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29-11-2015 Jean Payne

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 29/11/2015
Class: Pre Beginners, Class A, Class B
Judge: Jean Payne


Some of  the competitors will have had me as their judge at 2 shows this year – this second trip over to Holland was in place of the scheduled judge who was unable to make the daydue to personal reasons – I send my best wishes to her.
As always , when I visit Holland , I was made to feel very welcome and was looked after all day – even having my drinks poured out for me!! On this occasion Suzy Tooley accompanied me – her first trip to a Dutch Show – A very accomplished and successful handler in England – 14 tickets with one dog ,now retired , and 2  ( so far !! ) with her 2 year old bitch . She also enjoyed your hospitality.
My first class was low in entries but the Winner could easily have won in bigger company. :-  
PRE – BEGINNER  -  Anette Weber with  B/C  ‘HENRY’  Definitely in a class of their own – lost a total of 0.75 points  - just  0 .25points on each of the exercises. Congratulations !
Thank you to Sandra Prerson and Marian De Yongh for giving their time to man the Scoreboard and to Ring Steward.

CLASS ‘ A ‘      Ring Steward  - Esther Brouwer
                        Scoreboard  -  Barjo Blom
Stays and Scent  exercises affected the final  placings in this class  - But they count !!
FIRST  -    Brigitte Gestel  v   with        B/C  ‘MAYZIE   \congratulations on winning this class – you really deserved to !!  Only little things to mark but do be aware of what your head and shoulders are doing!!! Lost  5 points.
SECOND  -  Joop Gijs with  B/C  ‘MEG ‘  Calm gentle handling encouraged lovely attention from the dog . A first class join up on the Recall and a very sensible , honest and neat Retrieve. Well  Done . Lost 6.5 points.
THIRD  -  Rineke Smit  with  W/S  ‘SAMMY ‘. WOW!! – Did you move fast on Heelwork – I had  to  move up a gear  to keep up with you !  A fast totally accurate Recall was very impressive. So much potential – just be aware of body signals creeping in !
FOURTH   -  Loes Houmes     with  GROENENDAELER   ‘NALA ‘  Extra commands were costly today but needed I would say. Well Done.
FIFTH  -  Sandra Pierson with B/C        ‘GOWAH ‘  What a gorgeous dog and what a ‘looker’!   Oh  - but for that Sit Stay!!   
SIXTH  -  Karola Beckers with  B/C  ‘ SJIMMY ‘  Whoops ! on both Scent and Stays – Another Day – I hope!
Thank you very much to Estther who kindly guided the competitors through the tests and acted as interpreter a few times – How ashamed mant of us Brits should be when the Dutch move from one language to another and so freely!
Someone else who is double Bilingual is Barjo Blom. An unexpected surprise to find her on thr Scoreboard – as she was our host for 2 evenings and hadn’t said a word!! Thanks Barjo
CLASS ‘B’ Ring Steward  -  Annemarie Ibelings
              Scoreboard   -   Paul v Dijk
               Decoy    -   Yvonne v     Alphen
FIRST   -   Christine  Pestka   with     B/C  ‘JORIS ‘    Looking at my judging sheet I note for every test I have written – LOVELY / A JOY TO WATCH  !!  Very neat and precise Fab  controlled non-fussy handling ! Eye catching. Very little in the way of marks!! A truly magnificent round. Many Congratulations on a very well deserved win.      Lost    2.5 points..        
SECOND  -  Trudy Groenenboom   with    GOLDIE  ‘ Ti ‘     Nothing major to mark  - just bits and pieces which , as we all know , do add up. With just a little ‘tightening up ‘ I am sure you will see immediate results.. Good Luck.  Lost  13 points.
THIRD  -  Rineke Smit with       W/S ‘ ROBBERDEBOBSKI ASCENTIONDAY PRESENT ‘  Generally very nice – Had to penalise ‘dog talk ‘ quite heavily ( something I hate doing if I think it is because the dog is ‘saying he is enjoying himself’ – that was very costly. A good  Sendaway . Well Done.                     Lost  14 points.
FOURTH  -  Esther Brouwer with B/C   ‘ BEST FELLOW KIEFER OF CLOVER CORNER ‘  Neat Heelwork and a beautiful   ‘    textbook  ‘ Retrieve – the only clear of the class!  And then came the Sendaway! Oh Dear  -  What a shame ! Clear Scent and Stays . Could have been your day – next time – I hope.
FIFTH  -  Karin Spanhaak  with BOUVIER DES FLANDRES  ‘ NEO LESTER v CAYA’S HOME ‘  Well Done on gaining this place and Good Luck for your next Show.
SIXTH  -  Monique v Urk  with  W/S  ‘ JONTI ‘  So so close if you forget the Sendaway.A magnificent Dog in Monique’s experienced hands can only go to ‘the top’ I wish you much Luck and success.
Thank you to Annemarie for giving her time to Steward ,once again, for me.I really do appreciate your support. Thanks too’ go to Yvonne for giving up an hour to decoy Scent. And then there’s Paul. Thank you ,thank you – you must know ,by now, how much I enjoy having your support on the Scoreboard – hopefully see you again next year .
I cannot close this report without thanking Monique and her team for thinking of me to judge for some of my most favourite people.
TO Marin Brouwer who runs the Refreshments  Café – it was good to see you again. – The tea is wonderful.
And now to Barjo Blom who travelled to and from the Airport and the n offered us homely hospitality in her home. Banquets for breakfast and the very best in evening meals – I felt very spoilt. – Thank you so much. Give your lovely puppy-dog ,QB , a cuddle from me – He is scrumptious.
TO ALL THE COMPETITORS  and anyone I might have missed – Thank you for making my day with  you a special one. I thoroughly enjoyed my day in the company of you and your lovely dogs.
Jean Payne
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