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30-08-2015 Sarah Connell

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Show Report
Show: Dogcenter Kerkwijk
Date: 30/08/2015
Class: Class B & Class C
Judge: Sarah Connell
Dutch Obedience Society - Dogcentre, Kedwijk - 30/8/15
Judge - Sarah Connell
Part 2

So Sunday morning dawns and brings with it rain, lots of rain. Team Summerfield and Connell stir, Rob puts on the kettle, the coffee maker and a light and, pop, everything goes off!! Oh poo, no tea or in Robs case, coffee. After much searching for the control panel in the caravan, I give up and inform Martin that Rob has blown the caravan electrics! With a look of resignation, he announces he will sort it out later – poor chap, it’s not like he hadn’t got a lot to do what with sorting breakfasts out etc. etc. etc!
Anyway, on the plus side, it had stopped raining and things were looking significantly brighter. By the time the competition started, it was pretty warm so the decision to hold all stay exercises inside was made – great decision as the day went from warm to hot, to hotter, to tropical hot and steamy, very steamy! The dogs all coped amazingly well with the heat, the water filled dyke proved a popular spot! Todays Judging for me was classes B & C, starting off with C. Again, Rob and I were looked after incredibly well. Cold drinks were in constant supply, we were certainly not going to be allowed to dehydrate any time soon.

Class C – Ring Steward Martin Brouwer, score Susi Huber
Thank you to Martin for stewarding this class, despite being the man of the moment all weekend. You were so busy rushing around doing all sorts of jobs but, still had time to ring steward, and very well at that. Also, Susi, thanks for your score duties. I may well have got you and Karin the wrong way around on the classes but your help was very much appreciated whichever class it was, as was Karins, thank you.
There were 14 entries, all 14 ran of which 5 were training rounds from the off. The round was, once again, pretty straightforward thus allowing all teams to stride out and, hopefully get the best out of their dogs whether experienced or inexperienced at this level. All teams gave a good account of themselves and left the ring happy with their achievements. Stays were again conducted by Peter, thank you so much, and were all shortened! Huge commiserations though to Karin Stegmeijer who was firm leader after the initial round only to come unstuck on scent – such a shame but you took it SO well.

1st Place, Angela Kroon with Absolute Groovy (Groovy), WS - Lost 12. Some good solid h/w by Angela and Groovy. Fast pace was the most expensive with Groovy being unable to maintain a straight position and a little jumpy. Positions on the move done pretty well but a double sit into the sit position and jumping into the stand being marked. Retrieve on a packet of tissues caused no major issue, just a slight pounce on the pick-up and a bit of mouthing. DC was spot on, nice sharp positions with minimal movement. S/A on target but a wrong turn by Angela after the pick-up was an unnecessary loss of points! Finished off with a super clear scent which clinched your win. Many congratulations Angela, you were a pleasure to judge.

2nd Place, Cees Groen with Nice of you to come bye Keen Kite (Mitch), BC – lost 20 ½. First in the running order and set a good standard. H/w was pretty good with Mitch showing he understood what was required of him. Losses of position along the way at all paces lost marks. ASSD was super, really sharp positions but marred by slightly wide pick-ups. Retrieve produced a pounce on the pick-up of the article but otherwise spot on. DC, again very smart, fast and sharp positions with minimal movement. S/A proved very expensive – Mitch hesitated and then stopped at the front markers so Cees dropped him short (good decision in the circumstances). Scent itself was good in discrimation terms but a drop of the cloth and an off centre present lost marks. Unlucky today Cees but well done on your well deserved place.

3rd Place, Brigitte van Gestel with Joyful Life v Benvenida’s Joy (Djuna), BC – Lost 23. Super attitude by this lovely dog. However, wide on all turns in all paces and poor left turns (didn’t complete them) caused lost marks in h/w. ASSD positions were good but pick-ups into h/w, again, wide. Retrieve was well done but mouthing the article in present position, albeit straight, lost marks! S/A was superbly fast and straight and hit the required spot brilliantly but the pick-up lost marks when the left turn was pretty messy and loss of position into the halt. DC was pretty good but a double sit into the sit position and then a hesitation into the stand lost the odd mark. Unfortunatley scent was a bit of a mess today as Djuna almost bought the decoy in but had a change of mind and, thankfully, went back and got the correct cloth! Phew!! Well done Brigitte, you have a lovely dog there who just needs tidying up in h/w

4th Place, Ellen Reijenga with Borders For Joy Lost For Words (Ziggy), BC – Lost 28 ¼ . Fresh and still giddy from her C win the previous day, Ellen made the errors today! H/w started ok but things went a bit pear shaped on the second ASSD (stand) position when Ellen completely muddled up her commands! After that Ziggy didn’t really get going properly and just about hung on to his h/w position and turned wide. Retrieve was a bit costly too as Ziggy mouthed the article and then sat crooked in his finish. DC saw one missed position and in S/A he slowed into the box for the down. By the time we got around to scent, both dog and handler had composed themselves and a good confident scent was conducted. Never mind Ellen, another day it will be all so different, as Saturday proved

5th Place, Anna-marie Ibelings with Absolutely Fabulous Phoebe (Phoebe), WS – Lost 42. Wow, what a dog! A real powder keg that was just itching to blow!! Oh so keen but in turn caused a few positional errors, nothing too much but ASSD was your downfall with a late stand command given by you and then handled Phoebe into the down. Retrieve caused its issues as in her keenness to grab the article, dropped it and tried to return without it so needed to be recommended to go back and get it!! DC saw a missed position but ,S/A was superb and the only clear one of the day! Fast, straight, immediate drop and a fabulous fast but accurate pick-up. By this time quite a lot of points were lost but only to be topped up when Phoebe decided pecking the cloths in scent and then dropping the right one before bringing it in seemed quite good fun!! I know you lost a packet but what a fabulous little dog you have there Anna-marie. I sincerely hope you manage to sort out your little issues with her as she has everything needed to take her to the top

6th Place, Anja de Pagter with Paddington Brown from Lets Border (Paddington), BC – Lost 47 ½ . H/w lacked some drive today. Paddy was loose on his turns, especially in fast pace and lost position on the straighter parts of the test especially in slow pace. His ASSD needs some fine tuning as although he managed the positions he crept into the sit and down positions. Retrieve was a little messy with a drop of the article, some mouthing and then a very off centre present! DC saw a couple of missed positions, he clearly wasn’t confident being left all on his own! However he did a nice S/A – good and straight with an immediate drop on command, just a messy left turn after the pick-up marked. Scent, however! Oh my, what a performance, peck a blank, pick right one up, put it down, try another and so it went on! To be fair he did actually bring the right one back but whether it was luck or judgement we will never quite know! Nevertheless, he did everything and completed all of the exercises so deserved his place. Well done Anja, quite an entertaining round .

After lunch a fairly straight forward B round commenced. 14 entries, 14 ran. 8 of those were training rounds, 4 of whom failed stays, leaving the competition to the few left. However, those few fought it out and until scent, things were quite tight between them. Sadly scent took its toll but, satisfyingly, the leading dog stayed at the top, thank goodness! Many thanks to Cees for his ring stewarding duties and to Karin on score, great job from the pair of you.
Class B results, Ring Steward Cees Groen, Score Karin Stegmeijer.

1st Place, Monique van Urk with Molly ‘N Rios Special JonT (JonT), WS. Lost 12 ¼. Having had a car accident on the way to the venue, Monique wasn’t sure whether JonT would be in the right frame of mind for competing, let alone her. However, the pair of you entered the ring happily and although JonT’s h/w was a little erratic, as in he didn’t manage to maintain his gait, i.e. trot, he held himself together well enough. Main errors in h/w were him losing position out of his turns and this was a recurrent fault in all paces. Retrieve was a piece of green hosepipe and that caused no issue in itself. Crooked present and finish lost the odd mark though. Good speed setting off in the s/a, however, he slowed markedly into the box area before being dropped and then made a bit of a pigs ear with the recall pick-up joining you on the wrong side which required an extra command to sort out. Scent had me worried for a moment as he seemed to lack confidence a little, however, all was well when he decided on the correct cloth and shot back to you with it – phew!! Well done Monique, I am so glad you had a good end to a rotten start to the day. I hope both of you were non-the worse for wear when you got home and your car is sorted ok. Congratulations.

2nd Place, Esther Brouwer with Best Fellow Kiefer of Clover Corner (Kiefer), BC. Lost 13 ½. Clearly a very sensitive little dog who appears to lack some confidence. Esther was unsure whether he would work or train, however, decided to go for it – good decision. Another who needs to tidy up turns on h/w. All paces produced the same errors, i.e. losing position into and out of turns. An honest little dog though who tried his best for his Mum. Retrieve was really well performed, just an off centre present taking a mark. S/A was straight and fast but touching the back marker before dropping cost a mark too, but he struggled with the pick-up in recall and hence was a little slow to join you. Scent however, was super. Very well done Esther. To run the whole event and manage to compete is a feat in itself so to get such a good place in your class is even better. I know you were very happy with your performance.

3rd Place, Sandra Rohrer with I’m Freezing vom Chiemgauer Lanchen (Freez), BC – Lost 29. Oh Sandra, an ‘If only’ day if ever there was! Cracking h/w from Freez, powerful and stylish, just the odd loss of position here and there. Retrieve was good with just a forward sit on the finish to grab a mark but then the S/A when Freez anticipated but stopped, came back and then did it perfectly. I really felt for you as it was a superb S/A! Scent was confident but was marred by a very off centre present for which you gave an extra command to correct. Well done on your place and obviously the pair of you will go from strength to strength judging by this weekends performance.

4th Place, Trudy Groenenboom with Abfab Soo Cheeky (Cheeky), WS – Lost lots! Sitting in second place after the initial round with some solid h/w, just losing position on turns and an extra command losing your h/w marks. Retrieve was good, just a slight off centre present to mark. A straight S/A marred by slowing into the box and touching the back marker and then anticipating the recall pick-up but, then there was scent where Cheeky bought in the decoy - Poop!! I have no doubt with your wealth of experience you will soon sort these little wrinkles out and you will soon be winning! Well done on your place.

5th Place, Christine Pestka with Joris (Joris), BC – Lost a bit more than above! Another who put in a respectable h/w round with loss of position on turns being the main error. Worked in some of the hottest conditions and felt the heat I feel. Retrieve was the only clear retrieve of the day and a fantastic clear S/A too but, blow me, another that went down the pan in scent. So sorry Christine but on another day it will no doubt be totally different.

So, there we have it – all Judging complete. Once all the classes were finished and the presentations made, we said goodbye to new and old friends as they made their way home. Rob and I retreated to our caravan for a beer and then a well earned shower. By now it was really, really hot and humid. Martin and Esther treated us to a fabulous Chinese takeaway for dinner which we had in the privacy of their garden. It was really wonderful, so much better than the Chinky at the bottom of our road! At 9.15pm Rob and I left so that we could start tidying things away and have an early night. Rob had been itching for a storm all weekend, in fact she talked of little else when the conversation turned to the weather! So, my little storm chasing weather freak was bountifully rewarded when at 9.30 a storm developed and, OMG what a storm it was. Now I am no storm lover but put up with them, as you do. However, this was the storm of ALL storms and experiencing almost golf ball sized hail stones whilst being in a caravan is one of those experiences I would prefer not to repeat!!! I have never know such rain, hail, thunder, lightning that was orange and explosive – by sh*t it made me jump – even Rob threw her coffee over herself at one point!! However, as I sat watching facebook come alive with comments on the storm, Rob was like the proverbial Kid in a sweet shop standing outside under the pull out awning, ooing and ahhing and lots of other undecipherable noises that I couldn’t hear over the deafening racket the storm was making. When she came in to put her video clips onto her f/b storm related page, things went downhill in the language department as her phone wouldn’t play ball!! Good grief, it was enough to make you blush! Sleep at this time seemed impossible but eventually, like 4 hours later, we did indeed sleep! When morning came I thought we would need a boat to get out but incredibly the water had mostly disappeared – the Dutch do know how to manage water after all.
Martin and Esther kindly drove us to the Airport thus ensuring we got there on time and, that was it, we were on our way home. Huge thanks to Martin and Esther for their fabulous hospitality throughout the weekend and for the lovely gifts as Judging prezzies. We had a truly marvellous time and will be only too pleased to return – if you’ll have us that is. Mind you, next time I’m bringing my mosquito stuff, I got eaten alive during that storm or maybe in the morning ? Not an attractive look!
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