31-01-2015 Helen Mead - The Dutch Obedience Society

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31-01-2015 Helen Mead

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Show Report
Show: Kerkwijk
Date: 31
Class: Novice & A
Judge: Helen Mead

Show Name :    Dutch Obedience Show
Date :               31st January 2015
Class :               A                                           
Steward :          Rineke Smit       
Scoreboard :    Jutta Van Dame
1st  Christine Pestka and Joris
It was without doubt a pleasure to judge this team today, neat H/W and a bond that came into the ring with them and never left throughout. The surprise on Christine’s  face at the end of the day said it all.  Well done to you both and good luck for the rest of the season. 
2nd  Monique Urk Van and Molly ‘N Rio’s Special JonT
Another team who put in a cracking round.  JonT worked in a happy confident manner and I am sure that if he has not already done it will be placed in that top spot soon. Well done!
3rd   Ellen Hove van Den and Nice of you to come by we will stay
If there had been a judges special for trying hard this team would have romped to the front of the queue.  Points lost were mainly due to trying too hard on both the dog and handlers part. It is amazing what nerves can make us do!  Good luck in the future and remember you both know your job and look fabulous together just have the belief to show the judge that in the ring.  Quiet confidence in the obvious ability will get you up to the top of the line up.
4th    John Hemert Van and Mr Briskey of Dark Brightness
This was a well executed round from a team who I believe are reasonably new to ‘A’.  John, ask someone to study you whilst you are working and deal with the body signals you are inadvertently giving.  Briskey doesn’t need them as  he know his job very well.  You will soon be further up the cards if you stop your little nods.

Class :            Novice                                 
Steward :       Cees Groen
Scoreboard :  Jutta Van Dame
1st   Rob Vandnberg and Matika Silverwood’s Pride Zeta
This round was a credit to you both.  Initial nerves were visible in the heel free when although Rob’s footwork was very precise he was rushing and not giving Zeta time to manoeuvre therefore losing position momentarily.  Once we got to the Heel Free Rob had calmed down a bit and this and the rest of the exercises were beautifully executed.  Well done on a well deserved win.
2nd  Natalie Knaak-Enkelmann and Independent Spirit’s Grace
Enthusiasm was the name of the game today for Grace and that, although it caused some errors to arise, is NEVER a bad fault in my book.  They were a pleasure to judge as the enjoyment was tangible.
3rd  Tim Enkelman and Ashanti
A Team who I would be interested to see working in an outside competition as I got the impression that they were both aware of the proximity of the walls!  Good set exercises which were carried out with precision.
4th  Ellen Hove van Den and Nice of you to come by we will stay
Once again, as in ‘A’, the effort that is expended by this team in trying to get it right causes errors to occur.  You are not competing against the other competitors you are only competing against the judges round so keep your cool and show just what I am certain you are both capable of!
5th  Karl Bosch Van den and Ink of Maranns Home
A round which would have been higher placed today had the dog not kept making contact with Karl’s hand.  I marked every contact and this took you down the cards unfortunately.  I would suggest that you consider where you hold your hand when working as he obviously believes he is right in making contact.  He was a pleasure to judge and I would be surprised if you weren’t soon out of this class if you can eradicate this problem.
6th  Ingrid Eekman and Border for Joy never give up met@l
An expensive retrieve was duly compensated for by the only clear recall of the day.  Unfortunately the Heel on Lead included some inadvertent dog touches to Mum and this, as with Karl above, cost you a higher place today.
Thank you to all the competitors who made my day so pleasant and my ring party who looked after my every wish and made my day run so well.
The venue as always is a pleasure to judge in; nothing was too much trouble for the show team our every wish being catered for.  It definitely ran like a well oiled machine and was a credit to all of you.  It will not be the last time I head in that direction; hopefully (does that sound like begging :-D ).  Thanks once again for the invitation to Judge and for all your hard work in putting a great show on the calendar.
Thanks also to Barjo and Irma for taking the time to come and see us.  It was great to catch up.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank, once again, Rik and Jon for their fabulous hospitality.  As always we were wined, dined and genuinely wanted for nothing!   Even the dogs were sorted when we got home with their new toys.  It is always a pleasure.
Helen Mead
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