7-11-2015 Sheena Hooper - The Dutch Obedience Society

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7-11-2015 Sheena Hooper

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Show Report
Show: Nederlands Kampioenschap Obedience te 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 7/11/2015
Class: Beginners & Novice
Judge: Sheena Hooper

I loved judging both my classes. Thanks very much to Kelly, Jutta, Ellen and Angela who were a great help to me in beginners and novice. There were a lot of dogs in each of the classes that showed great promise for the future. However the dog that will always stay in my memory is the beautiful Briard Xouma Romani who won my most promising dog in beginners. Well done Els.
In novice I was impressed by Midnight Star You’ll be in my heart, a border collie. Karola your dog showed great style and will be one to watch in the future. Sort these stays out and you will soar. Good luck.  
13 entered 13 ran
1st Carolin Ellerhausen with Fellowscreek Gingers Red Final Australian Shepherd
Lovely team great set exercises and a well settled dog in stays. Nice heelwork a bit of tightening in the turns and you will be out of beginners in no time. Well done
2nd Christina Rummer with Smale Glenfiddich Labrador Retriever.
Beautiful retrieve and a lovely recall. Heelwork was good but you lost a bit in your turns. A good all round team. Good luck for the future.
3rd Linda Hoogendoom with Dog of the Bay’s Gladys. Boxer
Well done you two. Nothing can be hidden in a smooth coated dog and you both worked so well. Your recall was amazing and your retrieve was good as well. Lots of luck for the future.
4th Hanny Bouter with Old Cross Guns Zip your Lip Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Although Zippy did not work attached to your leg your dog kept the same position throughout. Unfortunately sometimes it’s hard to maintain this on the turns and this is where marks were lost. Beautiful recall and a good retrieve. Well done.
5th Brenda Botermans with From Dutch Pepper Twisting Timber BC
Brilliant team what can I say stays cost you the class. I am so sorry sort these out quickly as your dog is a star.
6th Els Wall de with Xouma Romani Briard.
Well it takes a lot to really impress me but the way this dog moved round the ring I had goose bumps. I hope you know that you have something special here Els work hard because this dog has got it.  Well handled.
1st Brenda Botermans with From Dutch Pepper Twisting Timber BC
I was so please for you what a star. Stunning performance and great stays. Your heelwork was tighter in this class and your dog was more settled. Well done to you both.
2nd Ingrid Eekman Borders for Joy Never Give Up Met@l BC
Super recall and retrieve. Heel off lead was tighter than heel on lead but both were good. Well done
3rd Joop Gijs Meg BC
Excellent set exercises. You lost a bit in your turns particularly your left turns. Overall very well done.
4th Susi Huber with Extra Hot Aconcagua BC
Lovely round just bits and pieces in each exercise.
5th Karola Beckers Midnight Star You’ll be in my heart.  BC
I loved this dog great teamwork pity about the stays. This was my most promising dog and lovely to judge.
6th Rineke Smit with Samantha v Bergentheim WSD
Heel work off lead was much better. Brilliant recall overall a lovely team.    
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