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29-08-2015 Rob Summerfield

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Show Report
Show: Dogcenter Kerkwijk
Date: 29/08/2015
Class: B & C
Judge: Rob Summerfield
Make yourselves comfortable, grab a bottle of wine and settle down….

Getting up at 4am is right up there in the pantheon of World’s Most Stupid Ideas, together with electric nasal hair trimmers and reversible shoes. Nonetheless Summerfield and Connell joined the ranks of bleary-eyed businessmen playing Candy Crush Saga on their laptops at Norwich Airport, looking forward to a day of sightseeing in Amsterdam before heading south to the Dogcenter. 

Somehow we negotiated checking in, baggage drop off and boarding without any cock ups and took off into blue skies and sunshine. However as we neared Schiphol a bank of cloud was clearly visible and signalled the intentions of the weather for the day. Still, it remained dry and we hopped on a train for Amsterdam, managed to find the suitcase parking lockers and operate one without resorting to exceedingly bad language. With the guidebook and popup map safely tucked away in my rucksack, we pottered along Damrak, through Dam Square and into the Nine Streets area looking for a particularly nice café on Prinsengracht which I had frequented the previous year. We tucked into an extremely fortifying breakfast as a fine drizzle began – hardly the type of weather to deter a couple of Brits. I was keen to visit the Delft museum to replace my lovely silver clog earrings, one of which had vanished during a major hedge trimming event last summer, and to pop into a cheese shop for some cheese (obviously), so we tootled down to the Flower market, taking some FB friendly pics on the way via the Anne Frank house and Westerkerk. The drizzle continued, we purchased various items – Sarah acquiring some tins of something which are perfectly legal and turn into little trees. We strolled onwards, collecting a couple of confused English tourists who were lost and trying to find somewhere to change their money; at this point the rain upped its game and turned into a series of power showers, so we took our new friends back to the Flower market with directions back to Dam Square and after consulting the guide book we decided to hop on a tram and head to the Vondelpark and the Hollandsche Manege. Unfortunately Sarah had spotted a sign which said “bank” and sent our lost souls there, somehow they spotted us and were rather cross that it hadn’t been a bank after all. We were unable to shed any light on the reason why a bank wasn’t a bank but there you go!
The Horse Museum is tucked away in a little side street, we spent a considerable time there wandering through the stables, talking to the residents and enjoying coffee and biscuits while watching a lesson (rather amateur rider and bored horse); the rain was still hosing down and I toyed with the idea of amusing Sarah by booking a riding lesson, but at this point we were still disguised as plucky Brits and ventured out into the murk to the Vondelpark, which was relatively deserted apart from some die-hard joggers and a lady who had lost one of her nine dogs (the rest were waiting in a bicycle-cum-trolley-cum-basket affair, or trotting resignedly after her as she frantically whistled and called). I hope the little guy turned up eventually! At this point I made my first mistake, turning right on the Vondel Bridge instead of left. Result – one large blister (me), unreadable guide book map, two extremely wet and fed up Brits (although Mrs. Smug had Gortex feet and an umbrella), and an urge to demolish the bloody Rijksmuseum brick by brick. Even a local postman sent us the wrong way. Finally we managed to get ourselves back on the popup map, which was no longer capable of functioning as such, and found our way back to Prinsengracht, desperate for a hot beverage and cake. De Hoek was closed. The torrential rain continued, we trudged back along Damrak, stopping briefly at C&A to purchase socks, cheap leisure trousers etc. and fell into the first restaurant we came to; by this time we were almost an hour behind schedule and still had to reclaim the suitcases and catch a train down to ‘s-Hertogenbosch to meet Esther and Martin! Whilst fishing out some euros I discovered that the ticket for the locker was limp and rather damp and the barcode was decidedly blurred, luckily the machine recognised it. 

Tickets were purchased without mishap; we phoned Martin to explain why we were still at Centraal and leapt on a train for Maastricht. Which promptly broke down. Once again we were indebted to a gorgeous young Dutch chap who helped translate the tannoy announcements, and we finally arrived at our destination, apologising to our hosts who had been kicking their heels at the station for hours!
After a meal and a brief tour of the facilities – TEN heated training halls with brickweave floors, a restaurant and agility barn, two fields, BBQ facilities and lots more (I’m just waiting for that Lottery win now) we retired to our caravan and buried ourselves under the duvets.
Friday was warm and dry, so we had a leisurely day looking round the Dogcenter in more detail in the morning and then lunch at De roskam on the river Waal, watching the barges. Martin had given us a quick guided tour of the area and offered to drop us in Zaltbommel for a couple of hours for more sightseeing. We had a lovely time wandering around the pretty cobbled streets in the sunshine, for once managing to be collected at the right place at the right time! Back at the Dogcenter we spent the evening working through the rounds for Saturday, Esther had eaten, drank and slept my C round for at least a week so was absolutely foot perfect! The campers had started to arrive and the venue had a real buzz by the evening as we renewed our friendships and chatted in the restaurant.
Saturday morning promised a hot and dry day, and so it was. Scorchio as they say. Class C for me and Class A for Sarah to kick off, with a good number of entries in each. By the time C stays were due the mercury was doing the high jump so we retired indoors into the cool for that exercise, the handlers wishing to train were able to do so on the other side of a low barrier and with their own OOS exit if they wanted to use it. An extra special thank you to Peter Van de Velde for officiating as Chief Stay Steward over the weekend as well as taking all the photos!
The C class was a bit of a mixed bag with some silly mistakes from various teams spoiling otherwise good rounds, the ASSD stand was a problem which I felt some handlers rushed into by neglecting to check the card after the first position. SAs were very good indeed, only a couple of dogs pulling up short; the heat affected the hw somewhat in terms of commitment. Many thanks to my ring party, Esther, Angela and Monique for a great job.

Class C
Ring steward – Esther Brouwer
Score – Angela Kroon
Decoy – Monique Barten
21 entries

1st Ellen Reijenga with BORDERS FOR JOY LOST FOR WORDS (BC)
A good solid round from Ellen and Ziggy, keeping their heads whilst others lost theirs! Excellent DC and clear scent; the hw was punctuated by various minor errors, drifting and inverting and some wide turns in FP. Ret and SA could be sharper to avoid unnecessary loss of marks. Nice handling throughout, congratulations on winning today!
Lost 16.25 HW, 1.25 Ret, 1.25 SA, 0.5 Down stay Total 19.25

2nd Marianne v.d. Ster with AMAZING YODA OF ALBION’S MARCH (BC)
Missing the first position on DC was expensive, otherwise who knows? Yoda wasn’t firing on all cylinders in the hw, with wide work evident in all paces and a tendency to invert on left turns which we can probably attribute to the weather. Solid sets helped this team finishing with a good scent. Well done!
Lost 13.5 HW, 0.5 Ret, 1 SA, 6 DC, 0.25 Scent Total 21.25

3rd ARO Annemarie Ibelings with ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS PHOEBE (BC)
Provided us with by far the most entertainment of the day! Great hw from this little stick of dynamite, bouncing along and thoroughly enjoying herself, fast and committed ret and DC. Brilliant SA, until Phoebe anticipated the call up. Annemarie called her and just as she stuck out her left arm Phoebe arrived, saw the signal and slammed on the brakes, performing what must be the fastest ever ASSD stand on record! Cue collapse of ring party and handler! Well done, smart and engaging team with added comedy value!
Lost 9.25 HW, 13 SA, 0.5 Scent Total 22.75

One of the teams which had problems with the ASSD stand in an otherwise excellent round of hw, the FP being particularly noteworthy. Made a bit of a meal of the ret article as well as being unwilling to relinquish his scourer, and anticipated the last position on DC. Finished with a good scent though and Inge’s handling was very neat and tidy. Well done!
Lost 12.75 HW, 4 Ret, 1 SA, 4 DC, 1 Scent Total 22.75

5th Angela Kroon with ABSOLUTE GROOVY (WS)
As with Inge and Wojhi, Angela and Groovy came to grief on the ASSD stand which cost half the hw marks. Such a shame as the rest was super, plenty of drive and commitment in all paces. Missed a DC position as well, but the ret was a thing of beauty! Had a minor break in the down stay which was a pity. Finished with a good confident scent; another overseas team who can hold their own in the UK, well done!
Lost 12 HW, 1.75 SA, 6.5 DC, 0.5 Scent, 4 Down stay Total 24.75

Highlight of the round was the DC, a tendency to drift and lose position the main problem in hw along with the ASSD pick ups. Unfortunately Mitch exited the ring for a comfort break and was duly penalised. When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, as they say! Redeemed himself at the end of the day with a clear scent. Well done on making the line up.
Lost 18.75 HW, 0.75 Ret, 7.25 SA Total 26.75
The bestest round of the day by a country mile was from Bernou ter Voorde with NAMASTE HOPE OF LIZZY. Placed in my C at Woburn and today producing a stunning round with clear sets and brilliant flowing stylish hw but came to grief in scent. An absolute joy to watch.

Class B
Ring steward – Ellen Reijenga
Score – Karin Stegmeijer
16 entries, 14 ran

Rather a mixed bag in B, with half the class opting for training. The Spraying of the Dotted Lines was a bit of a rush job and was slightly off line, my apologies for that as it made the hw a bit trickier but handlers were told to aim for the judge to make life easier. I expect many wished they could have aimed something heavy with nails sticking out of it….
Once again my thanks to the ring party for a job well done in the sun!

A highly successful weekend for this accomplished team, winning this class and Pre-Beginners on Saturday (yep, that’s right folks!) and placed in Novice and B on Sunday. Don’t think for a minute it was some kind of fluke, Freez powered through the round easily with Sandra in tow, strong and committed hw accompanied by excellent sets leaving them with a bucket load of points to play with before scent, which was superb. Very impressive, congratulations!
Lost 6.25 HW, 0.25 Ret, 0.5 SA, 0.25 Scent Total 7.25

2nd Christine Peska with DUMF AND GALWY JEFFERSON (BC)
Won my ‘A’ last year, today not really focused in hw and losing heavily for wide work and some lagging due to his inattentiveness. Sets were a different story, being clean and fast. I’m sure the hw can be brought back to its previous level by Christine, he is more than capable of winning his Bs. Well done!
Lost 14.5 HW, 0.75 Ret, 0.25 SA, 0.25 Scent Total 15.75

3rd Monique van Urk with MOLLYNRIO’S SPECIAL JON T (WS)
Jon T is settling into his B work nicely in Monique’s experienced hands after a successful visit to the UK; the hw was pretty much all there with some excellent passages in NP and SP, just some loss of position in FP to work on. Had a bit of a field day in the sets which in this class can cost you dearly – an EC needed in ret and anticipated the call up in SA. Completed the ring work with a confident scent. Well done!
Lost 7 HW, 4.5 Ret, 5 SA, 0.5 Scent Total 17

4th Karl van den Bosch with INK OF MARANNS HOME (BC)
When a dog has film star looks on a par with George Clooney you can forgive him just about anything - he is jaw droppingly gorgeous and knows it! Wide work was the main problem today in hw (mostly due to Ink acknowledging his fans, no doubt!) coupled with some random errors through the set exercises. Very good handling from Karl throughout, well done!
Lost 10.5 HW, 1.5 Ret, 4 SA, 3 Scent Total 19

5th Claudia Leijs with SILVERWOODS PRIDE ICE (BC)
Claudia and Gimmick completed all the exercises and were rewarded with this place. A rather untidy round of hw with wide work in all paces being the main problem. Some expensive errors in the sets too; chomping the hosepipe and refusing to let go and anticipation and an EC in the SA. A stay wobble added some more points; worked the cloths thoroughly in scent but didn’t fancy his own, unfortunately! Well done on making the line up anyway!
Lost 11.5 HW, 4 Ret, 6 SA, 5.5 Down stay, 20 Scent Total 47.5
So that was Saturday, the evening BBQ was totes fab with much food (note to self: pork belly, must get some) and many beers. Fell into bed at an obscenely early hour.
Also accidentally dismantled caravan.
To be continued…….
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