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04 & 05-11-2017 Alan Gresty

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Show Report
Show: Nederlands Kampioenschap 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 04 & 05 -11-2017
Class: Beginners, Class C
Judge: Alan Gresty

The Dutch Obedience Championships 4th and 5th November 2017

Thank you Monique and all involved in the Dutch Obedience Society for the kind invitation to Judge your Championships this year.
I applaud you all for the organisation, dedication, and enthusiasm in staging such a wonderful show. The hospitality was incredible, we were chauffeured, wined and dined from the moment we arrived. The hall was huge with a large working area and plenty of room for spectators, the Green Carpet an added bonus.

A big thank you once again to Monique Van Urk who was chief steward on Saturday and to Ellen Reijenga and Hans Bilius who were our ring stewards. Angela Kroon and Jutta Van Damme did a splendid job of keeping the scoreboard in order.
On the Sunday Alison was the ring steward and Jan Tootall was Scribe, fantastic job ladies many thanks. Our scoreboard stewards were Ed Vink and Hans Bilius Great job guys thank you.
The chief stay steward for both days was Ed Vink, and our Decoy stewards were Tiny Bouchaut and Riek Bilius, Kelly Mergits escorted the teams into the ring and presented the retrieve on the silver platter!! Thank you all.
We judged from Pre beginners to B on the Saturday, there were 69 entries so that turned out to be quite a hectic day. The standard was very mixed but we judged some really super teams.
There were 20 entries for the C on Sunday which turned out to be a day of mixed fortunes with 4 teams breaking stays and 6 more failing scent, but all in all a very exciting day.

Once again A big thank you to you all for your kindness and hospitality.

Now the results :-

1st Christine Pestka and Argo BC
Super heel work from Christine and Argo, clean upright handling completing the picture. The sendaway, retrieve and DC were excellent and finished it all off with a perfect scent. Many congratulations.

2nd Annemarie Ibelings and Absolutely Fabulous Phoebe WS
Another excellent round of heel work from Annemarie and Phoebe but sadly a missed position in ASSD letting you down today. Again the sendaway was really well executed but Phoebe couldn't wait for mum to call her. Super DC and another good scent. Very well done.

3rd Christine Pestka and Dumf And Galwy Jefferson BC
Wow two in the line up you must be very proud Christine. Unfortunately Joris couldn't match his stable mates precision today with a missed position in ASSD and a stop on the sendaway being very costly. Congratulations.

4th Monique van Urk and Molly'nRio's Special JonT WS
Monique you must be so proud of your boy today, I know he stopped at one point and you had to command him up, but apart from that his heel work was super , slow pace being exceptional. So pleased for you after the problems you have had with JonT.
Many congratulations.

5th Rick van Veeren and Deltamadog DRAGON Attack BC
Just over keeness and noise from Dragon taking most of the marks today, his sendaway was fast and accurate, I know you were pleased with him Rick, very well done.

6th Bernou Voorde ter and Namaste Hope of Lizzy BC
Bernou and Lizzy worked first today and I think it was a little early for them ASSD and fast pace being very costly, but really well done.

I would like to mention two teams that impressed but came to grief in scent, Angela Kroon and Groovey Lovely heelwork and exceptional handling from Angela.
Karin Stegmeijer and McCay again the heelwork was outstanding and Karins handling was so calm and quiet. Very impressive.

The winner of the Sealight Wimp Memorial Shield for the most stylish dog went to
Karin Stegmeijer and Absolutely Fabulous McCay.

Alan Gresty


1st Eva Pfordt and Findus Gentleman of Duke Dynastie ZWH
A lovely display of style and enthusiasm from Eva and Findus. A very striking dog extremely well handled. The recall was excellent and the retrieve only marred by a no sit present, a super team to watch many congratulations.

2nd Brigitta V.Oevelen and Red Red Red of Free Spirit AS
Brigitta and jack started really well heel on lead showing real promise. Unfortunately heel free needs some more work on attention and position.
Finished off with a super retrieve very well done.

3rd NatalieKnaak- Enkelmann and Independant Spirit's Kentucky MH.
A really super round from Lianne and Ronya the heelwork was stylish and committed, both recall and retrieve well executed. On this showing you must have a bright future. Stays letting you down today. Many congratulations.

4th Natasha Gijzen-Donatz and Paddy BC
Natash and Paddy just showing their inexperience today, I just felt that the hall and the atmosphere was a little overwhelming. Keep up the good work. Very well done

5th Brigitta V.Oevelen and Tougher Than The rest Of Free Spirit AS
Promising Heelwork from Brigitta and Spirit you just need to work on your close control. Unfortunately Spirit was totally distracted on his recall and left the ring barking. You need to get control of him Brigitta to progress further. Well done.

Withdrawn from competition:-
Jacquelinev.vlimmeren and Ronya-Kiki v.Rooverehof Terv.
The whole occasion was very overwhelming for Ronya today but when Jacqueline used the toy what a difference, and they produced some super heel work and an excellent recall. Just work on your training rounds and slowly withdraw the toy and you will surely have a promising future.

It was my pleasure to award the most promising dog trophy to Lianne and Ronya Many congratulations.

Very well done all of you, thank you for your entries and the very best of luck for the future.

Alan Gresty

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