3-11-2018 Michael McCartney - The Dutch Obedience Society

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3-11-2018 Michael McCartney

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Show Report
Show: NK Obedience 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 3/11/2018
Class B
Judge: Michael McCartney

Many thanks to Sharon and the DOS for the invitation to judge at their 2018 championships.  It was a real honour and a privilege and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend.   
We were so well looked after; hotel was brill, food amazing & company exceptional (Kate told me to write the bit about the company).  I had the railway children in tow – Sharon, Lisa and Kate.  It made getting on and off the trains somewhat of an event…………..  I actually thought Lisa had a body in her suitcase!!!  We laughed from meeting at Schiphol airport on Friday to departing from the airport on Monday.  
We arrived Friday and went to see the venue and was suitably impressed – the DOS so exceptionally well to continually hold this event and personally I feel more people could come along to support it – this way it would be more viable and give it the prestige it deserves.   
I was invited to judge Class B on Saturday Isabella was fantastic as my steward ad not a paw wrong all day.  We kept on our toes by the incredibility funny Jutta – thank you both for an entertaining day.
1st Dominique Günther with with Extra Hot Biribi BC Paige - Fresh from winning A this morning.  This team floated around the ring, teamwork at its very best.  It was a pleasure to award you first place – Certainly a team that should go far.
2nd Maraike Bartelsen Fast Little Wizard BC MIK – Excellent set exercises ensured this team would finish in the placings.  Congratulations
3rd Anja  de Pagter Borders for Joy Make My Day Maggi BC Maggi  - Worked first today and their if only was a wee blip with the Sendaway.  A well deserved place in good company.
4th Tiny Bouchart Razzle- Dazzle BC Dazzle – This is a team that really impressed me today.  Tiny’s handling skills are to be admired; they really worked as a team.  Congratulations and good luck for the future.
5th Elly Kooyman Calvin BC Calvin – Excellent heelwork from this pairing, set exercises let them down today but on this showing I certainly think they have the ability to go all the way to the top.
6th Claudia Leijs with Silverwood’s Pride Ice BC – Gimmick  Naughty Gimmick in the sit stay…. This team won A under me earlier in the year and I certainly noticed a bit improvement with both Gimmick and Claudia.  Well done and keep up the good work.
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