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04-11-2017 Jan Tootall

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Show Report
Show: Nederlands Kampioenschap 's-Gravenpolder
Date: 04-11-2017
Class: Pre-Beginners, Novice
Judge: Jan Tootall

To be read in conjunction with Alan & Alison Gresty's reports.


Saturday – Pre-Beginners 3 entries.

All three handlers had a lovely attitude with and towards their dogs. Tails were wagging and handlers were smiling. A pleasure to judge.

1st No 29 BRITA-ANOUK VOM HIRTENTAL (Duitse Herder) with Marion Huter
A very creditable and confident round from this partnership with a promising future. Just a few drifts here and there which can easily be sorted. Work on building the confidence in Stays and you have a bright future. Congratulations and well done Marion.

2nd No 63 RONYA-KIKI v. ROOVEREHOF (Tervuerense Herder) with Jacqueline Vimmeren v.
Another pair with a promising future as there were moments of lovely heelwork from Ronya. Just work on building the confidence and watch out for the tight lead.

WFC No 17 PADDY (Border Collie) with Natasha Gijzen-Donatz
Although Natasha was hesitant before she came into the ring with Paddy – nerves eventually took over for both of them. Well done for the effort and ‘having a go’. Don’t give up as you have a lovely collie for a partner.

Saturday – Novice 23 Entries

1st No 22 EXTRA HOT BIRIBI (Border Collie) with Dominique Gunther
This team worked together in perfect harmony, unfussy and a pleasure to judge. Both exuded confidence in each other and should do well in the higher classes. Just beware of the occasional drifting. Congratulations on you win. Well done Dominique and Good Luck for the future.

2nd No 14 SPORTY SPRINGERS FIREWORX BY LAURIN (Engelse Springer Spaniel) with Birgit Funk.
Very little to separate this team and the winner. Both on equal heelwork marks, but a less accurate recall was costly. My remarks above can be repeated – a confident and competent round and a pleasure to judge. Well done Birgit.

3rd No 24 BREEZY THORN VALLEY BLUE LINE SHOT (Australian Shepherd) with Marianne Haarlem v.
A good round from Brianne and Marianne, losing mainly on turns with a little crabbing and drifting, but the round was impressive enough for this team to be placed today. An enthusiastic and happy dog, eager to please. Good Luck in the future.

4th No 28 ROUND ROBIN Mc GYVER (Border Collie) with Ankie Houthuis
Drawn 1st on the day did not deter the performance of this team. A fairly good round with a few bits and pieces to work on in the future – mainly turns and the occasional drift. Worthy of a place in todays line-up. Well done Ankie.

5th No 33 CALVIN (Border Collie) with Ellie Kooyman
An enthusiastic jump and one ‘about turn’ was costly for Elly today as the rest of Calvin’s round was almost faultless. Another team with a bright future and a pleasure to judge. Good luck Elly. Hope to see you again in 2018 in the UK.

6th No 25 BREEZY THORN VALLEY BLUE CENTER (Australian Shepherd) with Marianne Haarlem v.
Well done achieving two places today with your dogs. A very enthusiastic Kirra giving off a few ‘woofs’ which were costly after an otherwise quite creditable round. Work on those turns, particularly lefts and you have one nearly accurate round as the stretches were good. Good luck for the future.
A thoroughly enjoyable day judging both these classes. Cheerful handlers and happy dogs. Good Luck to you all

Jan Tootall
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