4-11-2023 Karen Harisson - The Dutch Obedience Society

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4-11-2023 Karen Harisson

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Show Report
Show: Nederlands Kampioenschap 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 4-11-2023
Class: Pre-Beginners, Novice, Class B
Judge: Karen Harisson

What an incredible day we had in the company of the the Dutch Obedience contingency , many thanks to the committee for making us so welcome, your hospitality was second to none and the gift at the end of the day so thoughtful.
The show runs with such amazing efficiency nothing was to much trouble and the transformation at half time to turn the hall from one ring to two was achieved so smoothly!
I was so impressed by the enthusiasm and confidence of the dogs , a testament to the lovely attitude you all seemed to have to your training ,and spread over such a diversity of breeds as well, it made judging such a pleasurable experience.
I must thank Guus & Trudy for being such excellent stewards and Paul , Jetta and Angela dealing with my undoubtedly confusing judging sheets and bringing a semblance of order to them.
I found the process of stewarding the Championships then judging 3 different levels challenging to say the least but I was very pleased with my line ups .
Thank you also to all the competitors, you were unfailing polite and pleasant and made my job a pleasure, I do hope you all enjoyed your day.
Now to the all important results…

Pre Beginners.
1st place Liliane de Jong and Mando BC.
A lovely partnership.. it took a little time for them to settle but once they did they gave excellent account of themselves , most marks lost on lead but went on to halve that score off lead and finished with a super clear recall. Well Done
2nd. Jeanette and Lexi . AS .
Only half a mark behind the winner, so close , a slight different story with a very smart on lead test but Lexi couldn’t quite reproduce the standard off lead, with a half mark lost on recall. Your day will come very soon. Well Done.
3rd. Martine and Suzie. Schipperke.
What a little pocket rocket ! Absolutely lovely attention during the on lead, unfortunately Suzi felt she had done enough just before the the end of the off lead, the situation was beautifully handled by Martine , and Suzi went on to perform a clear recall . Such a lot to like about this partnership I chose to also award them the award for team most likely to progress . Well Done.

Novice .
1st. Esther and Jaslin . Kelpie. An extremely smart round. On lead particularly well executed.
On Lead 1.75 Off Lead 2.5 Recall 1 Retrieve 0.5 Very Well Done .
2nd. Cor and Smooch . BC . A really tidy team, Smooch is a very neat collie who displayed a sound understanding of his job. On and Off lead reproduced the same losses interestingly.
On Lead 2.5 Off Lead 2.5 Recall 1.5 Retrieve 0.75 . Well Done.
3rd. Renee and Charley R. Collie.
Charley gave good account of himself just a general loss of position to address.
On Lead 3.5 Off Lead 3.5 Recall 0.75 Retrieve 0.75. Well Done.
4th. Jennifer and Leeloo . Australian Shepherd Mix.
Leeloo started very well but was unable to quite maintain the the early promise , AT’s in particular very costly today , however he went on to produce really nice recall and retrieve.
On Lead 4. Off Lead 5.5 Recall 0.75 Retrieve 0.25. Well Done.
5th. Jamie and Summer. G Retriever.
Jamie did so well with Summer who I understand is his Mothers dog ? On lead was excellent ,off lead not quite maintaining the standard, sympathetically handled by Jamie.
On Lead 2. Off Lead 4.75. Recall 1.5. Retrieve 2.5. Well Done .
6th. Rineke and Theun. BC.
Overall more confidence and understanding needed on heelwork , Iro did display some nice work initially but was very distracted off lead. A sound recall and Retrieve to finish.
On Lead 3. Off Lead 8 . Recall 0.5 Retrieve 1. Well Done.

1st Renee and Iro. Dutch Herder Mix.
An excellent round showing a sound understanding of the work, Iro is an impressive powerful dog who certainly has the credentials to go on, very good deportment form Renee although the choice of hand position could prove to be very costly, some attention to fading this would pay dividends .
How. 3.5. S/A 1.5. Retrieve 2. Scent 1.5. Very Well Done.
2nd. Brigitte and Unique . BC.
A very nice team who could reverse the placing on another day. Smooth stylish movement and position on straight work just needs to maintain the same on turns. This applies to all paces.
HW. 7.5. S/A 3.5. Retrieve 0.75. Scent 1. Well Done.
3rd. Nelleke and Salsa. AS.
Very nice heelwork particularly the fast pace, set exercises expensive today.
HW. 6. S/A 3.5. Retrieve 1.5. Scent 3. Well Done.
4th. Yvon and Phil . Portuguese Water Hound .
Some consolidation needed but a lots of promise, Provost was sympathetically handled by Yvon. A very nice clean scent.
HW. 8. S/A. 10. Retrieve 3.75. Scent. 0.5. Well Done.
5th. Isabella and Bootz. BC.
Bootz put his best paw forward today delivering excellent heelwork , just over enthusiasm taking marks today …. A lovely retrieve Put him was well on line for a higher place until retrieve tripped him up sadly.
HW. 5.5. S/A. 0.5. Retrieve 20. Scent 1.25. Well Done.
6th. Jamie and Ruby. G Retriever .
Jamie working his Mothers dog , never easy ! Ruby’s enthusiasm cannot be denied unfortunately it lead to some changes of position which was costly today, sympathetically handled by Jamie.
HW. 10.5. S/A. 8.5. Retrieve 1.5. Scent 5.75 . Well Done.

Thank you so much Pat for pushing me to accompany you on this trip , it was everything you said it would be and more, I’m so glad I came.

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