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30-05-2015 Bronwyn Bartley & Roy Page

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Show Report
Show: Schiedam
Date: 30/05/2015
Class: Novice, Class A, Class B, Class C
Judge:  Bronwyn Bartley & Roy Page

Once again I’d like to offer our very sincere thanks to the Dutch Obedience Society and Monique van Urk for the invitation for both of us to judge at this show held at their lovely venue at Schiedam.  A good grass surface providing plenty of room for the working rings, the stay ring, tent area and exercising the dogs etc.  Our hosts for the weekend were Rick and Jan van Veeren and our time with them over the whole weekend was really relaxed and enjoyable.  We had a great weekend with them and I thank them on behalf of both of us for their kindness.  Here’s hoping that Magic has a long and happy retirement Rick.  At the Show our thanks go to everyone involved in any way with the organisation and running of the Show, especially of course our ring stewards, scoreboard stewards and decoys, not forgetting Peter van de Velde and his excellent team of stay stewards.
Bronwyn Bartley and Roy Page
Those who made the line-up in the classes we judged were as follows:
NOVICE         25 Entries
Ring Steward  -  Tiny Bouchout        Scoreboard  -  The irrepressible Jutta van Damme (Okey Dokey)
A very competitive class today but unfortunately stays took their toll with 7 of the dogs losing substantial amounts.  This was a pity as there were some good dogs in the class and amongst them was the leading team Bianca Gerritse and her Australian Kelpie LUCKY PLAYER DINKY-DI-DUTCH who I’m sure will make amends before too long.  Thanks to Tiny for her excellent stewarding and to Jutta who did a great job on the scoreboard and kept us all smiling.
1st  94¼ pts.  Kordula Bredenbals and her Australian Shepherd REALLY REAL KISSING BARON.  Kordula and Barley had travelled all the way from Germany, ran first and then had to do it all again at the end in a very close run-off to secure this well deserved win.  A great achievement Kordula and I wish you and your dog much success in the future.
2nd  94¼ pts.  Jose Flierman and her Border Collie BEAUTIFUL DAY’S DAZZLING LOOX.  Some nice heelwork from Jose and Dazzle, the anticipation to the stand before moving off being costly.  This team should be winning at this level before long.
3rd  93¾ pts.  Natalie Knaack-Enkelmann and her Mechelse Herder (Malinois) INDEPENDENT SPIRIT’S KENTUCKY.  Some very nice work from Natalie and Kentucky, the heel free being particularly impressive and much better than on the lead. 
4th  91¾ pts.   Sandra Tournaye and her Border Collie CANEN LITTLE MISS GIGGLES.  Sandra and Giggles deserved their place in the line-up today – just need to tighten up their heelwork a little.  Good luck with her.
5th  87½ pts.  Ingrid Eekman and her Border Collie BORDERS FOR JOY NEVER GIVE UP METAL  (Metal)  Well done Ingrid.
6th  87¼ pts.  Karen Selhorst and her Australian Shepherd DYLAN.  Good luck Karen
Judge:  Roy Page
CLASS A          24 Entries
Ring Steward: Cees Groen     Scoreboard Steward: Jutta van Damme
This was a fairly open class.  Of the 13 dogs attempting the stays, 6 of them came unstuck and then 3 scent failures in what was a fairly untidy exercise today!  Many thanks for Cees for stewarding so well and Jutta once again for keeping a very tidy and happy scoreboard
1st 144 pts.  Monique v. Urk and her Working Sheepdog MOLLY’NRIO’S SPECIAL JONT.  A lovely round from Monique and JonT.  Very promising heelwork which started well and got even better as the round went on.  Excellent Recall and Retrieve and even the untidy scent couldn’t prevent them gaining a well deserved and comfortable win.  Congratulations and best wishes for a successful future.
2nd 141 pts.  Ton v. Santen and Bearded Collie CLAN OF STORK’S JAGUAR.  A nice round from Ton and Troy with the handler being responsible for some of the marks lost today.  Best scent in the class.  Should do well.
3rd 135 pts.  Karl v.d. Bosch and Border Collie INK OF MARANNS HOME.  Another round where the handler was responsible for many of the points lost.  Will improve I’m sure Karl.
4th 132¼ pts.  Rineke Smit and Working Sheepdog ROBBERDEBOBSKI ASCENSIONDAY PRESENT.  Really nice heelwork from Rineke and Robby but the untidy scent and broken sit stay prevented a higher place today.
5th  130½ pts.  Ingrid Eekman and Border Collie BORDERS FOR JOY NEVER GIVE UP METAL.  Well done on getting in the line-up in both of the classes I judged today Ingrid.  One to watch I think.
6th  128½ pts.  Claudia Leijs and Border Collie SILVERWOODS PRIDE ICE.  A decent round from Claudia and Ice spoilt by the untidy scent and broken sit stay.  Capable of better.
Judge:  Roy Page

Once again Roy and I had a great time in Holland. Many thanks to Monique for the invitation to judge, and to Rick and John for putting up with us for the weekend. 
This time I judged Class C in the morning and Class B in the afternoon. 
There were a number of training rounds in both classes which was not a problem as far as I was concerned but I shall now write my reports on these classes as I know Roy has already written much more on behalf of both of us, regarding our thanks for being looked after so well. 
However, I must thank the people who stewarded and helped me during the day:
My scoreboard steward for both classes was Paul v. Dijk, and what a great job he did.
My steward for Class C was Krist Krommen, excellent, I couldn't have wished for better.
Finally my decoy steward was Ton v Santen, many thanks for your help.
My steward in Class B was Annemarie Ibelings, many thanks for a job well done.
My decoy steward in Class B was Jan Waterberg, again many thanks for your help.
Now to the results:-
Class C
1st – Christine Pestka with Argo – Border Collie – Losing 21½ points
2nd -  Annemarie Ibelings with Absolutely Fabulous Phoebe - W/S Losing 27½ points
3rd -   Ingrid Eekman with Borders for Joy Infinate Fidelity – Border Collie  Losing 50½ points
4th  -  Guus Scholten with Danesway Duet – W/S Losing 53 points – 45 of which was failing scent
5th  -  Angela Kroon with Absolutely Groovy  -  W/S Losing 72½ points – again 45 for failing scent
6th  -  Ivonne v.d. Meer with AbFab Irausquinn  -  W/S Losing 109½ points. Another scent failure
Class B
1st -  Isabella van Damme  with Absolutely Fabulous Biene  -  W/S Losing 11 points
2nd - Tiny Bouchaut with Razzle-Dazzle – Border Collie  -  Losing 21 points
3rd  - Margreet Mijnsbergen with Djinga from the Go-Getters  -  Golden Retriever – Losing 41 points
4th  -  Rick Veeran with Deltamadog Dragon Attack -  Border Collie – Losing 75 points
5th  -  Christine Pestka with Dumf and Galwy Jefferson  -  Border Collie  -  Losing 80 points
Before closing I must mention Rick who retired Magic today in C while Guus and Gucci worked a lovely round but failed scent.
Enjoy your dogs  -  Bronwyn Bartley  
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