27-08-2017 Rob Summerfield - The Dutch Obedience Society

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27-08-2017 Rob Summerfield

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 27/08/2017
Class: Beginners, Novice, Class B
Judge: Rob Summerfield

Part 2
FULL NAME OF SHOW: Dutch Obedience Society
HELD AT:  Dogcenter, Kerkwijk  ON: 27th August 2017
JUDGE:  Rob Summerfield
CLASSES: Beginners, Novice, Class B

Sunday saw your judges bright eyed and bushy tailed with a complete lack of any lingering after effects apart from the odd creak from a protesting limb, rectified by some stretching exercises which I watched carefully, so I could avoid them in future. The weather was gearing up to be glorious once more, a quick sluice before breakfast and we were back on the job, swapping over the classes.
Sunday's results:

4 entries
4 ran
Many thanks to Bianca for stewarding again, great job! And thanks Ankie Houthuis for manning the scoreboard for me. Unfortunately I had the unenviable task of withholding the win today, not something I've had to do before but I did feel that it wouldn't benefit the team at this stage after some stay breaks changed the positions. HOL was on the circle, HF consisted of a right hand circle with the handlers coming off for a little bit of straight work, everyone coped very well with this aspect of the test.

1st …....

2nd Mandy Korndorfer with HAZEL (Cardi Corgi)
Not really ready to win this class just yet, struggling a little with the heelwork pattern and not really applying herself to the set exercises. However Mandy's handling was very good and she tried hard to get the best out of Hazel today. Well done, no doubt she will improve over the winter.

3rd Maraike Bartelsen with MIK (BC)
Could win this class standing on his head, and would have no problem in a good size class in the UK. Stunning circle work and very good HF, but the retrieve was on the messy side of untidy. And he broke stays (please please sort these out!) Excellent handling from Maraike and had a better result in Novice.

4th Mandy Korndorfer with CRAZY (Cardi Corgi)
Could win this class quite easily with a little more attention to detail in the hw, not a million miles away from getting it all together. Unfortunately a broken sit stay put paid to any ideas of glory today! Well done, you had a good weekend with your little people!

11 entries
10 ran
Some potentially good dogs lurking in this class, handlers now need to really apply themselves to their winter training in order to reap the rewards next year. As the saying goes, the more you practice, the luckier you get! Thanks yet again to Bianca for her stewarding and Ankie and Chantal Huys sharing the score boarding.

1st Maraike Bartelsen with MIK (BC)  Lost 9.25
Maraike and Mik once again produced an eye catching beautiful hw round on lead, the circles were faultless, just inattention on the final sit to mark. In HF Mik was a step behind on the start but soon got back into his stride, just wide work on the straight and some positional issues on turns – try not to slow down on these Maraike! Retrieve was a considerable improvement on his effort in Beginners, but again he had an issue with the sit stay so this needs prompt attention before he becomes a serial stay breaker. A well deserved win overall, plenty of time add a bit of spit and polish. Well done!
0.5 HOL, 4.25 HF, 0.5 Rec, 0.75 Ret, 3.25 Sit stay

2nd  Sandra Pierson with WENDEVICK “MY HERO” (BC) Lost 10.25
Or “Mad Myroh”, as I've decided to call him! He really is completely off his trolley but in a good way - I love him, he is such a clown! Very impressed with your circles today Sandra, with forward work being the main problem. We had to wait a bit for HF whilst the little dear told the world he was gonna do it. Over and over again. Once Sandra managed to interrupt him he put in a really nice round, again forward work and some drifting to mark here. His sets could be tidier, various errors to address – anticipation, dropping the dumbbell and a crooked bum fore and aft. But on the whole he's just a brilliant fun dog! Well done!
1.75 HOL, 5.75 HF, 1.25 Rec, 1.5 Ret

3rd Mandy Korndorfer with FROOP (Cardi Corgi) Lost 11.75
Mandy and Froop had a jolly good stab at the Novice test, Froop's little legs going like pistons as he gamely tackled the round. A few too many errors in the heelwork today Mandy, but all credit to you for producing such happy little dogs who try their best. Very good set exercises, fast and keen with just crooked presents and finishes to mark.  Well done again!
5.25 HOL, 5.25 HF, 0.75 Rec, 0.5 Ret

4th Loes Houmes with SEVEN DE BRUINE BUCK (Groen) Lost 14
Overall a far superior round to your Beginners, Loes. Much better circle work from Nala, only a couple of inattentive moments causing a tight lead, HF was also much better with mostly wide work on the straights and some wide turns to mark. Really cracking retrieve, recall just spoilt by the very wide hesitant finish. Did another stand stay (wonder if it's worth having her checked out?) but well done!
3 HOL, 5 HF, 1.25 Rec, 0.5 Ret, 4.25 Sit stay

5th Gerard Rietjens with SONG OF SKY YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART (BC) Lost 21.25
Sky is a very able but very frustrating little dog, he has the potential to do really well if he would only concentrate on the job in hand; he is very easily distracted! Gerard works very hard to get him to engage in the hw and asked him for some spins and twists hence the high mark in HF, and the little bit of training we did during the lunch break proved that he isn't a lost cause by any means. I think you need to lower your criteria in the ring and get some good constructive training rounds under your belt rather than letting him dictate where and when he decides to engage with you during competition. Did do a lovely retrieve to redeem himself somewhat! Well done, keep at it!
4 HOL, 12.25 HF, 4.5 Rec, 0.5 Ret

Class B
5 entries
5 ran
Many thanks to Trudy Groenenboom for undertaking ring duties for me and Chantal for manning (or womanning!) the scoreboard. Unfortunately I have completely forgotten who decoyed – whoever you were, I thank you! The round was pretty straightforward with a combination of technical stuff, circles and so on, but for the second time I had to withhold first as overall the work wasn't up to a high enough standard for this class, although in fairness my potential winner (Tiny Bouchaut with her fabulous RAZZLE DAZZLE) opted to miss stays as she didn't want this win yet – absolutely the handler's prerogative.

1st …...

2nd Ton v. Santen with CLAN OF STORK'S JAGUAR (Beardie)
Completed all the exercises today but overall the work was a little too untidy and uncommitted, especially in the sets. However the hw wasn't bad, steady and quite accurate with a good change of pace, FP being the best section; Troy was inattentive at SP which lead to some wide work and errors on turns. Well done, he can definitely work better but it was quite warm in the afternoon and he does have a lot of hair....

3rd Martine Verhoeven with SILENT DREAMS NAPAYSHNI (BC)
Such a shame about the SA today Martine after a very good round of hw, the NP and SP were brilliant, with just the right balance of keenness and accuracy. Needed a little help in FP and also in retrieve but finished with a well worked and confident scent. Will win his Bs after a little bit of extra winter homework! Well done, lovely teamwork.

4th  Tiny Bouchaut with RAZZLE-DAZZLE (BC)
Won my B back in May and to be honest would probably happily compete several times a day every day, he's like a Duracell bunny – just keeps going! However you wouldn't want your stick of dynamite to fizzle out when you're a long time in C, so Tiny neatly side stepped this win. His sheer enthusiasm does mean errors creep in over the round but hopefully this will be carefully reined in over the next few months whilst keeping his wonderful attitude – I have no doubt Tiny will consolidate his work over the winter.

So that was the weekend that was – we always have a fabulous time no matter what. After the prize giving Sarah and I were presented with a lovely set of SA markers each depicting the famous Zaltbommel black dog, tuggy and sweets. We said tutties to our friends, Martin trundled off to return with a delicious Chinese takeaway (I only ever have one a year and this it it!)
As well as the SA markers we had to find room for a vast quantity of leads made specially to order by Angela as well as some secret stuff which we can't mention, a quick calculation estimated an additional 5kg each to the hold luggage with my rucksack perilously close to the 12kg limit as well. I nobly abandoned the hosepipe and scourers (we have about 400m of hose and scourers are literally two a penny) and we managed to ram everything in, apart from my hairspray which was an item too far; I'm a bit miffed as both Tesco and Sainsbury seem to have stopped stocking it. It was the best hairspray, raspberry flavoured.....
The automatic bag drop at Schipol is now a run of the mill experience for us, mind you we were relieved to see our bags were still well under the allowance (visions of the poor little Fokker visibly sagging in mid-flight. Incidentally the KLM Fokker 70 will have its last flight on October 28th, replaced by the Embraer 190 and 175. We will miss this lovely aircraft and I'm sure the KLM crews will too).
For some reason the security bod wanted to examine my camera, which would have been fine except extracting it was a technical nightmare – unzipping the front access pocket with a cheesy smile didn't cut the mustard either, no, the whole thing had to be unpacked; there was a minor clothing explosion, I yanked out the damn camera bag, opening it to reveal more leads. Did he even look at anything? No. Arrghh. Then we had the whole staring lovingly into the passport camera ID machine thing. I don't know why they struggle with my eyeballs, it's not as if I stand there with them independently swivelling. Needless to say Mrs Connell was whisked through without a second thought....
For once we didn't taxi halfway across Holland and were back on home turf within 40 minutes!
Many thanks to Martin and Esther for their hospitality and generosity, we'll be back in 2018 for more chips and may we PLEASE go on a train again? I'll even sacrifice a plate of chips...
Thank you to all the competitors, helpers and stewards who helped make it another great weekend – I really hope no one caught my lurgy – I was flat out on the sofa for four days when I got home, moaning and dribbling!  
PS Can't believe I forgot to mention the Red Arrows!
That's all folks, enjoy your dogs.
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