4-11-2023 Pat Batchelor - The Dutch Obedience Society

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4-11-2023 Pat Batchelor

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Show Report
Show: Nederlands Kampioenschap 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 4-11-2023
Class: Beginners, Class A, Class C
Judge: Pat Batchelor

What an honour to be asked to judge the Dutch Championship. I have been coming to judge in the Netherlands for over 30 years, in that time I have had the privilege to see many superb teams. The enthusiasm and drive of both dogs and handles is outstanding.
A huge thanks to the Committee, your hospitality holds no bounds, our every want was catered for superbly. From Transport arrangements, hotel, evening out, nothing was too much trouble.
We arrived, after an interesting journey, to a fantastic green carpeted hall. We set out the C round, with Peters help, enabling a smooth start for the Saturday. What a great atmosphere on arriving the following morning. The hall was full of people displaying photos of their dogs and their achievements throughout the years. A table of sparkling trophies and flowers to be won that day.
As for my gift, it was wonderful, gifts for me and my dogs. Not to mention my judging memento, which I will treasure. Thank you all so much.
The C round I set had long stretches of heelwork with a serpentine line in the centre. This allowed handlers to attack the round and their dogs to flow around the ring. The sendaway was long and to the corner, retrieve was a rope toy. It was a good round to judge allowing me to be in various positions to see the full aspects of dog and handler.
Karen Harrison, what can I say, but thank you so much. You stewarded the C with perfection, allowing each competitor to concentrate on their handling giving them the ability to showcase their dogs.
A big thank you to Jutta for your excellent scoreboard, and to Ivonne for presenting each competitor into the ring and bringing them the retrieve article on such a grand tray.

The results of the C Class are as follows:

1st   Trudy Groenenboom with Janjelly Dutch Navy Seal   crossbreed
       What a super round Trudy and Seal gave today. Trudy came into the ring with poises and determination. It was a team at their very best, Seal showed so much enthusiasm and drive throughout the round with Trudy guiding him smoothly around the ring. An extremely fast sendaway and ultra sharp distance control. A round to be proud of. On this form surely a CH C win is not for away. Many congratulations on your win today, very well deserved
2nd Natalie Knaack-Enkelmann with I am the One Von Malihattan    Mechelse Herdershond
       Such power and drive in this dog, fast and furious in every way. Stunning fast pace, best of the day. His enthusiasm to please Natalie was evident, showing total focus. Well done on your place today.
3rd Angela Kroon with Firetouch He’zz Brave Billy   Working Sheepdog
     What a pleasure to judge this team today, to see how far they have come this season is remarkable. Angela, you are such an excellent trainer, you allow Billy to show off his strength and style while keeping him in a perfect heelwork position. I look forward to seeing you in Ticket, which won’t be long. I awarded Billy, the most stylish dog trophy today as he certainly was.
4th Guus Scholten with Halligalli Moviestar   Working Sheepdog
     Guus always handles with such elegance. Your lovely girl worked hard to please, she glided around the ring, perhaps trying a little too hard in slow pace. Slow return on retrieve added to the marks today.
5th Guus Scholten with Lupitoonz Calvin   Working Sheepdog
     Calvin is such a lovely boy, who did everything today. He showed growing confidence throughout the round, you should be pleased with his place today.
6th Monique van Urk with Molly’nRio’s Special JonT
   What a dog JonT has proved to be, he gives you all his love and attention as he works the round. The bond you have together is plain to see. Such special teamwork.
It was an absolute pleasure to judge such great teams and watch how each one willingly executed my round.

Class A
The standard in this class was good today. I judged some great teams that were keen and enthusiastic while keeping a good heelwork position. Scent was very well done, with all my line up being successful. Well done everyone.
Thank you to Tim for your excellent stewarding and to Paul for keeping the scoreboard so well.

1st Brigittev van Gestel   with   Unique   Border collie
2nd Renee Mass   with   Iro   Kruising
3rd Jacqueline van Vlimmeren   with   Ronya-Kiki van Rooverehof       Tervuerense herder
4th Marianne Slegt   with   Tinkerbell’s magic Seven of Fairy Arrow    Border Collie
5th Corvd van der Hooven   with   Smooch    Border Collie
6th Esther Chapel   with   Kick    Boder Collie

A small but perfect class of beginners. All the dogs wanted to work and interact with their owners. Great attitude from all, I can see you all progressing through the classes. Good luck with your obedience journey.
Thank you to Tim for your excellent stewarding and to Paul for keeping the scoreboard so well.

Results were as follows:
1st Marina Padlina   with   Vivo   Nsdtr
2nd Jeanette Peeters   with   Lexi   Australian Shepherd
3rd Martine Ossewaarde   with   Suzie   Schipperke
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