3-11-2018 Kate McCartney - The Dutch Obedience Society

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3-11-2018 Kate McCartney

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Show Report
Show: NK Obedience 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 3/11/2018
Class A
Judge: Kate McCartney

DOS Championships
Saturday 3rd November 2018
Judge            Kate McCartney
Steward         Hans
Scoreboard   Jutta
Class A

Firstly I would like to thank Sharon for inviting me to accompany her this weekend.  I would also like to thank the DOS for inviting me to judge Class A.  The hospitality was second to none; we were so well looked after all weekend.  Nothing was too much trouble.  The company was exceptional.  They catered for our every need and it was lovely on Saturday evening when quite a few came to have dinner with us in the hotel.  The meal was gorgeous and so much choice YUM YUM.  It was really nice to get to know people away from the pressure of running the show.  Also to see everyone making an effort to be dressed nicely for the event.  It was a cracking event and the DOS should be proud of themselves for making it such a special weekend.
Poor Michael was stuck with the three of us all weekend and really deserves a medal……………   although calling us the Golden Girls was a bit below the belt….  I actually don’t think Lisa looks like Sophia at all LOL  
Thanks to Hans – supersteward and to my trusty scoreboard marker Jutta  -

The Dream Team
The standard today was really high with my winning partnership being exceptional.  They will surely go on to bigger better things (oh they did they won B too).  Michael and I judged here in Holland earlier in the year and I’m delighted to say the standard was much improved.  All without exception put their dogs first – and worked the round as a team.  The enthusiasm & attitude from the dogs was a credit to you.  Scent was a completely different story ………………… suffice to say I think a lot of scent training will be going on over the winter.
Now to the important bits:-

1st Domini Gùnther with Extra Hot Biribi BC– Paige
An absolute outstanding round of heelwork from this pairing; this team really attacked the round Domini’s handling left nothing to chance and they produced a stunning round.  Even the blip in scent couldn’t keep them from the top spot.  Well Done and the very best of luck for the future/
2nd Elly Kooyman with Calvin BC– Calvin
A good workman like round from Elly & Calvin. He holds a really nice position, good sets and a good scent secured this place for them.  Congratulations
3rd Carolin Ellerhausen with Fellowscreek Gingers Red Final ASD  - Scarlett
I loved this team and was delighted to see them in the line-up at the end of the day.  Congratulations a well-schooled team that just made a few minor errors on the day.
4th Frans de Groot with Day BC – Day  I feel Frans & Day didn’t perform as well as they could have today – I think nerves played a big part in that.  But a credible round with a couple of marks being lost on stays put this team down the places.  Well Done
5th Gerard Rietjens with Song of Sky you’ll be in my heart BC – Sky This team was a true partnership – both in harmony.  Gerard handled Sky so sympathetically it was such a pleasure to judge them.  Congratulations
6th Claudia Leijs with Silverwood’s Pride Ice BC – Gimmick A much improved team from the summer when I judged them.  Very well done I was so pleased to see you in the line-up.
Judges Special went to Oliver Gùnther with Extra Hot Arbibi – Zoom – A round of outstanding quality gave the winner (his wife) a run for their money.  Sadly came to grief in scent but most definitely a team to that will go far.
Thanks and enjoy your dogs – they are never with us long enough
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