7+8-11-2015 Sandra Gordon - The Dutch Obedience Society

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7+8-11-2015 Sandra Gordon

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Show Report
Show: Nederlands Kampioenschap Obedience te 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 7&8/11/2015
Class: Class B & C
Judge: Sandra Gordon

Dutch Championships
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November
Thank you for inviting me over to judge the Championships and to bring two of my Crufts' Team with me-Margo Lewis and Sheena Hooper. They like me were delighted to accept your invitation and boy we were not disappointed. From when we arrived on the Friday until we left on the Monday our every need and much more was catered for. Your hospitality and friendliness was second to none. I really look forward to meeting up with some of you at Crufts’ and next years shows. Again thank you it was an honour to be invited to your lovely country and watch you all strut your stuff to such a high standard
Class C
My fabby team made my judging so much easier. Roy’s stewarding as usual was immaculate. He guided the handlers quietly round the Crufts’ course. Margo was my fabby scribe and she always carries out this role to her very high standard and Sheena you were fabby as collecting ring steward, retrieve and jack of all trades from the Friday until the Monday you made it so much fun. On my scoreboard Hans and Ed you were fabulous.
19 entered 18 Ran
1st Neil Lowndes with Absolutely Fabulous Phoebe WSD
What a super team a wee girl who gave her all. Fantastic Future “Wow” Lots of luck for the future.
2nd Guus Scholten with Danesway Duet WSD
Another team who worked so beautifully together. Go for it next season loved judging this pair.
3rd Karin Stegmeijer with Absolutely Fabulous McCay WSD
Litter brother to phoebe. Was a pity about fast pace and your shoe coming off. Fabby team lots of luck. “Cinderella left her shoe”
4th Marianne Ster V.D. with Amazing Yoda of Albion’s March BC
Bits and pieces today. Beautifully handled a team that were lovely to judge “Good Luck”
5th After a run off
Christine Pestka with Argo BC
Super team who handled the round so well a pleasure to judge. “Enjoy your fabby dog”
6th Bernou Voorde Ter with Namaste Hope of Lizzy BC
What a team I so enjoyed judging you. Just bits and pieces today.
The name of the game to me is “Team” and all the competitors and their dogs gelled well together. I have to mention my choice of the “Team” with style was Ria McGovern with Beckim Surprise Surprise WSD. The only surprise with this team is that they have not been at Crufts’ before. They will have a fabby time. Vito did not like my scent today. Good luck strutting your stuff on the green carpet
Class B
I had a great time judging this class many thanks to Isabella Van Damme my steward and Jutta van Damme my score board marker you were fabulous. Margo as usual you were fantastic. We had a very enjoyable afternoon.
1st After a run off with the following team
Christine Pestka with Dumf and Galwy Jefferson. BC
Beautifully handled worked so well together “Team” in the true sense of the word. Untidy scent caused the run off. Good luck for the future.
2nd Rick Veeren v with Deltamadog Dragon Attack. BC
“Oh Bless” right at the end of the down stay Dragon moved. Fabby team I so enjoyed judging. Lots of luck for the future
3rd Rineke Smit with Robberdebobski Ascensionday Present WSD
Super team so beautifully handled. Unfortunately did not like stays today otherwise would have been higher placed. “You go girl”. Lots of luck and a special thank you for driving us everywhere. Xx
4th Tiny Bouchaut with Razzle  Dazzle BC
Little bits in heelwork today. Cost you a higher place. Worked so well as a team. Good luck for the future.
5th Sandra Pierson with Gowah of Wendevick Home BC
Quietly handled a fabby attitude from this team. Well done and lots of luck.
6th Margreet Mijnsbergen with Djinga From The Go-Getters. Golden retriever.
Unfortunately scent was very costly today. What a fabby team who were a pleasure to judge. Lots of luck.
Most Promising Dog
Monique Urk. V. Molly’nRio’s Special JonT WSD
“Wow” What a lovely young “Team” who have a fabulous future will enjoy watching your progress. Lots of luck and again thank you for all your hard work in organising the show.
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