  - hmm, well Ok we'll ignore that bit! Improving every time I see him Sandra, well done!
3rd Heidi Waelkens with PARRI DURUNG GHINJO (Oud German Herdershond D)
A team new to the class and as a result Parri needed quite a boost to his confidence in all exercises. Unsettled in the stays and went looking for Heidi in the down going past Myroh (who was oblivious) but stopping at Mik. Thankfully we were able to intervene in time! In future you'll know what to do Heidi, keep working at improving his confidence and I'm sure you'll do well.

So, another weekend in Holland over for another year! Thank you everyone for making our stay so enjoyable; Martin and Esther their hospitality and for working so hard before, during and afterwards to keep everyone supplied with sustenance, set up the rings, cut the grass, organise the BBQ, arrange all the paperwork and all the other 101 jobs that need doing, to all our stewards for giving their time so generously. Many thanks for our lovely judging gifts; I have pink ones for a change (we even managed to fulfil  a BCOS order for October 2019 which I'm sure will meet with the approval of our yet to be announced ring teams!). As always my grateful thanks to Sarah for being such a brilliant travelling companion and unflappable mate (except in the context of caterpillars).
The Annoying Tent was punched, kicked and forced back into its bag; Chinese takeaway  - a long standing Sunday night ceremony – was collected and tucked into and before we knew it we were back at Schipol on Monday morning. For the time being getting in and out of European countries is a doddle, I'm hoping that the sign above passport control at Schipol for EU countries is amended to include the UK along with the USA, Singapore and Canada. Negotiating a brisk crosswind on take off – whoops-a-daisy - we time warped back to Norwich (five minutes less than the outward bound flight even with a headwind).
See you in 2019!
That's all folks, enjoy your dogs.
 Rob Summerfield
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