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27-02-2016 Bronwyn Bartley & Roy Page

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 27-02-2016
Class: Novice, Class A, Class B, Class C
Judge: Bronwyn Bartley & Roy Page

held at “The Dogcenter” Kerkwijk, Holland on Saturday 27th February 2016
On behalf of Bronwyn and myself I would like to thank Monique van Urk and the DOS Committee for their invitation to judge at this show held at Martin and Esther Brouwer’s brilliant “Dogcenter” in Kerkwijk where we both had the pleasure of judging a couple of years ago – a superb indoor venue.  Once again we had the use of two good sized working rings, both with block-paved floors providing an excellent indoor working surface.  
Our hosts again for the weekend were Rick and her husband Jan who always make us so very welcome. Their friendship and care in looking after us for the weekend was first class from the moment we arrived.  Thank you both – hope the guitar can be repaired Jan.  
At the Show our thanks go to everyone involved in any way with its organisation and running, especially our ring stewards Neil, Karin, Hans and Anita plus our scoreboard stewards Paul, Barjo and Karen not forgetting Ed Vink and his team of stay stewards and the decoy stewards Gerard and Pleun.
Now to the results and the best ones at this Show were:

Ring Steward  - Anita Van Gijzen  -  Scoreboard – Barjo Blom
1st – Martin Brouwer with Ariomchic Lewizz -  Losing 4 points
Worked early in the running order and produced a round which could not be beaten.
Very well done Martin and Lewizz.
2nd -  Brenda Botermans with From Dutch Pepper Twisting Timber – Losing 6 ½ points
Another team who worked early and produced a good round.
3rd – Rineke Smit with Samantha van Bergentheim – Losing 7 points
Heel free was most costly but a good round otherwise
4th – Bianca Gerritse with Lucky Player Dinky Di – Losing 7 ½ points
Again heel free was most costly but worked really well.
5th – Monique Barten with Zeno Joy's Shadow van Loil's Bosslag – Losing 8 ½ points
Retrieve cost the most marks, a good round otherwise.
6th – Petra Mostert with Breezy-Thorn Valley Hockey Star – Losing 9 ½ points
Heelwork was costly for this team, something to work on.
After a run-off with the above team
Martine Verhoeven with Silent Dreams Napayshni – Also losing 9 ½ points
Again heelwork was the most costly exercise.
Judge – Bronwyn Bartley
1st – Ton van Santan  with  Clan of Stork's Jaguar – Losing 12 ½ points
Heelwork needs working on and lost on scent but a good round.
2nd – Rineke Smit with Samantha van Bergentheim – Losing 16 ½ points
Moved in the sit stay which was quite costly because the ring work was good.
3rd – Greet Vink with Candlewind TwoSpots – Losing 17 ½ points
Retrieve was very costly for this team but a good round besides that.
4th – Petra Mostert with Breezy-Thorn Valley Hockey Star – Losing 19 ½ points
Heelwork needs to be tighter but well done on your place.
5th – Guus Scholten with Halligalli Moviestar – Losing 20 points
A lovely round from this team but scent caused a big problem which I'm sure Guus will sort out.
6th  - Sandra Pierson with Gowah of Wendewick Home – Losing 45 ½ points
Heelwork was costly as was the sit stay but we need to push on.
Judge – Bronwyn Bartley
Thank you so much to my stewards who made my day so much easier. A most enjoyable day.
CLASS B          10 Entries
Ring Steward: Karin Stegmeijer       Scoreboard: Paul van Dijk       Decoy: Pleun v.d. Ster
1st 188 pts. Guus Scholten and his Working Sheepdog HALLIGALLI MOVIESTAR.  A terrific round of heelwork from Guus and Coco.  Superb heelwork followed by faultless Sendaway, Retrieve and Stays – but then came scent which might well have proved disastrous had it not been for their big lead going in to this exercise.  Some work to do there Guus and then I’m sure we’ll see this pair making their presence felt in the UK as well as here in Holland.  Nevertheless this was a convincing win today.  Congratulations.
2nd  182½ pts.  Trudy Groenenboom and her Goldie CARISHILL BANQUE.  Really nice heelwork from Trudy and Strikes but bits and pieces elsewhere including that “naughty” retrieve.  You should have a bright future with her Trudy – and plenty of fun along the way.
3rd  170 pts.  Karin Spanhaak and her Bouvier des Flandres NEO LESTER VAN CAYA’S HOME.  Karin and Neo tried hard but lost marks in all exercises today but I feel sure that they can improve on this.  Keep plugging away Karin.
4th  167½ pts.  Rineke Smit and her Working Sheepdog ROBBERDEBOBSKI ASCENSIONDAY PRESENT. Rineke and Robby produced a decent all-round performance until it came to the down stay where they lost over half of the points and this prevented them gaining a much higher place.
5th  163 pts.  Ton van Santen and Bearded Collie CLAN OF STORK’S JAGUAR.  Unfortunately a disastrous sendaway spoilt Ton and Troy’s chances today.  
Judge – Roy Page
CLASS C          19 Entries    
Ring Steward: Neil Lowndes       Scoreboard: Paul van Dijk       Decoy: Gerard Vossen
1st  293 pts.  Angela Kroon and her Working Sheepdog ABSOLUTE GROOVY.   This was an outstanding round from Angela and Groovy and a real pleasure to judge.  Even with a minor blip in the down stay, they ended up convincing winners and I hope that we shall have the pleasure of seeing this team in the UK during the coming season.  Congratulations on a thoroughly well-deserved win today and my best wishes for future successes.
2nd  290½ pts. Karin Stegmeijer and her Working Sheepdog ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS McCAY.  Another great team and Karin and McCay turned in the best heelwork round of the day but a few bits and pieces in other exercises meant that they had to be satisfied with the runner-up place today.  Always a lovely team to judge.
3rd  286½ pts.  Guus Scholten and his Working Sheepdog DANESWAY DUET.  A missed ASSD Sit position was so costly today for Guus and Gucci who gave very little away elsewhere.  So much ability here but just not their day today.
4th  282 pts.  Marianne van der Ster and her Border Collie AMAZING YODA OF ALBION’S MARCH.  Yoda’s heelwork was a bit costly but this was a good effort and Marianne will have been pleased with the good scent to finish.
5th  281 pts.  Greet Vink and her Working Sheepdog KYRILL VAN BERLARE.  Kyrill had an expensive sendaway today Greet but I think you were pleased with him overall.  Well done.
6th  279 pts.  Christine Pestka and her Border Collie DUMF AND GALWAY JEFFERSON.  An “if only” round.  Really nice heelwork from Christine and Joris but they were let down by their Distant Control.
Judge – Roy Page  
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